Rosary Beads Save Soldier’s Life

Here’s a story about a young British soldier serving in Afghanistan who claims his rosary beads saved his life. He was on patrol when the beads broke. He bent down to pick them up only to see that right in front of his foot was a landmine. Had he gone one step further he would ahve ben blown to bits.

It reminds me of the story in Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honor trilogy when Guy Crouchback says that the St Christopher medal didn’t save his brother from dying in the first world war. Old Crouchback disagrees, “You see, your brother came to see me the night before he left for the front to say good bye. He told me that he and some other soldiers went to a brothel the week before and a girl sat on his lap and began to unbutton his shirt. She discovered the St Christopher medal and said, “Are you a Catholic?” he said he was and the girls said, “Let’s just go for a walk instead.” So you see the St Christopher medal did save his life.”

Well, the Waugh story is fictional, but when you walk by faith you begin to see that God’s providence does work through life in a mysterious and tangential way. All things do work together for good for those who love God and who are called acccording to his purpose. (Rom. 8:28) but it’s rarely clear just how that happens. The life of faith is therefore an adventure–we step out and go with God, and we will only see the whole picture one day in the distant future when all things are suddenly crystal.

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  • PlainCatholic

    So very true; God does indeed write straight with crooked lines.

  • Dr. Eric

    There is a story in which a Dutch soldier who always kept his scapular on, one day washed up at a pump in the backyard of a farmhouse while on patrol. He remembered that he took it off that night, and afraid of not having it on, he went back to the house in the dark. He couldn't find it. Right when he turned to go back to the trench he heard the explosion of an artillery shell going off and he ran back to his trench. During his absence the Germans detonated a bomb in the exact place where he would have been sleeping, had he not gone and tried to retrieve his scapular. The next morning at chow time he was surprised to see his friend from his platoon, who was also surprised to see him. They both thought that each other were killed in the explosion.The friend told the first soldier that he couldn't sleep and that he decided that he should look for him. On his way out the Corporal asked him to get some water from the Commissary and while on the way the bomb exploded.The first soldier asked his friend why he so urgently needed to see him in the middle of the night. The friend said that he needed to return his scapular that the first soldier left behind. A case in which a scapular saved two lives. Abridged from the little book that my son got with his scapular at his First Communion.