The Smoke of Satan

There are many problems in the Catholic Church that might be thought to be the ‘smoke of Satan’ entering the church, but for my money one thing, above all others, has been the successful work of Satan, which has undermined the church, emasculated her ministry, sabotaged the aims of the Holy Spirit and captured a multitude of souls.

It is the modernist re-interpretation of the Catholic faith. The reductionist results of modern Biblical scholarship and the infiltration of a modernist, rationalistic and materialistic mindset meant that the supernatural was assumed to be impossible, and therefore the Bible stories (and also any supernatural elements of the faith) had to be ‘de-mythologized.’ Everything supernatural within the Biblical account and within the lives of the saints and within the teaching of the church were assumed to be impossible and had to be ‘re-interpreted’ so they would make sense to modern, scientifically minded people.

So the feeding of the five thousand wasn’t a miracle. Instead the ‘real miracle’ was that everyone shared their lunch. Everything had to be questioned and ‘re-interpreted’ in such a way that it could be accepted and understood by modern people. So when we call Jesus Christ “God Incarnate” what we really mean was that he was so fully human, and that as he reached his potential as a man that he shows us what divinity looks like. When we speak of the Blessed Virgin we mean she was ‘a very good and holy Jewish young woman.’ When we speak of the ‘Real Presence’ we mean that we see the ‘Christ that is within each one of us.”

I hate this crap.

It’s the smoke of Satan, and it’s virtually triumphant within the mainstream Protestant churches, and sadly,  the modern Catholic Church in the USA is riddled through with the same noxious heresy. The reason it is so obnoxious and disgusting is because priests and clergy of all sorts still use all the traditional language of the liturgy, the Scriptures and the creeds, but they have changed the meaning of it altogether. They never actually stand up and say that they have changed the meaning, and that they no longer believe the faith once delivered to the saints. They don’t discuss the fact that they have not only changed the meaning, but robbed it of meaning altogether. Instead they still stand up week by week and recite the creed as if they think it is true, but what they mean by ‘true’ is totally different from what their people mean.

So Father Flannel stands up on Easter Day and says, “Alleluia! Today we rejoice in the glorious resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.” His people think he really believes that Jesus’ dead body came back to life by the power of God and that he went on to live forever. In fact what Father Flannel really means is that “in some way the beautiful teachings of Jesus were remembered and continued by his followers long after his tragic death.” The people don’t know why Father Flannel’s Catholic life is so lightweight and limp and they don’t know why his style is so lacking in substance, and they go on in their muddled way thinking that he really does believe the Catholic faith when, in fact, he doesn’t at all.

Consequently, Fr Flannel doesn’t really have much of a message at all. He doesn’t believe any of the gospel except as some sort of beautiful story which inspires people to be nicer to each other. All that is left of his priesthood, therefore, is to be a nice guy to entertain people with inspirational thoughts and get everyone to be nicer to one another and try to save the planet.

The poor faithful have swallowed this stuff for two or three generations now, and they don’t even know what poison they’re swallowing because the lies are all dressed up in the same traditional language the church has always used. It’s like someone has put battery acid into a milk bottle and given it to a baby, and never imagined that there was anything wrong with doing so–indeed thought it was the best thing for baby.

The faithful don’t know why their church has become like a cross between a Joan Baez concert and a political activism meeting. They don’t understand why they never hear the need for confession or repentance or hear about old fashioned terms like ‘the precious blood’ or ‘ the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord and Savior” The fact of the matter is Father Flannel doesn’t really think that sort of thing is ‘helpful’.

This is why evangelization of the American Catholics in the pew is probably the most difficult task of all. They don’t know what they don’t know. For three generations now they have been given watered down milk and been told it was wine. They actually think that Catholic lite is what it’s all about, and are astounded to think that there are some of us who think that they have actually been fed a version of Christianity that is scarcely Christianity at all.

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  • JD Curtis

    You've been knocking them out of the park recently.Keep up the good work!

  • Robert

    This is very true. I left the Catholic Church after grade school, and didn't know I left since what I was taught was little different than what society taught.I was brought back into Christianity through marriage, and found my way back into Catholicism through the vast number of online resources (especially audio resources which are easy to listen to while you're doing other things).Yes Catholicism is in rough shape, but if someone is looking for answers, the answers are readily available, and if someone looks hard enough, he will find them. The "if" is the big problem. Before getting married, I didn't know there were answers to find, and if I wasn't so unconvinced by Calvinism, I would not have tried so hard to find better answers.The key question is, how do you both get people to hope and get them out of their comfort zone so that they can't settle for the first thing that comes along?

  • Shadow

    You're right on the money, Father!

  • kentuckyliz

    You've just explained the mystery behind the priest pedophile scandals. A priest has to lose their faith before they do something that evil.

  • Rosemary

    After moving across country, we went to Mass at our parish church on Sundays, but something just didn't seem right. The more we went, the less "right" things seemed. The "Father Flannel" at that church finally said a few things that made it clear what he really believed (or didn't). We are now at a different church only a few more minutes away, hearing a priest who shares the "faith once delivered to the Saints".

  • SusanS.

    Yeah, the priests are not living up to their calling. Yeah, the homilies may be soft. But perhaps they are scared to death of what's coming down the pike, and the weak, lukewarm faithful scarcely can pray for themselves let alone their priests who give them the Bread of Eternal Life. Our poor priests must feel completely alone in this insane world. It is absolutely pointless to keep complaining and whining about it. What you SHOULD be doing is getting everyone to love our priests and PRAY AND SACRIFICE like crazy for them. The laity dropped the ball first and the clergy followed. God help us all.

  • Old Bob

    Ahhhh, yes, "demythologize." I first heard that word about 1968 at the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota, from "George" (formerly Father X) in a business suit. And he was plenty old enough to know better. In 1968 there were still enough of us left who recognized that stuff as fresh steaming he-cow droppings, that we started a second, traditional, Catholic student club. Uphill all the way for the next four years, and it didn't last: the smoke chased us out.

  • Al

    Sounds like you've been listening in on more than 1000 of the same homilies i have heard arround here over the years.

  • Defend Us In Battle

    This is why you were called to blog!This is why you must continue!This will help me find my blogging ways again!Many of us needed this…

  • Richard Collins

    Excellent post, Father. Thank you.

  • kozz

    The multiplication of the loaves being reduced to an event of sharing, has been often preached in our parish as well. It's just bizarre and heretical.

