St Bonaventure

“For this passover to be perfect, we must suspend all the operations of the mind and we must transform the peak of our affections, directing them to God alone. This is a sacred mystical experience. It cannot be comprehended by anyone unless he surrenders himself to it; nor can he surrender himself to it unless he longs for it; nor can he long for it unless the Holy Spirit, whom Christ sent into the world, should come and inflame his inner most soul. Hence the Apostle says that this mystical wisdom is revealed by the Holy Spirit.”

–from The Journey of the Mind to God by St. Bonaventure

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  • Dan

    Beautiful! It is after all – ALL a gift from God.

  • niggle

    …picking jaw off of floor…Yet another book to add to the list.

  • Padre Steve

    St. Bonaventure has to be among the top 10 theologians in the history of the Church! Thanks for the wonderful quote!