Future Church of England

There is much talk of the ‘end of Anglo Catholicism’ and the ‘end of the Anglican Communion.’ Nah. 

Here’s my prediction:

1. Anglo Catholicism will endure. Some Anglican priests will still do worship in a Catholic way. They’ve been Catholic congregationalists all along anyway. They’ll just pull up the drawbridges even more. They’ll probably be allowed to keep their ‘flying bishops’ arrangement a bit longer. Even when that is withdrawn many of them will learn how to get used to female clergy. They’ve always operated within their own little ‘church within a church’. That will simply become more pronounced.
2. Evangelical Anglicanism will survive. Like the ACs, they’ve always done their own thing anyway. They’ve always had their own theological colleges, mission boards etc etc. They’ll just ally themselves with FOCA and continue to be a church within a church.
3. The Liberals will dominate the existing ruling structures of the church, but they’ll find that the only people they have to rule are themselves and their cronies. They’ll have won a Pyrrhic victory. Like winning the toss at a football game, then finding that the other team decided to take the ball and play somewhere else.
Out of all this there are two things that are certain: Large scale ecumenism with the Catholic Church is definitely over. There’s no point talking with the Anglican Communion. They spit in our face every time. Furthermore, there is no way a unified body could be identified to talk with even if we wanted to. Ecumenism will now be with individuals and smaller groups.
Finally, the other thing that is certain is that the fuss in Anglicanism will bring a good number of people to the banks of the Tiber, and for that we should rejoice and continue to pray.
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  • Womens’ ordination seems like such a small issue when compared to homosex, and though there have been shockwaves in the ECUSA regarding the New Hampshire bishop, it has hardly produced the stampede I would have expected. I fear the Soma of habit will keep so much of the flock where they are.

  • My, this future chuch sounds quite a bit like Futurechurch.

  • What will happen, Father, is whatever God wills to happen.The outcome of this argument was a given. You know it was. And no, I don’t think that it “really happened” in 1968 but in 1530-something.It’s not the end of anything at all, except some Anglicans’ fantasy that they “aren’t really Protestants”. Nothing else has changed. Those who call themselves Anglo-Catholics will just suck it up and join the herd. If they’d really wanted to be Catholic, they would have been already. (Simon and Garfunckel: There must be 50 ways to leave your lover.)But I did just have a lovely thought: Think maybe some of those self-ordained Catholic priestesses might make see a good career move here?

  • estiel, that’s why we need the C of E & ECUSA to survive…to have a place to refer our wackos to. LOLSome Anglicans will become Orthodox, but it’s much more “ethnic” than modern RC worship…and that “ethnic” flavor is something Anglicans have sneered at since birth, so that will be a bitter pill. Those who dox will be shocked to realize that they thought they escaped women bishops, to enter a church with deaconnesses and St. Junia the Apostle. LOL

  • kentuckyliz and estiel are really really making me want to make the Catholic church my new home.Not.

  • Roodsquirrel,If you believe the Catholic church is the true church, and if you are a person of integrity, you will become a Catholic, regardless of what anyone says.If you do not believe the Catholic church is the true church, or if you are not a person of integrity, you will not become a Catholic, regardless of what anyone says.