  • Paul Rodden

    Although I agree wholeheartedly with the contents of the post, and you always put this sort of thing so well, Father, might it be that our the response often seems to be a ‘church belligerent’ (HT Fr Paul Scalia) which ends up shooting the wounded, rather than healing them, or pushes them further into enemy lines or desertion?60 years ago, wasn’t it the case that probably the same percentage of people were living under a stifling ‘Jansenistic’ clericalism with as much ignorance, although they were able to parrot the Catechism?- Mass in Latin, every devotion going, and the more devotions performed, the more likely you weren’t going to go to Hell, and if just one was missed, you would go to Hell, which resulted in a deeply neurotic form of ‘Catholicism’ which mistook the form for substance (integrism), especially in places like Ireland (q.v., Vincent Twomey, SVD, The End of Irish Catholicism?).This ‘old’ Catholicism sounds very like what Luther wanted to address, but fell into heresy as a result. For, it seems to me, that the response to that type of 'Catholicism' after Vatican II was exactly the same as the Reformation’s – Protestantism (modernism) – what 'the Moderns' term 'the spirit of Vatican II' (which it isn't).That is, how much of our reaction to this current Protestantism/modernism is a modernist response?: Trying to fight fire with fire?Do we want an ‘aut-aut’, which will ‘clean up’ the church, rather than an ‘et-et’ (See Balthasar, in Office of Peter and the Structure of the Church, p 302-4, on Karl Barth’s hatred of the Catholic ‘et-et’ principle) which sees Orthodoxy and Charity – the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy – inseparably linked?

  • just evelyn

    Father, your posts for the last week or so have been amazing and insightful. Thank you!

  • New Covenant Journal

    Thank you Father for this timely post. Indeed, the Church's teachings for the past 20-30 years have watered down the mystical message of Christ, His person and His Church. There is a large and increasing number of Catholics who have now down graded Jesus Christ to being merely a good moral teacher. They cannot accept that He is God and performed miracles. How many believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist ? if they did, they would show more reverence towards this Blessed Sacrament. Whilst the Catholic Church has been endowed by Jesus Christ with so much spiritual resources, these powers have been left dormant for many years – lots of Priests don't even believe in them anymore. The Church has instead preferred playing the role of the world's largest charitable and geo-political organization instead of seeing to the spiritual needs of its flock. No wonder we have Catholics jumping over to the Pentecostal Churches despite their weak theology and dubious origins. These Catholics just don't feel that the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ sanctioned by apostolic succession and tradition. To them, "praying in tongues" have more mystical meaning then any of the sacraments of the Catholic Church. A great number of Catholics have also been attracted to the spirituality of New Age practices which caused them to leave the Church altogether. People want the spiritual fulfillment, comfort and protection promised by Christ, not a Charitable organization of scholars and geo-politicians who enjoy interpreting and reinterpreting dogmas and scripture making the massage of Christ so complex and inaccessible to the Catholic masses.I attended a few talks on Catholic theology (by scholarly Catholic Priests) and one would have to be Thomas Aquinas to fully understand the content of those talks. Extremely complex. I wonder if St. Peter or even St. Paul would understand those talks either.Over the years I have observed that being a scholarly Priest was given more precedence by the Church over being a spiritual Priest. Thus, it is every Priest's dream of being Thomas Aquinas or St. Augustine. Nobody wants to be a Padre Pio or St Francis of Assisi anymore. According to leading exorcists, Catholics get possessed predominantly because they got involved in New Age practices including witchcraft. Why would Catholics get involved in the New Age in the first place ? Because they don't feel their Church has much spiritual content. New Age Leads To Demonic PosessionThose allegedly oppressed / possessed by demons, seek assistance from "alternative healers" first. They only come to the Church for help as a last resort. Why is this ? I know that Jesus' main activities on earth was casting out demons, healing the sick and preaching the Good News. He wasn't interested in politics nor did He personally give any money to the poor. The apostles did the same. "One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon. Now a man crippled from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts. When he saw Peter and John about to enter, he asked them for money. Peter looked straight at him, as did John. Then Peter said, “Look at us!” 5So the man gave them his attention, expecting to get something from them. Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Acts 3:1-6God bless and have a good week ahead.

  • GOR

    "I hate this crap."Exactly, Father! Or as we used to say in Ireland about straight talkers: "He didn't put a tooth in it!"And you didn't…

  • John

    So true .I worry about my children and grand children.It's all about the social church.Call up some one you haven't talked to for 30 years and everything is ok.There is no sermons on divorce ,sex,mortal sin etc .There are very good priest still in in every city .Support them pray for the rest.Pray for. Mother Mary to help priest and help us.Mary through Jesus save us.John in fl

  • 5 and Counting…

    I think you are correct i your analysis (sadly!) but I believe there is hope! Pope John Paul II repeatedly called for a New Springtime in the Church, a return to catechesis and evangelization. I believe its happening. As the "John Paul II" generation comes of age seminaries are filling with soon to be priest who want to be vibrant and loyal, proclaiming the Truth. Convents of the "traditional" orders are brimming and overflowing, young families are open to life – in the true sense. It may be happening slowly, but with his love of Youth and His constant calling to them to be the New Springtime, John Paul started a slow revolution in the Church and we are starting to see it.

  • GOR

    ‘Fr. Flannel’ reminds me of an exchange between Prime Minister Jim Hacker and Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby on the BBC comedy series: “Yes, Prime Minister”. They’re discussing candidates for a vacant bishopric in the Church of England. Sir Humphrey notes that one of the candidates is a Modernist.Prime Minsister (concerned): “So he’s an atheist, then?”Sir Humphrey (condescendingly): “No, Prime Minister. If he were an atheist, he could not continue to receive his stipend. So, when they stop believing in God they call themselves Modernists instead.”

  • Papa Alex

    Excellent post Father. Your observation about them using the same words but with Different Meanings really brings out the deception or 'smoke screen' of satan.This smoke has greatly affected the Mass as you know. By calling the Altar a table they are taking away the Sacrifice of the Mass. We use an Altar because there is a sacrifice offered not a table to get food.For me the most import words of the Mass have come to be "we offer you…' in the canon of the Mass. This is where the priest Offers the perfect sacrifice, Jesus to the Father for our sins. The moment of victory for us. 'It is finished' as Jesus said. It has been lost in all the "celebration" of Mass. Same words are still used in the Mass but the meaning. The Mass is now a 'celebration'and 'banquet' 'food for our journey' but no mention of the sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus for our sins which Allows us to receive His mercy and salavtion and His Body.

