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This evening at St Mary’s we’re having a modest event to share the faith with others. Challenging Catholics is an opportunity for the general public to ask questions about the Catholic faith. We have put together a panel of ‘experts’ who will each take an area of questions. An MC will ask the questions and there will be an opportunity for discussion. Those who register will be invited to further informal meetings that will lead to an invitation to RCIA in the fall. This year’s event is a low key starter. If it goes well as a pilot, we’ll try to run another one with a bit more of a splash.

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  • serious qustion: did many people attend? We have considered doing this but bottled out on the basis that no-one is actually interested.If you got more than 50 people, we will consider resurrecting the idea.(note to James– that is IDEA.. not PEOPLE.)

  • We had about 40 people altogether, but we only advertised in the local Catholic circles. We are going to try it again, and get a budget and advertise it more widely. I think people are interested, but you have to fight for people’s time and attention.

  • We’re sorry we couldn’t make it. My husband would like to attend it next time.

  • I didn’t know a thing about it. I had someone who might have enjoyed coming.

  • Father,Three thoughts I had after the program:Next time limit the time on the introductions. Conversion stories like good clothing should leave something to the imagination. Also, I wish there were harder questions, but if this only went out to Catholic circles I understand. With wider publicity will draw more fiery opponents.And,Use other advertising mediums than the church bulletin, I only read it for the bulletin column.Otherwise, I left learning apologetics for proponents of women in the priesthood, a factoid about the Deutrocanonical books referenced in the KJV, and valid sacraments. Thank you father.

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  • I was able to attend and appreciate your hosting it. Like Chicken Strips I thought the intro’s were too lengthy and took up time when we were fresh and alert. After an hour we had only covered a couple of questions. But the way it was organized seemed just right to me, and I have thought before a session like that is needed from time to time. A little more advertising for the next one would be good. Thank you for taking the time and effort to do it for us.