Saved By the Biretta?

Readers of this blog will remember why I wear the biretta. I wear the biretta for Luigi. If you don’t know the story go here.

Here’s another biretta story: A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a parishioner, and I paraphrase and have changed the names to protect the guilty…

Dear Father Longenecker, I really have to come and see you. I havent’ been coming to Mass for over a year. My husband tries to go and take the children, but I stopped going to Mass. Then I went last week and your homily and the way you dress with that hat and all, made me realize how much we are grateful for the changes you’ve made in the parish. To tell the truth, my life is messed up. I’ve made some really bad mistakes and I need to talk to you and probably make my confession….

She did come to see me and she did get her life right with God and she did return to Mass and she did resolve to put her marriage right.

You’ve heard of saved by the bell. Maybe this one was saved by the biretta.

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  • Anthony S. Layne

    Yes! And the tradition scores another one! Woo-hoo!

  • Athanasius contra mundum

    It always amazes me the ripple effect of our actions.

  • Ryan

    At first I thought this was a mis-spelling and you were going to talk about concealed carry.This story was probably better.

  • prodigalnomore

    Praise God!

  • Rochester Ordinariate


  • veritas

    The Dean at our Cathedral wears a biretta (but usually only when the Cardinal is not present! Perhaps our supposedly orthodox Cardinal is secretly a bit trendy!!)When the procession enters the Cathedral with the Dean in biretta, any accompanying clergy, not wearing birettas, look incomplete.

  • Adele

    Wonderful story! I'm looking for knitted versions of the biretta? Why is the thing not symmetrical (three sides and no flap on the fourth side.) I find it entirely disturbing now everytime I see one. I had never noticed before I started trying to make one.