  • Mary

    Thank you Father for saying it like it is. I always was arguing with the religious ed teachers that we were watering down our faith. I was even asked once to not teach anymore because I might scare the children(ages 12 and up) if I talked about hell. Children conscious is formed by four or five and if we wait until almost teens to teach them about right and wrong and hell, we have lost the battle.I am blessed to have found a priest who tells it like it is from the pulpit. God Bless all priests who do that are not worried about offending their parishioners. Mary in Colorado

  • Goin’South

    My husband and I are so frustrated with the "cruise director" mentality of our parish. Our souls are thirsting for reverence and holiness but instead we get this weak, I'm OK-you're OK, feel-good garbage. Please tell me WHY a parish needs over 45 ministries? The TRUE ministry is in the healing graces received in participation in the Mass and the Sacraments (which, I believe, have been hijacked by Directors of Religious Education who, with Archdiocesan blessings, are held hostage in that one must participate in so many hours of community service in order to "get" the sacrament. If one doesn't meet the "requirements" then one may not be confirmed, receive first Penance or Holy Communion. But, I digress.) Our hearts and souls are aching and thirsting………

  • Susan L

    A few years ago a priest confided in me that he only believed in two things: that Christ was actually in the Eucharist and I can't remember what the other thing was. I think I was too stunned after the first one. He refused to read anything that had the mark of the imprimatur. He even told me that he was not with Rome.I think he is in his forties, maybe his early fifties. On the direction of my spiritual adviser, I contacted the diocese and spoke to the Bishop's secretary. This heretic priest still has a church.

  • Goin’South

    My husband and I are so frustrated with the "cruise director" mentality of our parish. Our souls are thirsting for reverence and holiness but instead we get this weak, I'm OK-you're OK, feel-good garbage. Please tell me WHY a parish needs over 45 ministries? The TRUE ministry is in the healing graces received in participation in the Mass and the Sacraments (which, I believe, have been hijacked by Directors of Religious Education who, with Archdiocesan blessings, are held hostage in that one must participate in so many hours of community service in order to "get" the sacrament. If one doesn't meet the "requirements" then one may not be confirmed, receive first Penance or Holy Communion. But, I digress.) Our hearts and souls are aching and thirsting………

  • Paula

    Thank you Father for your timely wisdom.I attended Mass yesterday at our Cathedral parish. The priest taught shocking error in his homily to a packed church. He told us how the Ten Commandments had No Love in them(with great emphasis.) Whereas the Beatitudes were all about love. He then said somewhat angrily, "Thou shall obey thy parents, thou shall not steal…Thou shall not, Thou shall not, Thou shall not. To his parishoners it seemed that he was saying the Ten Commandments, were not only without love but something hateful. How can he say that God, who is Love, could teach us something that excluded love? I saw a young man approach this Priest after Mass and thank him!Lord have Mercy on us.

  • Palmyra Institute

    Hi Father,I teach continuing Catholic Education to adults and find it absolutely shocking how little people know about their faith. I also find it deplorable that bishops allow and actually endorse speakers which teach exactly what your article refers to, the emasculation of the Faith and the Church! I believe that the "emasculation" is a denial of the Holy Spirit and His power AND is a trickle down effect starting with the bishops (some not all) and ending with our Catholic Men. In my experience men have lost their identity as spiritual leaders …we need to work on that.In closing, I would just like to say that I am proud of you Father and all the priests and bishops like you who have the courage to stand up and teach the Truth.Cheers.

  • joan

    This new video of a Priest telling us his thoughts about the problems in the Church, which was posted recently, and can be seen at

  • Terry Nelson

    Superb post! You nailed it so well. God bless you and thank you for being a priest!

  • Shaughn

    The late great Eric Mascall, an Anglo-Catholic priest in the Church of England of some regard, once wrote quite humorously,"Hark! The Herald Angels sing!Bultmann is the latest thing!Or they would, if he had notDemythologized the lot. . ."

  • Anthony S. “Tony” Layne

    Great post, Father!There's a lot of Catholics out there drifting away from the Church and into Evangelical denominations or "mega-churches" because, as they complain, they're "not being fed". I think it's a mistake to write it off as a desire for the sensational or the charismatic, and that it misses the point to talk about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, because in many cases what they're missing are solid, "meat and potatoes" Catholic homilies delivered with authority. There's an excellent YouTube clip of a speech Fr. Bill Casey gave on this point; at about the 2:52 mark, he says, “Catholics are sick and tired of lukewarm, watered-down preaching. They have had enough of … ‘Catholicism Lite’.” I can understand Paul Rodden's point via Fr. Scalia of the "Church Belligerent" … but where's the line between patiently enduring and slowly surrendering?Which brings up the question: What do we—the people in the pews—do about this? How can we support the priests who do preach the true Faith, and how do we help the Church get more such priests into the ambos? If you've got some suggestions, Father, that would make an excellent follow-up post!

  • Fr. James Farfaglia

    Thanks Father. We are on the same page. Nice to have a friend in the trenches. Fr. James FarfagliaCorpus Christi, TX

  • jac

    Dear Father, You speak about the "modernist re interpretation".But the Modernism which is the "Mother of all heresies" was brought in the Church and fed precisely by those who had the sacred duty to fight it.Remember that there was a time not so far when every priest was obliged to take an oath against Modernism when he was ordinated. What happened with this oath? A number of clerics already committed perjury long before that heresy was overtly displayed. Sad to say John XXIII began officially introducing it (e.g. the "aggiornamento" and the "opening to the world") until Paul VI who certainly was a strong modernist himself abolished the oath.Immediately priests and laymen acknowledged as if there was no longer anything wrong with it.And that same Pope to declare a few times later that: "the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God".Understands he who can!

  • Londiniensis

    Bravo Father! Needs saying, and repeating.I often think that instead of throwing hissy fits and shouting "heretic" whenever someone deviates one iota from Suarezian Thomism, our traddies should be engaging with Bultmann and van Buren. They did the real damage.

  • TEXAN- Milites Domini!

    "I hate this "CRAP"??? With all due respect. Fr. Longenecker, even if it so, this is hardly an appropriate form of expression from a priest. A priest's role is no way even remotely similar to that of common people. Thank God for that! You are a representative of our Lord Jesus Christ himself!, in every aspect of your life. You cannot allow yourself to stoop down and use vulgar expressions as these, especially not online for the whole world to see. There is absolutely no need to use these all too common vulgar expressions, especially not from a priest. I will not be able to forward your article, as I do not want the recipients to undermine the, respectable, privileged and unique role a priest represents.

