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Two of my books come out in new editions this summer. The first book I had published was The Path to Rome. It is a collection of conversion stories–mostly English. Now after ten years the book is still going strong and my friend Cyprian Blamires has re-shaped it, added some new conversion stories and new foreword and got a fresh cover. The book will be launched on Thursday, 27 May at the Oxford Oratory at 8pm. All are invited to meet some of the new contributors and hear their stories. If you are in the Oxford area, come along!

More Christianity was first published by Our Sunday Visitor in 2002, and when they discontinued the title Ignatius Press picked it up. I went through the text and tightened it up here and there, IP have a new cover design, have added an index and sharpened up the notes. It looks good, and I am planning a new local (and maybe national) radio show with the title ‘More Christianity’. It will be a friendly approach to apologetics and Catholic current events.

Path to Rome is available in England from Gracewing. In the USA the former edition is still available through Coming Home Network and from my website. Eventually the new edition will be available here too. The new edition of  More Christianity will be out later in the summer.

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