Brideshead Abandoned

Here’s a review of the new Brideshead Revisited film, saying it is soul less and superficial. Seems to be the general consensus. I think  I’ll go see the new Batman film instead and stay home to watch the old Granada series again.

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  • It was a doomed effort to begin with, because how could they improve upon the BBC version, which is probably the best film adaption of a book ever.

  • The joy of the TV version was that John Mortimer, who adapted it, loved the book and understood it. Consequently, he saw no reason to introduce a menage-a-trois or any other nonsense.

  • It was, like most remakes of successful films, a perverse enterprise.

  • Who remembers the Demi Moore movie of “The Scarlet Letter,” in which Hester Prynne was a spunky, lace-wearing, fashion-loving Puritan lady with an interest in witchcraft; her husband was a bad, lying, Indian-fighting man; and the young minister was idealistic, handsome, and the friend of Indians? And it had a happy ending? Maybe the two films had the same director…I never saw the BBC miniseries and only read the book this year. I found it an odd book, although I got the point easily enough. None of the characters are likeable, and I never figured out whether that was supposed to be because they had strayed from Catholicism or because they were meant to be examples of people living in their time and situtation. But that’s one film I’ll definitely skip!

  • Yes, do go see the new Batman. But think twice before taking the youngins.I’m quite astonished at the substantial quality of comic book films that have been released. Spiderman 2 and Ironman and Batman Begins, and now this new Batman. Like, wow, actually. That a comic book film like The Dark Knight can beat the tar out of a seemingly sophisticated film adaptation of a novel, and to be an immersive, fully wrought film at that, causes me to wonder.