  • Elder Samaniego

    Great post.Many in the Church (Including clergy) have been on a lite faith diet for years. Turns out it has turned into anemia. It's called starving your faith to death. And that's just what a lot of inrrevelant and superficial faith teachers and preachers have been doing. There will be people reading this post who don't believe in Satan and don't connect the smoke to hell.

  • matthew

    I first realized the 'direction' of the teaching you so nicely outlined for us Father when back in the late 70's our priest started referring to sin as 'our seperation from the Lord'. Overnight he quit with the word sin. I think that was the beginning of it for me.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Texan, I thought the word may shock some, but I'm reminded of Philippians 3:8 where the Apostle, speaking of worldly ways says, "I count it all 'refuse'.Well, those are the polite translations. He actually used a word the King James Version more accurately translates 'dung' which is still a more polite word than what he really said which was the 'sh' word.Vulgar language (as long as it is not too filthy) has an appropriate place–it sometimes can be used to say exactly what something is.

  • Bob

    Here is my quandry. I am 43 and truly a post Vatican II Catholic. Me and my family go to church weekly. What I understand from my forefathers is that the "old" Catholic homily(ie?)s were simply full of fire and brimstone which did nothing but make those sitting in the pews feel badly about themselves and served no purpose but to make them feel like hell, not heaven, was in store for those who screwed up. Is this the type of homily you are saying we need to return to? And, if so, is it your supposition that this is going to get people back in the pews every Sunday? Please, I mean nothing negative by this posting. I truly want to know the answer to this question. God Bless!

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    why?'heresy' of whatever 'hue'as St Paul said:comes of:'worshipping the creature rather than the Creator.'so the slick willy 'priests' of any stripe who covet their poisinous sinecures and would and do, as St James the Great pointed out, literally kill to keep their positions and prop and ocver up all manner of vile 'smoke'are part and parcel of:'the theatre of cruelty'and/or'the theatre of complicity'NOT'of the reality of resistance'I was thrilled to see that the current bestseller in France is a thirty page long 'critique' based on pure unrelenting INDIGNATIONwhich the lady author recounts as having been the sole raison d'etre for the existance and ultimate triumph, such as it was, of the FRENCH RESISTANCE in WWIIyou gotta crap priest?give em hell… who pays the bills… in the UK according to the Catholic Herald 60 per cent of congregants want the Latin Massso why have the Tridentinists been persecuted for 30 years now?ANDmore to the pointwhat does bickering about the form of the Mass by any clerics really have to do with the core message of the GospelWhat you have done or not done to the least of these… now, who said that i wonder?We now have a brilliant and incumbent opportunity and duty to prove we are the Church by helping our fellow Christians and society at largeMasive Opportunityand I hope the good Padre may remind the latest Speaker of the House to gen up on the bits in the Roman Catholic Catechism relating to social welfareyes… a … a … uh … butain't gonna cut it and simply is not Christian behaviour.'On Wealth and Poverty' by St John Chrysostom… nuff said.

  • Arnold Conrad

    Bob, I am old enough to have experienced the former times of the "fire and brimstone" sermons you referred to. Actually, it is a cliche and far from the truth; however, the sermons (not "homelies" then)were on average more direct and could be hard hitting but I do not recall a constant barrage of fire and brimstone. That is a charicature invented by those who wished to soften the church's approach. Something like the charicature of violent nuns hitting students with rulers and the back of their hand. There were some but in eight years of Catholic grade school I never encountered it once. They all seemed to have been teachers for those comedians "raised Catholic" who feel the need to mock and attack the sisters who ostensibly mistreated them.

  • Bob

    Oh please, Anthony. There is no one in the Republican party who is not in favor of bestowing the government's help on those that TRULY need assistance. The problem is the (perhaps?) unintended consequences of 45 years of 'Great Society' BS that has left five generations of human beings who think that a monthly check is their God-given right for having simply been born. Please stop confusing capitalism and the fact that money makes the world go 'round with your leftist idea that every man should have and be treated as perfectly equal. In the history of man it has never been this way and, last I checked, God created man….

  • Sheep 1

    This hits the nail on the head in sooooooooo many ways. In fact, when I read it yesterday, I had to forward it to a friend.Thank you for blogging.Kay

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    Bob'the penny that you give to the poor is a greater act than raising the dead'-St. John Chrysostom1. That is obvious exageration.2. I will believe it when I see it.3. My Grandfather's family including myself are REPUBLICANS OR WHIGS rather right back to colonial Virginia.We need to put our 'money' or yuang or whatever it is now… where our big fat mouths are.

  • Bob

    And who's job is it to decide what is the "right" amount to give? Yours? Maybe if we didn't have to voluntarily "give" to our federal, state and local governments we'd have a bit more to be charitable with. As it stands, we in America are the most generous nation on earth. People don't really go calling on Chile or Madagascar when there is a natural disaster of some sort, now do they?

  • Rachana Chhin

    I didn't read any of the previous comments so please forgive me if I missed something. But I am a student that just went to the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) conference in Nashville Tennessee. A theme that kept on popping up at our conference was a "new springtime' for the Church. I've never seen so many young Catholics that were passionate and excited about their faith. Eucharistic Adoration, yes with the "Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity" was there. Speakers faithful to the magisterium. Various religious orders. A renewed emphasis on evangelization and scripture. Perhaps, we can hope and pray for this springtime to come? With the help of both the older and younger generation of Catholics — we can change our Church and change this world.

  • rmjkoltuniuk

    I survived the 'sand' of the 70's I received in Catholic schools. I have noticed sadly that even some of our new awesome priests are lacking what I call, a 'sense of the miraculous'. They have a logical explanation for everything. And of course, they laugh at any mention of satan, new age or the portals to evil. We must be vigilant. Thanks for being a light Father!

  • Daniel Patrick Woods

    This is exactly what the SSPX has been saying since its foundation. A big stroke against this modernism would be for the Pope to officially recognize that and to exonerate the SSPX once and for all!

  • Brad

    Father's third paragraph gives me chills: Catholicism becoming Unitarianism (pablum).

  • Matt Beck

    You said it, Father. Michael Voris has been saying it for several years. Pope St. Pius X said it the best. I've been saying it too, fighting the battle here in the parish trenches, and getting lambasted for it. Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies. Shout it from the rooftops.

  • Chilly Guess

    Can we please give more credit or credence to the intelligence of the social media heavy public. If Catholic is no longer relevant, maybe look in and ask why, rather than attack the 'rest of us' for not following. This kind of article post disgusts me in return for his disgust. Holier than thou much?

  • Erika

    Excellent. Thank you.

  • Her Royal Highness

    Preach it Fr. Dwight Longenecker !!!!

