Some Days Padre…

…has no time for blogging. Here was my day today:

6:15 alarm tea up get ready toast find stuff 7:15 leave house listen to Mahler on drive think about homily 7:30 meet altar servers transform all purpose room at school to chapel for Mass woman from parish needs hosts for home communion 7:45 household 14 boys attendance announcements prayer 8:00 shove flowers in vases for mass check that altar set up is right 8:15 morning prayer silence think about homily 8:45 idea for homily figure out illustration and structure 9:00 check other Mass details readers? candles? servers? person drops by for confession 9:30 plan Lent activities make phone calls check email answer questions from students 9:45 discuss Mass music with organist 10:00 servers arrive for training 10:10 Mass for 600 at school homily on free will and making right choices 11:15 emails phone parish office grab a piece of pizza talk with moms on lunch duty mix with middle school kids 12:00 campus ministry plan Lent activities with students and staff plan retreat for tenth graders 1:00 visit religion class to discuss exorcism movies 1:30 household 14 boys attendance joshing chess announcements 2:00 another religions class about exorcism movies 2:30 administration meeting to discuss El Salvador Lent retreats and money 3:00 leave school for parish 3:15 emails at parish meet with pastoral associate check with secretary and office staff visit parish school listen to people with problems 4:00 pick up sixth grader from school nag senior for being selfish 4:30 radio interview with Al Kresta in the afternoon 5:00 house full of teenagers beat one in chess have snack talk to dog 6:00 Vespers daughter and son home from school sports 6:30 talk to family plan evening. 8:00 out to dinner with Joseph Pearce’s birthday…

…and I have a heavy cold.

so there.

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  • Kristen

    Deo gratias for priests like you, Father. So many priests these days are pulled in so many directions and it always amazes me how many of them manage with a sense of humor and good grace. My husband teaches at the local university and we are parishioners at the Catholic student center. Our priest keeps insanely long hours, celebrates four Masses every weekend, and serves as a father figure for hundreds of college students (which entails lots of late nights, let me tell you). I particularly pray for you, Fr Longenecker, because you have the additional responsibility of a large family! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Karen

    Talk about a jam packed day! I hope you're feeling better soon.

  • JARay

    Just think how much mischief you didn't get up to. You know the saying I'm sure…"The devil finds work for idle hands".I too hope that you'll feel better soon.

  • Brother

    Just another day in paradise! ;-)

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    in his book:'Goodbye To All That'Robert Graves, whilst as many 'great war' writers presciently foreseeing the diminuation of the old traditions in the mud of blood drenched fields, recounts that when the Central Powers had made it into the Allied trenches the only Padres who would defend themselves and their comrades were the Roman Catholics.our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ can and will save by many or 'by few'ours is not to reason why good Padrethe few the proud the Eastern Ritesomebody has to do it…'greater love has no man…'[where are those charcoals, ED]

  • UNsee-bean

    Keep up the good work, Father. Hope you get well soon. :)

  • Anthony Brett Dawe

    ok… whilst you recover*… even because we are here very miserable and very poor: we are sick and afflicted; we do well and we are disgraced; we speak well and we are derided; we tell truths and few believe us; but the proud are exalted, and the wicked are delivered, and evil men reign over us, and the covetous snatch our little bundles of Money from us, and the 'Fiscus' gathers our rents, and every where the wisest and the best men are oppressed; but therefore because it is thus, and thus it is not well, we hope for some great good thing hereafter. For if in this life only we had hope, then we Christians, all we to whom persecution is allotted for our portion, we who must be patient under the Cross, and receive Injuries, and say nothing but prayers, we certainly were of all men the most miserable.'from 'The Worthy Communicant', 3rd ed., 1683 p. 394Revd. Jeremy TaylorHoly Mary Mother of God and Patroness of Lourdes pray for us.*{are there signs of fang marks on the neck? ED}

  • doughboy

    you sleep in till 6.15? whatta life ;)

  • Elizabeth

    Hello Fr. Longenecker. This is not for publication. I went back down and read the posts about Anne Rice and I see that there is a post by another Elizabeth. I just want to disown that post (I'm the elderly Elizabeth from Canada, ex Brit). I have no time for dissenters from Church teaching, especially ones who broadcast it in the media. I hope Joseph Pearce had a happy birthday. I love his show on EWTN about Shakespeare. He's got me reading Shakespeare again and watching old BBC Shakespeare plays.

  • kkollwitz

    There's a reason that death is referred to as Eternal Rest; but I forgot what it is…

  • Dr. Eric

    I'm glad that Holy Mother Church is using your talents fully, Father.

  • Michael

    No need to brag, but hey I got half the kitchen clean today, so there.