Six Famous Converts to Catholicism

Go here for a fascinating article on famous converts. The combox includes much more. Meantime, here’s a blog written by a former neopagan witch who was received into the church last Easter. The native American chief, Sitting Bull was a Catholic convert. Taylor Marshall has a picture of him here wearing a crucifix and points out that the famous picture is usually cropped to exclude the crucifix.

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  • shadowlands

    The paragraph that struck me, in the former neopagan's conversion testimony was this:'I continued to read horror novels and enjoy horror movies, and I noticed that whenever real evil threatened in these stories, no one called on the local Protestant minister or voodoo mambo…or Pagan priestess, for that matter. They called on the Catholic Church. I didn't realize how that fact had seeped into my subconscious until I said (jokingly, I thought) to a friend of mine that if something evil ever manifested in my house, I would call the local Catholic priest before I called on a Wiccan priestess to help me. There was a power and authority in the Catholic Church that I unconsciously acknowledged even then.'Powerful witness.

  • Ismael

    Thankx for Libby Edwards' blog link. It's very interesting! (the other links I had read through 'New Advent', but thanks for spreading such interesting info )