  • Thomas

    "Hit-crit" should be used to enrich the faith of the Scripture reader, not destroy it. Card. Ratzinger said so in his 1987 speech at St. Peter's in New York. He should know, since he had taught at Tuebingen after Wellhausen. Misapplication of "hit-crit" was just another Modernist technique.Congrats to Shaughn for his Maschall quote.

  • lully

    I've just read some of the comments here and I'm very humbled. The more I keep growing as a Christian I keep telling myself to keep my eyes on Jesus and pray for the rest.

  • jeff

    Father,I don't know exactly how I ended up on your site, but thank God that I did.This is great a great blog entry. "Fr. Flannel" is also described by Kreeft and Tacelli in Handbook of Catholic Apologetics on pg. 27:The correct theological for many who label themselves as "liberal" or "left-wing" or "progressive" theologians is heretics.The word heresy is not one that I hear enough today in the Church — I guess it is either too impolite or there is no way to strip it of its meaning.If emptying words of their meaning, disregarding the ontological truth, and substituting one's own meaning is not making oneself a god, then I don't know what is.When I was asleep on the battlefield for 30 years due to bad catechesis and listing to quasi-humanism preached from the ambo for decades, the crap you hate would not have bothered me….but I'm not asleep any longer. I too hate this crap.

  • ciao

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  • ciao

    Clear and simple. The truth is a beautiful thing to hear and to read. Thank you, Father.In Catholic High School back in the 60's, I had a teacher who was a nun, who told us that Christ was a "master psychologist.."(not a miracle worker)and I was confused then because it was not what I had believed. I rejected her view. Gratefully, my mother raised all nine of us in the true faith and she was a convert from Protestantism. I have heard and read false things since, but reject them. I wonder if these false teachings are leading to the "compromise" of our faith that is predicted. Catholics who don't know their faith, will accept this watered-down "feel good" pep talk as the real thing, and will reject the truth because it won't be as pleasant as the sweet syrup they'll be used to hearing or that they prefer to hear. It is true that Protestants are already receiving it as you can see through the televangelists.I love our Catholic religion,it is food for the soul, really, and the truth does set us free.

  • Paul Rodden

    Yes! These modernists are so horrible! Denounce them I say!Don't Miss:PUBLIC MOCKING! Sunday, 4pm at St Pharisea's. Bring your knitting and a picnic! Great fun for all the family!Seriously. I just want to weep whenever modernism's mentioned or present in a parish situation. It brings out all the budding Robespierres, like moths to a flame…George Weigel notes in Witness to Hope, that John Paull II's pastoral approach was, 'To meet people wisely' [p129], and I don't think we could go far wrong adopting that principle…

  • Remy

    Thank God for the internet and the Priests like you, who are called to preach here. The people in the pews are waking up.Ruthmarie

  • jac

    Bob,…"FIRE AND BRIMSTONE"…That's exactly the core or of the Fatima's messages in 1917, before VAT II.Do you believe that these messages would have been different if our Lady had appeared in Fatima after the Council? Certainly not.In fact She DID appear after the Council in Akita (Japan, approved by the Church) and the messages were even more scary.

  • ephphatha13

    Thank you, Father. It is so good to read this from a priest. I am a revert, and soon after my reversion, I heard a very good and kind priest (the one who heard my first confession in 20 years!)give this "alternative" theory on the loaves and fishes. I thought he was joking and laughed out loud. By the expression on his face and the lack of fellow laughers I knew he was not. This was my first inkling that all was not well in the Catholic Church. This surely is the Smoke of Satan. Who else would be behind lying about an event that foreshadowed the Eucharist? Being solidly in the middle of the generation sold a bill of lukewarm goods, I just pray. I just pray and give thanks to God and His Blessed Mother for you and all the faithful priest, religious and laity like you. God bless you.

  • Warm Southern Breeze

    This is the first time I've ever read this blog. I found it via Twitter – thanks be to God. I am a new convert, having been raised in, and as an adult, circulated through various Protestant traditions. I believe ALL the Catholic Church teaches. I DO believe, and like another, ask, LORD, help Thou mine unbelief. Where I do not understand is where faith and mystery enter. While He has given me intellect, He has also given me faith. In the words of an old hymn, "trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey." This IS real, and I do not need to see it to believe it. Yet because I believe it, I will see it.

  • fleabrain

    The Jesus which "Fr Flannel" refers to is the "Kumbaya Jesus". It is akin to the golden calf designed for worship purposes and this Kumbaya Jesus has no real "power or authority" but is made to order, so to speak.There is another which is "Metaphysical Jesus" who is worshipped by a more New Age folk.

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    Hey BobRead a book by one Maj General Tim Collins of Her Majesty's Armyseems this kind rather literal minded man believed the bollicks they spewed about Iraq and actually started trying to rebuild that countryalso an old book by D.H. Brogan'The Problem with America'gasp… might there be one? sholy notYour deriding my 'leftism' about everyone being 'equal' [which as a real Republican I most certainly do not believe, I believe intelligent people like the Padre who know what they are talking about through education and experience should TELL those who don't what to do and it should be done or they should get out of the Church] was quickly betrayed by your hypocrisy of wanting to question my authoritative speaking of the gauche.(not to mention 'democratic' ED)

  • Bob

    I concur wholeheartedly with Fr.'s analysis. But after reading some of the comments, I would say that I don't think the problem is too much emphasis on social justice, or too many "feel good" sermons–we need social justice, and would you rather feel bad all the time, and hear nothing but hellfire and brimstone? No, the problem is that Christ and his cross are not being preached enough. The gospel message stresses both the need for repentance and the new life we have in Christ. And it is not complete without the power of the Holy Spirit. Paul did not come with "persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of spirit and power." (1 Cor. 2:4). The charismatics can be a little off base at times, but they have something we need!

  • Saundra

    Thank you Father. Please keep up the good work. This situation within the Catholic Church in America is the reason I drive past three "Catholic" churches in my local area and drive 45 minutes to a Catholic Church in another diocese. There I receive the simple truth within the Mass celebrated properly and by a priest who believes it and preaches it.The real deception of Satan is that the words of the Mass are used, but as you say, the meaning is gone. Who can you really complain to? What can you really put your finger on? When you try to tell people they're receiving battery acid, they think you're crazy because they don't know any different. Many parishes are so ingrained with this crap that you can't even start to make inroads. So, my solution was to leave and go support a parish that believes in the truth. I continue to pray for those I left behind, but to remain there with them was poisoning my faith to near death. I am so thankful for our priest and his courage.

