Interview with a Vampire…

…well author of vampire books anyway.

Here’s my interview with Anne Rice. It’s also the first piece I’ve had published in First Things.
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  • Great interview, Fr. Dwight! I love the part where she talks about the sham of a lot of modern Biblical scholarship. It is so easy for people to be taken in by a degree and a publishing contract. We are a country that reveres “experts.”I have not read her Jesus novels but they are on my list. As a person trained in history I am often appalled by what passes as historical fiction — people of today stuck in exotic settings. I want to read about people from other times and places.Have you ready any novels by Ceclia Holland? Try them…

  • I love her Christ the Lord series so far. But besides the vampire novels, didn't she also write some S&M; fiction under a pseudonym?

  • Interesting comments about fear. I think she’s getting at the distinction between worldly fear (Fear not) and “Holy Fear” (fear of the loss of God)

  • Ms. Rice, if you read this, I have greatly enjoyed your books, they have had a great and positive impact on my faith. Thanks!

  • I have read this interview and Ms. Rice’s article on her website concerning her previous writings. I find her explanation insufficient. She seems humbly honest, but lacking in a full account of a conversion. It does not seem sufficient simply to say, “That is the way I came to the Lord and I do not regret nor repudiate my former ways because I am now with the Lord.”Conversion is usually understood as turning away from our sinful behavior and turning to the Lord. Please God, we will be lead to the Lord DESPITE our sinfulness, but never BECAUSE of our sinfulness.

  • As I have said before, as long as she is still making money from the other writings that that are morally offensive I do not think we need to hear from her or read her current writings.