Todd on Torture

Our MSM commentator, Todd Unctuous comments on a recent news report…

Did you see the result of a recent survey that churchgoers are in favor of torture? I am not a religious man myself, but I respect people who believe a religion and try to do good in the world. Like many people, I am spiritual, but not religious. There are many inspiring and uplifting things in life, like the quotes page in Reader’s Digest. However, don’t get me wrong. I believe there are many good religious people. I just have not met many.
This survey which proves that religious people are in favor of torture comes as no surprise. Religious people not only approve of torture, but down through the ages they have been experts at it. Remember the Spanish Inquisition? This was a terrible disease which happened to the world in 1919 when many people fell ill, and many people died and the religious people said it was ‘God’s judgment’.
What about that situation called Jonestown in Guyana where the famous preacher Bob Jones got people together to live in the jungle? Then he made them drink cyanide together. This is just another example of religious people being in favor of torture. When it is not physical torture, it is emotional and mental torture caused by making people feel guilty. This is something all religious people do.
I had a friend in elementary school who went to a Catholic school and he said the nuns used to hit them with rulers, and the priest would lock them in a closet. Many people who went to Catholic schools recount similar horrific tales of torture and bad things happening, and the present Pope in Rome is himself a former Nazi, and the one before him came from a communist country.
I am sure religion is mostly a harmless pastime, but when you find out that religious people actually admit to being in favor of torture it makes you think doesn’t it? Maybe the time to be ‘tolerant’ to such people is over. Maybe their Sunday activities aren’t as harmless as they appear. The government should crack down on these crypto terrorists, after all. Remember that it was religious people who flew those jets into the twin towers. Remember that?
It makes you think doesn’t it?

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  • Girl Child

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  • Child of God

    All of you commenters here who keep bringing up torture and going on and on about it:You all are such simplistic one-issue voters on this torture issue. You’re in such lockstep with the Vatican and the hierarchy that it’s clear you have abandoned free thinking entirely.I’m personally opposed to torture, but I don’t think I could ever impose that view on somebody else.I’d rather see us have a President who works to reduce the need for torture. We need to get at the deeper issues here – it’s not just as black and white as you religious-types always say. We should work with torturers to support them, not criminalize them.Your belief that torture is “wrong” is just that – a religious belief. Well, what about all of the people who don’t share that belief? We live in a diverse, pluralistic society. Get with the program.How can you take what is a matter of faith for you and impose it upon another person who might not share that faith?Did you know that the amount of torturing in this country actually went up during the Clinton presidency? It was lower under Republican presidencies.Torture is a difficult issue, and people of good will can disagree about it. Ultimately, I think the torturer should be free to make that choice in consultation with his attending doctors, his field agents, and his God.Besides, even if we made torture illegal, guess what? – there would still be people out there torturing. And they wouldn’t have access to all the sophisticated equipment that we have in modern torture chambers. They’d use whatever they could find – sticks, broken glass, even coat hangers.Is that what you want? You want us to go back to the days of back-alley torturing with coat hangers?A truly enlightened society would keep torture safe, legal, and rare.Comment source:

  • Susan L

    Child of God, that is sooo funny!!!I have to remember that next time someone says that sort of stuff about abortion.

  • GlennR

    OK, our Pope was a member of the Nazi youth movement; what was the year 1941 or so I think. If you were a kid in Nazi Germany during WWII you were in the Nazi youth movement. Go figure.

  • Skay

    “Torture” by caterpillar-before it turned into a butterfly I suppose. Just “awful.”

  • George Weis

    Way to make Him sound really stupid Fr. D! :D and yet sadly, I think we have all heard of people like this fictional character or know them personally.The scary part is the very last part. I think the world is heading in that exact direction. There is an overall hatred growing towards “religious types”. I think we will only see more of this, and it could get very bad.Who is ready to truly give their life for the Christ they claim? Before we are dead we may see this happening.-g-

  • Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    It’s worth noting that Joseph Ratzinger, though enrolled in the Hitler Youth, never ever once attended. As a result, he was ineligible for government tuition assistance at seminary.I’ve heard that the guy running the HJ show where young Buchenratz was assigned even told him, “Just show up, let me count you as present, and that’ll be enough.” It never happened.

  • Reticent Rogue

    There is a simple test for whether a thing is torture or not: when inflicting pain ceases to be for the purpose of gathering information it becomes torture; until then, it’s just interrogation. I know. I was once interrogated by a Jesuit priest. He taught chemistry. Once he was done asking me questions about why my test tube of water and HCL exploded and sent the rubber cork slamming into the back of his head, he proceeded to torture me by slamming my chemistry book into the back of mine. At first it was obviously for information-gathering but then turned into a thing of pure pleasure.