The Fall of the Wall

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic on the current economic crisis.

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  • Excellent article, Father. And I thought the third comment by “Joe H.” was thought-provoking as well. Thank you.

  • Good essay, Father.

  • As much as I appreciate your article, there are a couple of corrections that I’d like to make.Firstly, the Church did condemn usury for centuries, but in fairness you should’ve mentioned that she hasn’t any longer for centuries too, since Capitalism started to appear in the 12th or 13th century.Secondly, the Holy Father did not condemn “unrestrained” Capitalism, but Capitalism devoid of moral values. Your choice of adding “unrestrained” was probably unintentional, but it misrepresents the pope’s point of view, which is not to suggest that regulations are the cure for Capitalism. If so, such a point of view wouldn’t be worth of the Holy Father, for regulations devoid of moral values are at least as bad.Good points overall.

  • During the 1930’s, when the Times sollicited comments on the then problems of the world they received probably the shortest letter to the editor ever. It read, ‘Dear Sir, I am, Yours faithfully….’ G. K. Chesterton.Wall Street diserves its share of blame but so do most of us with our mortgages, credit cards and lust for stuff.All political systems would be perfect if we were all saints. Since we can not be because we are sinners, we need a system that ensures a balance of power and accountability.Ultimately in the words of St Josemaria Essriva The Way”A secret, an open secret: these world crises are crises of saints.” St Josemaria Esscriva The Way 301

  • Thank you elasser. You’ve given me good stuff for my homily this weekend!