Kitty Weighs In

Presiding Bishop of ECUSA, Katherine Jefferts Schori gave a speech in England of unusual sensitivity, depth and theological and historical insight.

She says opponents of women’s ordination, “Just don’t like women.”
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  • Amazing… Guess I hate myself. 🙁

  • Wood, hay and stubble…Well, maybe no stubble in Kitty’s case. ;-)Fr. Deacon Daniel

  • That would be news to my wife.

  • What a stupendous insight!Let us thank God that he/she/it has provided the Anglican Church with such a profound thinker in a position of leadership at this time.

  • This whole Anglican mess is bringing out the dumb and dumber in so many of their leaders! You have to love it! Let’s pray for the faithful who are looking for the truth in all the chaos.

  • I think it should read TEC, not ECUSA.Hilarious post. One of my favorites.

  • I just plain don’t like women who dress up like priests.Other than that, I like them bunches.What a silly gal!

  • Those who favor ordaining women as priests and bishops just don’t like Jesus.So there.

  • I am surprised–though I know I shouldn’t be–by the inane vacuity of this woman’s remarks. Just as I was surprised, but should not have been, by the vehemence and extremism of the traditionalists’ tantrums and threats at the Lambeth Conference. I don’t know (and I don’t think anyone else knows, either, regardless of how much “insider” information they claim) what will be the outcome of the current Anglican hoopla. I merely suspect that it will not amount to much. (Just how many “last” straws can there be?) It is the unpredictability of the combination of human nature and divine will that ultimately determines the outcome of events. Like many others, I suppose, I’ve noted God’s penchant for irony. He often chastens by giving peoples and persons exactly what they want. Nowhere more than in England has this been evidenced.

  • Gee, does that mean that I, a woman, don’t like myself? Don’t think so!What is it about Apostolic succession she doesn’t understand? Or the Bible? Or Jesus?And, yes, they changed the name last year from ECUSA to TEC…a kinder, gentler name?

  • What a nasty interview! At first I was willing to believe that she might have been quoted out of context, but I doubt that many nasty things could be quoted out of context. Geesh!

  • Women of a certain age who are defiant of traditional religious authority are supposed to prance naked around a fire in the woods with their coven, worshipping a clay jar of menses and getting in touch with their goddess and nature.Old men in miters look silly, but old women in miters look sillier.

  • To be fair, some of them really don’t like women! And that’s not all of what she said. So on that, what she actually said was literally true. But yes, that was her drift.Just how many “last” straws can there be?Now that any chance to keep being a church-within-a-church will be taken away from Anglo-Catholics, more will go than in 1994 but I agree with Father that far fewer will than has been threatened.ECUSA renamed itself TEC recently I think to posture as a communion unto itself, a counterfeit global or universal church, in case the conservative Anglicans win and they’re kicked out of the Anglican Communion (like they deserve). The British Empire/Anglican Communion was/is sort of international that way (lots of Africans); TEC is just Americans and some missionary plants mostly in Latin America. Wow.The early church had women in leadership roles.Catholics never had women bishops or priests. Some heretical/apostate sects did. Just like today.The Elizabethan settlement was about keeping together people who have vastly different opinions and people were ready to die and kill each other then.Which is perfectly reasonable to a liberal Protestant like her but untenable to Catholics, because a Catholicism reduced to an optional bunch of opinions and a style of dressing up in church is not Catholicism.Or in her vision of course you can be orthodox as long as it doesn’t go against modern received opinion (which right now wants gay weddings) in any way.As Father wrote elsewhere, going along with society has been mainstream Anglicanism’s way since at least the 1700s when many priests were deists.

  • Really? Well, I’m a woman and I don’t believe in female priests or bishops. God gave me life, why shouldn’t I like myself?

  • “it was always ‘lamentable’ when groups leave the church.”Funny, she ***almost*** sounds Catholic. I always thought the Anglicans really wanted to be Catholic, without that whole Pope thing.

  • Dan

    She is wrong. It’s not that people don’t like women, it’s just that we’re afraid of their witchcraft!

  • Bad kitty, bad kitty. The dominos are falling, and have been falling since Henry usurped authority belonging to the Pope. Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon was the nail in the coffin. The Anglican Communion has thus been rotting a slow rot for the past four hundred plus years. And, as dan alluded to, the signs of paganism are emerging as the wimmin priestesses circle dance to the rhythm of gaia’s pulse, call on the four directions and worship a comfortable cozy god of their own design (Exodus 32).

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