Biker Biretta Not

Sorry. The Biker Biretta, like the Anglican via media, is nothing but a good idea.

For all you biretta junkies, here is a shot of me in my biretta with the servers at St Joseph’s Catholic School.
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  • RobK

    Looking good, Padre!

  • Atlanta

    :-) I love your sense of humor!

  • Ouiz

    Love it!I’m so glad I got a chance to finally meet you, Father! (You held my baby at the homeschooling fair this afternoon)God bless!

  • Rachel Gray

    You and the servers look great! :)

  • Matthew the Curmudgeon

    Father- I’ve not been much of a Biretta person, but it looks good on you. What color is it? On my computer it appears burgundy or dark red. most Priests I seen pictures of with Birettas look like their heads are too big or too must have the correct size head for a correct size Biretta. Blessings

  • The young fogey

    What RobK and Rachel said.Pope Benedict’s Catholic restoration/the reform of the reform is under way!Of course I love birettas but yes, you often see ill-fitting ones.This one’s perfect!Like a beautiful woman I’m acquainted with, a six-foot-plus former model who gets noticed in church of course not least because she affects big draping mantillas (lace veils) or three-foot-wide hats, a big man can wear a decent-sized hat.Or yes, headgear with a big pompom can be macho.

  • jedesto

    It’s only a matter of time before some lady clerical person in that other Communion does her hair a la baretta in the name of “Tradition”.jedesto

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    The fiberglass biretta would have been awesome, though . . .