Bald Guy Worried

baldie2Old Baldie is slightly worried that some readers are still not aware that Todd Unctuous and Ed Blanch are a couple of his alter egos. Let me spell it out: Todd is not a real person. Fr. Dwight writes the Todd Unctuous columns himself. He makes Todd sound as stupid as possible. Ed Blanch is also not a real person. This is done to make fun of dumb main stream media journalist and “I read an internet article so it must be true” types.

  • Susan L

    I knew it, Father Dwight. LOL! Didn’t at first though. At least, not when you first started writing him. He is a kick. Could actually pass for what is written out there.

  • jedesto

    Let me be sure I have this straight: Todd and Mantilla are equals as journalistic alter-egos, but they serve distinctly different gender roles…or do they?jedesto

  • matthew archbold

    Uh-oh. I egged his car last night. Sorry.

  • mtmom

    am so glad you clarified for me! I kept wondering why anybody would quote him or read him…hahaha

  • Reticent Rogue

    OK, Father, you got me and this is the second time I’ve been to confession over this guy. Say,is is a sin to hate someone who doesn’t exist…isn’t it a sin to cause others to intensely dislike someone? Never mind–I been had.

  • Ken & Carol

    Whew! Too many ironies in the fire. Thanks for the PS.

  • Z1

    you busted me

  • Gregory


  • Emily Ziegler

    Thank goodness, Father! I was about to have a heart attack over another slanderous posting on Mrs. Palin!Good one! :o)

  • Estase

    The sad thing is, this is just like the kind of paralogism you would see at

  • Jackie

    Oh Ok I get it Lol . You have outdone yourself :)


    You had me going Father! I thought what the heck, blaming the tea party people! LOL

  • Sid

    I knew something was awry!

    I just wondered how you would resurface.

    Glad you did!

  • May


    I am rather disappointed by the example you are setting in creating posts under these harsh “alter ego” caricatures. It doesn’t seem a very Christian thing “to make fun of” anyone, even if one believes they are dumb or an “’I read an internet article so it must be true’ types” (gullible for short). Not to mention that calling someone dumb or gullible seems to be rather judgmental since it is based on opinion about a person’s character, not on truth from God. Many of the people we Christians are making fun of, likely think Christians are dumb and gullible for our beliefs. So, how is it okay for us, as Christians, to “make fun of” others or call them names simply because they don’t believe what we do? And how hypocritical is it to then get upset when non-Christians make fun of us? We should be setting an example of how Jesus wants us to treat others; not attacking back.

    In Matthew 7:12, Jesus says, “So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them; for this is the law and the prophets.” This command to deal kindly with others, being the second greatest commandment given to us by God, should govern everything we do as Christians, including how we defend our faith!

    Additionally, we are commanded by God, in Matthew 28:19+20, to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” So, how can we do that if we are offending the very people we are commanded to reach out to? Perhaps we should ask if what we are doing is really going to help or hurt the situation.

  • http://blanch John Cronin

    many a true word spoken in jest: sums up my view of the Church of Rome, basically. As (I think) Gibbon said the Catholic Church was to some extent the Roman Empire reborn: look at any history of the Papacy (especially “The Sex Lives of the Popes”) basically a long story of Italian aristos (frequently sexually perverted ones) doin’ what da Emporers did: ie grinding the faces of the poor in the Papal States, an’ livin’ high on da hog back in da Vatican.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      That’s fine, but when trying to make an objective and balanced judgement of anything one takes all the evidence and weighs it up. We should certainly consider the hypocrisy and foolishness and wickedness of Christians, but if so it is only fair to consider the saints as well as the sinners–the radiant examples of those who did follow Christ fully and completely and changed the world positively as a result.

  • May you are right

    Even the wisest among us have not been born with it. We have to allow people , as Jesus did , to come to that wisdom each in his/r own time GENTLY guiding; never criticizing or shaming people for their shortcomings even though he was much closer to perfect than any of us. So who are we to look down much less PUT down ANYONE. ” What so ever you do to the LEAST of my brothers , That you do unto Me “

  • Joan

    Father, those “altar-egos” of yours look like a great form of method acting. Just sayin… :-)

  • Frank

    You voice a frustration with inane blather. We all know Bono and Cher aren’t married they are siblings! Anyway, Mr. Unctious attends to facts as closely as he needs to and that has him in like company with other news commentators. My RCIA group is somewhat anxious over the multiple points of view expressed by Catholic news sources. Some of these sources even reflect the teachings of the Church. There we are, Catholics, those who care, are anxious and frustrated by what the media is doing to our Church. There is no solution. It is shooting fish in a barrel. To defend the Church is to lose the iniatitive. By the way, when the Pope hung himself under the Bridge of Sighs wasn’t that the work of the Priory of Scion?