More Anglican Developments

The ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) has spoken out against the Gafcon group who have now formed a group called FOCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans)

The Daily Telegraph reports here. It’s a busy time for the ABC. This week he has the General Synod–the Anglican parliament debating women bishops. In addition to the Conservative Evangelicals rebelling over homosexualism the Anglo Catholics in his own Church of England are marching on London angry about women bishops. They’re threatening to leave the Church of England unless they can have their own ‘no lady bishop here’ enclave. The wimmin are stomping their feet saying ‘no way’. We’ve compromised enough to these bigots.
In the meantime the liberals are all in a tither about FOCA and the conservative Evangelicals. They’re getting all sniffy and saying, “These people are bogus. They don’t understand real Anglicanism.” My favorite comment is the liberal group who say, “These people are forming a Protestant sect.”
And this from clergymen who, at their ordination, vow to uphold the 39 Articles of Religion–one of the classic constitutions of a Protestant sect. 
UPDATE: Ruth Gledhill of London’s Times reports on the threat of 1300 Church of England pulling out over women bishops here
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  • How close to the Roman Catholic Church are these conservative groups? It would be wonderful if many of them chose to cross the Tiber!

  • Not an easy answer.The Evangelical Protestant conservatives are very far from the Catholic Church theologically, but close morally.The conservative Anglo Catholics are closer theologically, but often further away morally.

  • Gledhill isn’t known for her slavish accuracy and understanding…Still interesting.

  • Gledhill isn’t known for her slavish accuracy and understanding…Still interesting.