Some Days Padre…

…has no time for blogging. Here was my day today:

6:15 alarm tea up get ready toast find stuff 7:15 leave house listen to Mahler on drive think about homily 7:30 meet altar servers transform all purpose room at school to chapel for Mass woman from parish needs hosts for home communion 7:45 household 14 boys attendance announcements prayer 8:00 shove flowers in vases for mass check that altar set up is right 8:15 morning prayer silence think about homily 8:45 idea for homily figure out illustration and structure 9:00 check other Mass details readers? candles? servers? person drops by for confession 9:30 plan Lent activities make phone calls check email answer questions from students 9:45 discuss Mass music with organist 10:00 servers arrive for training 10:10 Mass for 600 at school homily on free will and making right choices 11:15 emails phone parish office grab a piece of pizza talk with moms on lunch duty mix with middle school kids 12:00 campus ministry plan Lent activities with students and staff plan retreat for tenth graders 1:00 visit religion class to discuss exorcism movies 1:30 household 14 boys attendance joshing chess announcements 2:00 another religions class about exorcism movies 2:30 administration meeting to discuss El Salvador Lent retreats and money 3:00 leave school for parish 3:15 emails at parish meet with pastoral associate check with secretary and office staff visit parish school listen to people with problems 4:00 pick up sixth grader from school nag senior for being selfish 4:30 radio interview with Al Kresta in the afternoon 5:00 house full of teenagers beat one in chess have snack talk to dog 6:00 Vespers daughter and son home from school sports 6:30 talk to family plan evening. 8:00 out to dinner with Joseph Pearce’s birthday…

…and I have a heavy cold.

so there.

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