Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

What is emerging in the horrible case of abortion monster Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia is how much the authorities covered up his crimes by looking the other way. The scale of the incompetence and admission that they did not regulate the abortion clinic for ‘political reasons’ is now emerging. It seems Gosnell was only caught because ordinary police turned up to investigate him on drugs charges and noticed the appalling conditions in the abortuary. Read about the bureaucratic crimes here.

Now the nation has to realize just how horrific the whole abortion industry is, and that it is not just the crimes of the greedy and gruesome Gosnell, but of every person who condones this horrible crime in any way. Gosnell had severed baby limbs kept in jars, killed newborn babies by putting a scissors in their neck and cutting their little spinal cord. He preyed on vulnerable, poor, minority and under aged women. At least one died at his hands. The only difference between this and the typical abortion is that the murder and dismemberment takes place in the mother’s womb and the dismembered child is sucked out by vacuum pump. If this went on in Philadelphia what other horrible practices continue uninvestigated for ‘political reasons’?

“Allow us to murder children”  America says. “Just don’t make us look at it.”

Stop! Americans need to look at it, just like the Germans were forced to walk through the concentration camps, and what a cruel irony that all of this happens the week of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the week of Martin Luther King Day, and that the abortionist was an African American preying largely on the poor and vulnerable African American population. “I had a dream…in the land of the free and the home of the brave”

Some dream. Some Freedom. Some Bravery.

Every American should be ashamed.

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  • toadehall

    I wonder if those who bring the Church to task for "looking the other way" will do the same in this case?

  • Paul

    I agree, toadehall, but I think the only crime left is 'paedophilia' as they like to call it, but for how much longer?It's interesting that the BBC seems to have two ways of reporting it.That is, if it's girls, it tends to report it as such (with photo), but when it comes to homosexual paedophilia (which makes up the largest proportion), the reports are vague and more likely to be gender-neutral. One gets the feeling it's concerned that the public might twig the close link with one of its golden calves which it 'celebrates' as 'normal'.The next group of abusers are stepfathers or boyfriends of single mums, which doesn't sit happily with its views on marriage.Of course, 'philia' doesn't come into it at all, but lust and/or hatred: which is at the root of abortion, too.The culture of death is something real and palpable: an alternative spirituality incarnated.

  • shadowlands

    I think people become atrophied at some stage, in their lives, regarding abortion. Everyone, should have an opinion about it. To be the doctor that performs that act?? Only a priest can undo the spiritual death/sin of that. I have had difficult pregnancies, full blown eclampsia, Our Lady was there with me, the midwife actually said to me "You know the Lord?" "Jesus?" I said, she heard him speak to her and to check on me.I was having an eclamptic fit (I ended up having three)A Baptist lady. I love Baptists!!!

  • Just another mad Catholic

    I was wandering could we legitimately say that this monster has forfitted his right to life by performing these barbaric deeds? Assuming that the State of Pensylvania has the death penalty shadowlands Excellent- good for that baptist nurse!

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    this bit about the 'scissors'must be scrutinized to the nth degreesince the murderers of Philly were obviously therefore well versed in the mancient and medieval 'dark art' of abortion as witchcraft.well known and documentedlet's get all this twisted sickness right out on the 'table' and shine a mega-candle powered light right on all of itthen let's have the Deomcratic Party face right up to the fact that they have used and misused their constituents for yonks…and, let's hear the Pope of Rome's justification for saying it was possible for Catholics to vote for the lesser of two evilsTHE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANSDO YOU GEDDIT?????

  • catholicofthule

    It makes me sick to think about the hidden killing of children in their mother's womb being so acceptable in reputedly 'caring' societies that one is considered uncaring if one stands up for life and irrational if one makes it a voting priority. St. Olav introduced a Christian law in my country nearly a thousand years ago, which, among other things, made the practice illegal whereby unwanted babies were put out into the forest to die. Now we have reverted to pre-Christian conditions, except that we are hiding it by not allowing the child to be born, as if a person not seen does not exist.

  • kkollwitz

    The hidden realities of the abortion business are invariably worse than what we can imagine.It can't survive in the light.

  • catholicofthule

    And, yes, I recognise that some people really do not believe that the child in his or her early gestational stage is a human child, and that those people may not be pro-choice if they were convinced of the facts. However, being convinced of those facts, this is a comfort as to the motive of some, but not as to the reality of this nightmarish state of affairs.

  • Marilyn

    “then let's have the Democratic Party face right up to the fact that they have used and misused their constituents for yonks… and, let's hear the Pope of Rome's justification for saying it was possible for Catholics to vote for the lesser of two evils.”Both Frs. Newman and Longenecker attempted to jump in the arena and fight on this very issue back in November 2008. Fr. Newman stated:“Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exits constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil." Fr. Newman continued, “Persons in this condition should not receive Holy Communion until and unless they are reconciled to God in the Sacrament of Penance, lest they eat and drink their own condemnation." Sadly, Fr. Newman’s statement was not well taken among the Catholic hierarchy and he was criticized as having abused his position. A holocaust survivor once wrote that the sky can grow dark with smoke from the burning human bodies without so much as a whimper from God. I believe God “whimpers” from the pens of a few courageous like Frs. Newman and Longenecker, but we turn our heads or proclaim “not fair” and permit the butchering to continue. Sometimes it gets to the point where I just can’t stand it anymore and pray to God to rebuke us so severely that we would cease to exist and this horror would be over.

  • laurazim

    Already–as expected–the left and those sympathetic to their cause for "choice" are rallying the cry, "Look what would be happening if RvW were overturned"–AS THOUGH IT WERE NOT HAPPENING.The blindness is staggering. Can they really not see the horror of this place? Do they truly think that this is more the exception than the rule??May God have mercy on ALL our souls! +JMJ+

  • shadowlands

    You know, when you truly get silent and spend time with our Lord, abotrion is so vile. Vile. Lord have mercy. A woman's right? I'm an alcoholic, I know abortion is wrong!