Cardinal Levada’s Letter to the TAC

Here is Cardinal Levada’s reply to the Traditional Anglican Communion’s request for formal reconciliation with the Church. (H/T Jeffery Steel)

It’s not much more than a ‘thanks, we’re working on it’ letter.
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  • ebed melech

    Too bad. I’m not sure what the wait is. There are reasons why the TAC exists outside of formal communion with Canterbury: it is a far more Catholic friendly place than is Global Anglicanism.It would seem from way back here that energies could be better spent on those knocking on your front door, than those who no longer desire to even live in your neighborhood!In ICXC,Fr. Deacon Daniel

  • Doctor Sententiarum

    My own reaction, precisely. But I’ve seen other comments to the effect that since Cardinal Levada specifically refers to the prospect of corporate unity this is an indication that Rome is making haste slowly in that direction.