Paper Mache

Fr Longenecker celebrating Mass before the new reredos in the Daily Mass chapel at St Joseph’s School. Isn’t it marvelous what a few seventh graders can produce with a bit of paper mache and poster paint? [Read more...]

The Blessed Virgin in Burundi

The BBC reports visions of the Blessed Virgin to a peasant woman in Burundi… [Read more...]

The Vatican’s Response to TAC

You may remember that the Traditional Anglican Communion–a 400,000 strong global alliance of conservative Anglicans wrote to the Vatican last Spring asking how they might come into full communion with the Holy See. The Vatican sent a courteous ‘wait and see’ response in July. Then in July the Anglican bishops gathered from around the world [Read More...]

The Benefit of the Doubt

Too often religious people are portrayed as mindless drones who find the ‘off’ switch on their brain early on and never switch it back on again. If we’re not actually stupid we’re ignorant, and if we’re not ignorant we’re closed minded, and if we’re not close minded then we’re intentionally unthinking. We have to be [Read More...]

Russian Orthodox

(click to enlarge) With the election of Russian Orthodox patriarch Kirill (I thought that was something whales ate) Fr Z reports on the Holy Father’s congratulations as well as his comments on the lifting of the SPPX excommunications. Meanwhile NLM has more snazzy pictures of Russian Orthodox worship. Now those guys know how to do hats… [Read more...]

Global Warming Hits Britain!!!

Read about it here. [Read more...]