Be Kind to Animals

Don’t you be callin’ me ‘pet’! An Oxford theologian has written a paper saying that we should no longer refer to our dogs, cats and hamsters as ‘pets’ because such a term is insulting, and we are no longer ‘owners’ but ‘human carers’. You can read more about it here. It reminds me of the [Read More...]

Le Jongleur de Dieu

I’ve had a very interesting email from a fellow who makes his living as a stand up comedian. He has come into the Catholic Church from a totally atheistic, non believing background, found his way through Buddhism and Eastern philosophies to Christianity and then Catholicism. What interests me is that he tells me how atheistic [Read More...]

A Serious Post About Women Priests

G.K.Chesterton said it is all well and good to have an open mind, but the only reason to have an open mind, is the same reason we have an open mouth–in order eventually to close it on something solid. So, on this blog, when it comes to the subject of women’s ordination, we are accused of [Read More...]

Cannibals, Crocodiles and Corpses

An excerpt from my book Adventures in Orthodoxy–Twenty Short Chapters on the Apostles’ Creed.      Any school child that thinks about the resurrection of the body soon starts asking delightfully gruesome questions. After all, if they’ve ever seen a cat hit by a car, then been to a funeral and seen Uncle Mitch in [Read More...]

Evidence and Belief

Intrigued by the Holy Face of Manoppello, I went online to do a bit more research. I came up with this article which purports to be serious research, and sure enough, it has lots of footnotes. The author believes the image of Manappello is a sixteenth century painting. He says there are traces of pigment [Read More...]

I Scream Therefore I Am

People wonder how a good God can allow suffering in the world, and that somehow the existence of suffering puts paid to the idea of a good God. If there is not a good God (the reasoning follows) there is nothing but a meaningless void. But it seems to me that suffering (rather than proving [Read More...]