Deface the Bible and Call it Art

This piece from the Daily Telegraph reports on a ‘modern art’ project in Glasgow in which there is a box of pens next to an open Bible and viewers are encouraged to add their own  thoughts to the Bible. It has resulted in public blasphemy and defacing of the Bible. The project was organized by the local metropolitan church–a community church for the LBGT crowd.

The ugliness of the comments that were scribbled in the Bible illustrate the ugliness of the increasingly vulgar anti-Christian atmosphere of modern Britain. When I lived in the UK there was a prevailing sense of polite and languid tolerance. A sort of cultural laziness, a louche, devil may care sort of attitude was commonplace. For example, a friend made the droll comment about homosexuality, “I don’t mind really, as long as they don’t make it mandatory.”
This languid sense of tolerance soon developed into a kind of amusement, then annoyance at anyone who presumed to stand up for virtue, for truth, beauty or goodness of any kind. Along with this was a cynical assumption that virtue was not only laughable, but impossible. Thus a nice, middle class church going doctor said about the idea that young people might learn chastity, “Oh goodness, you can’t imagine that young people are going to stop having sex!”
What is interesting to see is that this easy going tolerance soon developed into amusement at those who had values and beliefs, and then the amusement turned to annoyance, and now the annoyance is turning to anger and now we are seeing the anger turn to rage and the rage will soon turn to violence. Organized violence will erupt against Christians because we dare to challenge the decadence of the age.
It is often said that America is five years ahead of Britain and what happens here soon crosses the Atlantic. That may be true of technology and social trends, but the highway is a two way street, and in the moral and spiritual arena it is the other way around. Britain is ahead of America, and Americans should witness the social decay and emergent anti Christian violence and take it as a sober warning. 
Unless we change our ways, we’re next.

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  • shadowlands

    Oh dear,oh dear.I know as Catholics,we don't interpret literally but the Bible does say…."For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book"Rev 22:18(from the King James,sorry I got a Protestant head on today).

  • Natasa

    Disgusting. But I am not surprised. I wonder if anyone will dare protest. Hostility towards Christianity is pretty bad in the UK.

  • Smiley

    YO are 100% correct about your views in the end about the highway.

  • fried chicken strips

    Had a friend visit Europe and the first thing he noticed was there was no children. Within a few generations, that civilization is gone.

  • Damien

    Shadowlands,Some of the Bible's books are plain, some are poetry, some are symbolic, etc.The Catholic way is in knowing the difference, which is the key to unlocking the meanings of scripture.

  • shadowlands

    Thanks Damien,for your advice re scripture.It's my father's fault though,he never uses anything but scripture to speak with,and often in German to boot!I do love his faith though.Britain won't go down the pan,not according to Smith Wigglesworth's prophecy in 1948. He was a very holy and powerful Christian evangelist.We get revival first apparently,then America,which fits in rather strangely with Father D's comments about the increase in sin hitting us Brits first.We must pray with faith,the Rosary.No point in despairing,it's a sin,deadly.Pray for hope and courage.Blimey,it's terrifying!

  • HermitCrab

    P.S. There was consternation when Mother Amazonia arrived and took issue with our referring to the group as a “Fellowship.” “Fellowship!?!” she doth protest? “Are we to acknowledge only the presence of the toffee-nosed gents, in their delicate brocade who flit about pretending to accept full inclusion of women in the Church?” In the rush for relevance, the lady vicars, staged a mutiny, the outcome being that the group was henceforth to be referred to as “The Druidical Cabal”

  • shadowlands

    I posted the British prophecy on my blog.It was 1947,not 48.Considering the Charismatic movement in the seventies,it's over half fulfilled,even in the Catholic Church!Don't give up on us Brits!

  • veritas

    Can you imagine what would happen if someone did this to the Koran???!!!I am not saying that we Christians should start blowing people up but sometimes I think we are too wimpy.When my wife and I toured Britain ten years ago we got the impression of a decaying Christian Church. We had to pay to enter Anglican Cathedrals – they were museums. The Catholic Churches were functioning churches.

  • JC

    Sickening, but not surprising I suppose."The ugliness of the comments that were scribbled in the Bible illustrate the ugliness of the increasingly vulgar anti-Christian atmosphere of modern Britain. When I lived in the UK there was a prevailing sense of polite and languid tolerance. A sort of cultural laziness, a louche, devil may care sort of attitude was commonplace. For example, a friend made the droll comment about homosexuality, "I don't mind really, as long as they don't make it mandatory."Yeah, but compare the modern anti-Christians (Dawkins/Hitchens/Harris/etc) to atheists past. Even Bertrand Russell is less vitriolic than these guys. Might it have something to do with the fact that the prevailing attitude was once that Christianity was on its way out, which has changed in seeing that Christianity is alive and well decades later?

  • Victoria

    Check out Peter Kreeft's How To Wn the Culture War – A Christian Battle Plan For a Society in Crisis

  • Gail F

    I imagine the comments are pretty much like the comments left online after any London Times article concerning religion — scathing, obscene, hateful, and (sometimes) nearly raving. Now, one has to take into account the general quality of comments left on newspaper sites. But even factoring that in, the religious comments are still hair-raising. If I think something is stupid, I generally don't rail against it in nasty and profane detail. It's amazing to me how many people say they think religion in general or Christianity in particular is stupid, and then spend considerable time and energy saying it OVER and OVER and OVER again. There must be something to this religion stuff, if that's the reaction to it…

  • Natasa

    I can't stop thinking about this. I'm not at all surprised by the comments written by 'art fans'. I just can't believe that the people whose idea it was call themselves Christians. OK, they have issues and can't accept that their lifestyles are not considered moral and valid by most Christian churches. I get that. But how can anyone who calls himself a Christian do something like this? They were surprised by the comments? Puh-lease. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

  • Ashley

    This work was intended for people who felt as though they had been left out of the bible to write their name back in it, it cannot be help if some people write horrible things, but look past that to the true intentions. Also look past the fact that the books with which this has been done are not THE BIBLE, just copies, which number in the millions. Also the reason it is a bible that was used was because it was a christian that wanted to allow people the choice. The artists are the faith groups that took part. I am sure if the muslim group wished to do this with the Koran then there would have been one next to the bible. So please in future don’t solely read the media spin before you judge. I am Christian, i believe that God made us, he knows us, i believe in the word of God, but i do not believe in what man has said God wants or tells us to do, i do not believe in this man made religion for that is what religion is man made. Believe in the word of God if you wish, for he made us.

  • D. Burns

    (my email to the museum)To whom it may concern: It is completely unacceptable to deface the Bible under any circumstances. Whilst it may seem that this is merely an exercise to provoke the unthinking masses, to turn on its head the world and its preconceptions, I can readily assure you that it is not art. Art has as its object: Beauty. Philosophy has at its object: Truth. Every field leads to these eventually, if in fact they be worthy. Every act of creation leads to true and real beauty, which is the wonderful thing about art. But defiling and destroying are not in fact acts of creation and so do not raise the human spirit to the pinnacle of its potential but only drive it into the murky depths malevolence and vice. These actions do violence not only to the Bible and to the Two billion Christians worldwide but also to the great potential of the human spirit and civilization itself.Sincerely,David BurnsHorsham, USA