  • Bob

    You are a paradox of conflict ABD. So smug. So caught up in your supposed intelligence (maybe you've read too many books?) that you can't see the forest for the trees. I don't care what political party you or your forefathers belong to or how you define your branch of the Republican party. Surely you are aware that there is the "country club" branch of the GOP that only cares that their own self interests are taken care of and then there are the true conservatives who believe, as Reagan said, that "the government that governs least, governs best."Just as you surely know that there are democrats and republicans who show up at mass every Sunday. On one side the Democrats are fine with the pro-choice stance of their party because, in their minds, it is more important to have a strong central governement that has taken over the role that the family and church once held in American society.On the other side are the Republicans who believe, as I do, that life begins at conception and who choose to spend whatever disposable incomes they have left on the charities of their choice rather than having a central government decide whom to send the monthly dole to.I will remind you that YOU brought politics into this debate by telling us that the Speaker of the House (I presume you are referring to John Boehner) needs to revisit the teachings of the church as they relate to "social welfare". But what does that MEAN?"Social welfare". Such a seemingly innocuous concept. Who wouldn't be for a society that tries to ensure that all people's welfare is taken care of? Surely, being as well-read as you are, you are aware that the social justice movement has its roots in the liberation theology movement. And the liberation theology movement had its roots in Marxism & communism. Is that what you are comfortable with as a twelth-generation Republican?Why don't you just come out and say that Father Coughlin was your hero rather than telling us how many books you've read? My guess is that your rantings about social justice eminate from the master of that school of thought.As for recommending a book, I won't go that route. I can recommend a few chapters from the Bible, though. How about Matthew's Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25: 14-30.

  • Bob

    ABD, the "Bob" at 9:35 is not the one you have been preaching to.

  • rags

    My husband joined the church after we were married for 12 yrs. When he took the classes he wondered where the church was that my mom and dad were in? That was the one he wanted to be a part of. Thanks to the good God we prayed and have been blessed with priests that actually preach the real Catholic truth. Thank you for the confirmation.

  • MI

    So spot-on, Father!We love you and support you as a devoutly Traditional, Roman Catholic Home-Schooling family (3 sons ;)And, like you, we ,too hate this crap (smoke of modernization entering the Church)…. ;~)

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    Bobat 1003First off let me say I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with your pointing up a grave scandal and act of fraud leading to mass infanticide which is the Democratic Party's complete militant endorsement of ABORTIONfor years this has been a very literal running wound on the soul of our nation. It is and was at it's inception disingenuous, hardly any of the Democrats I know support the 'plank' now or ever did. An example of sheer arbitrary elitism foisted on the Democratic Party by special interest groups.Mr. Boehner should get the facts and figures from the Vatican as to the enormous amounts of money earned from the Abortion Industry. Out of killing and processing human flesh. We have to think of these terrible things in the way they really are, or our children may wind up being butchered by these madmen like the one in Philadelphia.The Catholic Catechism is very much worth reading and points up practical and fair and just ways to go about creating more equitible societies not just talking about it, or, as you rightly say to my mind, creating vast Kafkaesque welfare states which like in the Uk are at heart really very anti-Christian.I remember once accusing Fr. Longenecker when he was an Anglican Curate with the same 'tar em with a broad brush' approach you have used on me. He rightly said, as a churchman, 'if it helps people stay alive than I am for it'When we assume we make asses out of you and me.I was then as you appear to be now overlaying an ideology over society that is best solved by the adherence to our Lord's teachings.We relly don't do that very well, if at all is what I'm saying.and meo culpa primus

  • Bob

    Thank you for your tender response, ABD. After re-reading my post I did not mean to make it as harsh as it ultimately reads, but I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet.I don't claim to have all the answers. I simply know, because I have seen it with my own two eyes, that "spreading the wealth" via government policy does not work and has RUINED the American way of life which was built on the premis of hard work. We now have five generations of individuals (both black and white, this is not a race thing) who have been, for lack of a better word, "trained" to run their lives based on when the next handout from the government arrives. Education is the key to ending this cycle yet, because our education system is predicated on funds received from (mostly) the property tax, the education establishments granted to these individuals is mediocre at best, terrible at worst. And yet, the NEA and its allies in the democratic party, refuse to allow things like charter schools or school voucher programs because it would mean fewer dues-paying teachers in the ranks.I fear for our once great nation but temper that with the knoweledge that God is in charge and he will see things through to its ultimate conclusion."The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” Thomas Jefferson.Best to all….

  • Roseanne Sullivan

    Father I hate that crap too!I sensed that the priests and religious of my youth (during the late 40s, 50s and early 60s) already believed the modernist heresies. They didn't seem to believe in miracles either. I think this is the answer to why the supposedly "good" priests and religious embraced the misinterpretations of Vatican II that were foisted on Catholics in the 60s. Their hearts weren't in love with the doctrine of the Church to begin with, and they loved the idea that the Church could be made to conform to the "wisdom" of the world. Satan had already laid the groundwork ….

  • Chris

    Fr. Dwight,I subscribe to the blog and read via RSS feed, so I rarely comment. However I had to take a moment to say "Preach it." I love your blog, but this post was on a whole different scale of awesome. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Roseanne Sullivan

    @Paul Rodden: You describe the kind of Church I experienced. Irish Jansenism. Lots of blame. No mercy. Perfection was expected. Anything less was shamed. When I became a Protestant for a while after I left the Church, I described the feeling I had as "Eternal Jeopardy." That approach to the Faith is not taken by those who love Christ and His Church and the people who are under their care. Or perhaps it's a mistaken kind of love.

  • indialady

    I was educated with the Baltimore catechism, but the parish school my children attended used the modernist "this is Our Faith Series" followed by the Sadlier catechism series. with their fluff & ommisions, the books gave the readers the impression that the Catholic Faith is a bore & not worth bothering with. The sacramental preparation was watered down as well (in our diocese the children cannot be confirmed until their junior year of high school, by which time they have lost interest. As I was a working single parent, home schooling was not an option. I actually had my youngest baptized, confirmed and receive First Communion as a baby at the Byzantine Catholic church we attended for awhile. At least this last one won't have to endure "fuzzy" confession and first Communion classes! I have now switched to a parish in another town that offers orthodox sermons and the traditional Mass. However, it's too late for all the older children–while they still attend weekly Mass, their Faith was weakened by the very people I trusted to teach them–despite my efforts to supplement their catechism at home. I wish I could move with my youngest to Greenville so she can attend your good Catholic school!

