Leaden Whimsey

What a coup! Famous Daily Telegraph blogger Damian Thompson has given me column space! Go here to see his rave review of my satirical pieces. He thinks my various alter egos are hilarious and likes them very much. Of course, in a typical, suave, understated way beloved of the English educated classes, he pretends that he doesn’t like them, but I can see through all that. Believe me. I’ve lived over there. These folks are totally expert at saying one thing and meaning exactly the opposite. Like when you step on their foot and they apologize. Damian’s pretending to dislike my satirical pieces is just his way of saying how  brilliant he thinks they are.

I actually got to know Damian when I was living in England. He was writing book reviews for the Catholic Herald at the time, but he has since ascended to the journalistic stratosphere and writes for the Daily Telegraph and is Editor in Chief of the Catholic Herald. He is probably one of the world’s leading journalists, and his objective, balanced and well researched writing is known throughout the world. Not only this, but his kind and generous tone to everyone he disagrees with, and his totally respectful attitude to the Catholic bishops (even when he doesn’t like them) is an example to all who might be tempted at times to lapse into catty comments, innuendo, bitchy gossip and insouciant insolence.

Also, I was delighted to see that Damian has noticed my resemblance to famous film star Bruce Willis. This has been observed by a good number of people over the years and I have had to struggle to maintain my usual modest demeanor in pointing out to them that I do not look like Bruce Willis, but Bruce Willis looks like me.

So if you’re out there reading this Damian, Many thanks! It’s not very often that I receive high praise from such a leading light in the literary firmament. May your fingers keep tapping, and may your ideas keep flowing! Keep up the good work!

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