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    Bob'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing'-Edmund BurkeHaving paid onerous property taxes and also all private fees for my children to go to a Christain school I could not agree more.Living as I do in the Uk at the moment and my sons finishing school here, you could not be more correct about Education being the answer. This was the absolute keystone of the reforms that brought 18th Century Britain out of gin induced pandemonium. and what the Padre can tell you the current and former govt's here are hell bent on keeping dumbed right down to nil. Drink til you puke up your chips, as my eldest son rightly said. What an aspiration- and hopefully not of the lungs!John Wesley, George Whitfield here and in the State of Georgia calling people to take stock, repent, learn to love God and their families more than another addictive self destructive trip to the pub.Read the Proverbs at home, on and on it went, got better and produced really good movements in society.It is all pretty 'crap' if you ask me- so what a golden opportunity to tell them the good news of a way out of it all. The unblind can and should lead the 'blind'.I think the Padre should have a Catholic Tent Revival movement personally.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Catholic Tent Revival. I like that idea! We'll sing Just As I am without one plea…" Everyone will be weeping for their sins and coming forward to get saved.

  • Kelly

    2 thumbs up (had I more thumbs, I'd give ya more) :)

  • Becky

    You won't find Father Flannel at a Traditional Latin Mass.

  • Mary Rose

    Fr. Longnecker, I so appreciate this post. I could not agree with you more. I was so stirred by your words that I was inspired to write a post about why I came back for the Catholic Church – in all her beauty and potency – and not for Catholic Lite.It is priests like you that give me so much hope and encouragement to keep plugging away with my faith and not be cowed by the politically-correct craziness of our day. May God continue to bless you with all wisdom and give you the grace to feed His sheep the truth.

  • Tina

    I agree with "5 and Counting" who said: "I think you are correct i your analysis (sadly!) but I believe there is hope! Pope John Paul II repeatedly called for a New Springtime in the Church, a return to catechesis and evangelization." What hope Pope John Paul II always gave us. We should do the same. Give hope.In my experience, I always had wonderful priests in my life. Besides that, my spirituality should not be left in some person's hands. My spirituality is up to me. If I want to grow and learn, it's up to me. It's up to me to pray and read the Scriptures. It's up to me to attend Mass. That's one of the things I love about Catholicism. It's not based on a pastor, but ont the teachings that have been handed down for 2,000 years.I know "emotion" is not the key to faith (have seen the fruits of that, and how people then are always looking for that emotion which is not where faith lies). All of us are on a journey to God, and we're each at different places (priests included). Let's encourage one anther toward the goal. It's starts with looking inward.Pope John Paul II was quoted as saying, "Love and only love brings true conversion." How true it is. I am a living example, and have seen it in the lives of others.Sorry to go on..May the Lord help us to pray for our priests, love them, and truly live the Gospel!

  • Andrew

    How right you are. We have grown accustomed to a church divided, where the clergy can do all things for itself and the laity does the rest. This has divided the fellowship of faith, making what priests believe and what the faithful believe two distinctly different things. As a lay person I have zip influence on how priests are trained, apart from withholding funds for their training. We do not have any mechanism to alert the Church when we feel it is failing in its mission. We are left to fend for our own faith, pursue those works we deem worthy, but few of us are on the same page. I believe the separation between clergy and laity was a mistake, and now we reap its deadly fruit. There are no incentives for lay Catholics to assume responsibility for their faith and that of their community.In fact, if not for the Sacraments I would feel no need to attend Mass. I can get better preaching and in more plentiful quantity outside what I considered to be the One True Church.

  • Andrew

    "To him that believes, all will be plain, if he read diligently the Scripture with the aid of those who are the priests in the Church, and in whose hands, as we have shown rests the doctrine of the Apostles." – St Irenaeus, Adv. Heres. 1.iv.c.52Here you have the real problem of modernism: the priest one goes to today for an interpretation of Scripture does not believe what thepriests believed in Ireaneus' day.We may say that we have received the Bible from the Church, whose authority historically predates the written New Testament. But when it comes to deciding who is a modernist, we are thrown back on the sacred text, which now forms part of that unchangeable deposit of faith. So the Scriptures can be a surer guide than a Church that allows priests to be trained in heretical philosophies, and allows them to teach with Her authority.Where does that leave Irenaeus ?

  • Tim

    Overview of Manuscript: The Smoke of Satan in the Temple of God by Timothy WallaceTaking as his point of departure Pope Paul VI’s observation that seven years following the close of the Second Vatican Council conditions in the Church were such that it was as if “the Smoke of Satan has entered the Temple of God,” the author recounts how it was that the misimplementation of the council’s documents resulted in the emergence of what Henri De Lubac termed “a different Church from that of Jesus Christ,” all under the guide of updating (aggiornamento) and renewal. Pope Paul was of the mind that by 1972 the greatest need in the Church was to be defended against the adversary power of darkness, the Devil. For the Pope the unmistakable signs of the Evil One’s penetration of the Church were a vast undermining of Catholic moral teaching (particularly sexual morality), the ideological seduction of fashionable theological errors (particularly neomodernism) which spawned doctrinal uncertainty, a radical denial of God (recall Time’s “Is God Dead?”) and the watering down of and even rejection of the spirit of the Gospel.

  • Tim

    Dear Father,After reading your blog post entitled “The Smoke of Satan” on Standing on My Head, I decided to write to ask a favor if you would be so kind. I am attempting to publish a book, an overview and individual chapters of which is available with an email address that handles attachments, which I believe will be of interest to you, given your post, and The Gargoyle Code. The manuscript exists in Word format, and is available in a bound hard copy via snail mail. I am a history instructor by trade, and am attempting first-time publishing, and so are in need of any/all assistance or advice you might give. A recommendation from you would go far in assisting my proposal to Ignatius Press and other reputable Catholic presses. Currently Fr. John McCloskey is reviewing the manuscript, but I have not heard back from him yet. I am open to any/all suggestions you have for me–other published author contacts, etc. and pray that the Divine assistance will be with you and your work! Tim WallaceChairman, Social Studies Department,Marian H.S.,Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

  • Mark Thomas

    I grew up just as the changes wrought by those who implemented Vatican II were being made. When I ended my Catholic school education in the early 1970s, what they gave us in the way of the Faith was all colored felt banners and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. And no, I'm not kidding.So of course I left. I didn't so much vehemently reject it as much as drifted away. And I entered a long stretch of drugs, sex with my own gender and amoral living.Thirty years later and I'm back in the Church. My life is a miracle. It's not a metaphor for a miracle, it is a miracle. I've always felt that the priests felt envious of the mainline protestant groups for some reason. Even now, these same priests can't understand that these so-called mainline protestant groups are almost nonexistent. The evangelical protestants have taken our people, yet some priests still don't get it. They live in a bubble surrounded by their own little group and so they feel like they're successful.But the Church has the sacraments and the fullness of truth. These evangelical megachurches may have bridged a need but they won't last. If we take our faith seriously, we can bring fill our parishes up again.

  • CD

    I grew up in the 70s and was educated in Catholic school. I do not recall receiving the blatant heretical teachings in school. Still I left the Church for many years. After a marriage, much sinful behavior, a divorce, and a remarriage I felt called years later to return to the Church. My husband and I attended RCIA (he was not Catholic), and were told we must receive nullity of marriage declarations for our first marriages. Mine was declared. His was not. He was told by three priests (one being head of the Tribunal) that he should consider using the Internal Forum (or Forum of Conscience) if he knew in his conscience the first marriage was not sacramental. This would allow us to receive the Sacraments. We did this and now after 18 years of marriage, the Pope in November 2011 reissued a strong statement that remarried Catholics may not receive the Sacraments and in his other writings has apparently condemned the use of the forum of conscience in marriage cases. Were we the unfortunate collateral damage of watered down teaching? I wonder where that leaves us. It would seem we woke up one day and found ourselves in the perpetual state of mortal sin. If only they had just taught us the truth all those years ago. We are no longer receiving the Sacraments and are trying to figure out the truth of what we should do next. The universal Church doesn't seem so universal in its teachings.

  • Michelle Therese

    Our beautiful Catholic Faith is in tatters?
    Holy Mother Church is a mess?
    Inert Catholics barely fill the pews while modernist liberals wreak havoc?
    Something needs to be done about this??

    **Cracking Knuckles** Challenge accepted!!

  • http://aol Michieli

    In order for the laity to drop the ball a certain lack of teaching ha to occur. Yes, we should pray for one another, and especially for our clergy. However, what your comment just stated is the same thing that we are now fighting against in the Church. The idea that the laity hold the majority of the responsibility an power of the faith is ridiculous. in the p[ast three decades too many parishes have been turned into town halls and social gatherings, where the laity have fallen into the disillusion that they are they are members of the clergy. Rather than being places of prayer and education on the true teaching of our faith from those who are the teachers (priests), our churches have become bastians of heretical ideologies. If you want to be a truly good member of the Catholic laity, by all means pray for the clergy, but pull the log out of your own eye first, renounce your pride, and go to confession.

  • Janet O’Connor

    This is my take on the situation as I am 50 years old when the “Changes” from the Council were implemented and sadly the actual 16 documents were NOT properly followed indeed they were just ignored up until about the last few years. Yes things are still bad but that is due to a generation gap where the old guard still wants “Catholic Lite” where the new and younger up and coming generation is looking for the Faith of the Fathers. I see signs of improvement in my own parish church which I graduated from in 1976 and it was decent and good back them, but the new Pastor Jamie Weber is clearly turning things around. As Father Z says “Brick By Brick” Hope Springs Eternal. There are signs of a new Springtime in the midst of the this terrible Spiritual Winter.

  • Geometricus

    And here’s how Satan gets some of our best minds to acquiesce to this anti-Supernatural nonsense: the enemy sends people into their lives to proclaim that people who believe in the supernatural are Not Smart and that they are Anti-Science. “Nobody believes that stuff anymore” repeated often enough has its effect on those whose faith is a bit weak.

  • Sheila

    It is what it is. crap! What other word could you use? There is other words that depict what is; is. Hell and Ass come to mind. We are hungry for bold faced Truth. I can relate to the woman about the DRE in her parish. Our 7th grader is doing that now. It feels like a corrections facility to him; you have to give so many hours of community service to be confirmed. It’s not her fault, it’s the way she was taught to do it. We finally have a faithful priest in our parish and we all love Fr. Gary. Our last priest of many years was so open to homosexuals and not wanting to exclude them that he refused to say ‘became man’ and instructed everyone to say ‘became flesh.’ He also said after the 2008 election when I came in distraught about the current president’s abortion voting record that it was all bs (his words). He said the current president is like Sirach in the Old Testament. He wanted us not to support Terri Schiavo nor support Pope John Paul II when he was dying… He felt those at the Vatican who were praying were not ‘giving privacy.’ We stayed at our parish throughout… our fault. Now our 19 year old son is an atheist. Please brothers and sisters, when you see a ‘progressive’ priest; pack your family up and take them where they will be fed Truth and not junk.

  • Sheila

    Thank you, Bob. The government has to stop taking and demanding more so that we are able to be more charitable. However; you are right, America’s heart for helping is still the strongest.

  • Sheila

    The SSPX is not obedient to the Pope. Lack of obedience is just as dangerous as secularism. A stench is a stench whether overly sweet or overly sour.

  • Sheila

    Why? Too stringent PPSX, or too ‘tolerant’ without explaining consequences of unhealthy spiritually and physically. So ‘tolerant’ that they believe abortifacient’s and abortion is a ‘private’ matter as the Body of Christ is harmed from it. There is reasons why God’s laws are not so stringent and there is a reasons why God’s laws are not ‘tolerant’ of certain practices; they are not healthy for individuals or society; physical and spiritual. Your post disgusts me. The Church is here for sinners and saints alike. Do you suggest that sin is not to be called sin? Christ is merciful but people have to know what sin is. People are merrily walking off the cliff and don’t even know it. Holier than thou Pope much?

  • Sheila


  • http://2043.Oct@BBG Anthony Mizzi

    Thank you father for your true catholic teaching. The problem with our faith is not that youths are rejecting religion but that they have never been taught religion at all. Most of the so called religion they are taught is a waste of time and no believe in a supernatural God at all. Thank you again and Prosi. Let’s pray for each other.

  • John

    Awesome, father. Please don’t stop speaking the truth!!!

  • Paul Meyer

    Thanks Father for the straight talk. I wonder what % of our clergy agrees with you? Too much concern today about being green than being/voting pr0-life in our churches and society.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    They’ve turned the wine that is the blood of Christ into the water of social justice and environmentalism.

  • Deb Brunsberg

    I don’t agree at all. I was confirmed five years ago and I have seen nothing but amazingly holy priests who are on fire for the Lord. Confession is stressed, that we are fallen sinners is stressed, the beauty of our faith and the love of God is stressed. Sorry that you are getting ripped off in your diocese. Come to Minneapolis/St. Paul and you will find the best of the best of priests and an orthodox, holy Archbishop.

  • Tim Wallace