The Red Dragon or the Lady in Blue?

The Virgin battles with the Red Dragon in today’s reading from Revelation, and it is a constant reminder of Mary’s contradiction of the way of the world. The way of the Red Dragon is the way of the world–in which we assume that life is all about success, money, prosperity, power and domination. The Red Dragon is the sign of worldly pride–the sign of Satan–the one who bellows “Non Serviam–I will not serve!”.

Mary, with her son quietly says, “I will serve.” Today we see her Magnificat fulfilled for as she is assumed into heaven the Lord has exalted the humble and meek. As she tramples the serpent underfoot we see that humility triumphs. That which is low will be lifted up. That which was high and mighty will be put down.

How are we training our souls in this wisdom? How are we educating our children in this wisdom? How are we leading our lives and our schools and our parishes in this wisdom? Do we follow the Way of the Red Dragon or do we battle against this way of the world–which in American life–is often equated with patriotism?

In America the predominant assumption (scuse the pun) is that “We are the greatest nation in the world and part of the American Way is to be Supermen. We conquer all. We have the might. We have the power. We have the money. We have the military. We train our children to be ‘winners’ and too often this does not just mean personal excellence, but it means beating the other guy.

It’s the Way of the Red Dragon, and as far as I’m concerned you can keep it.

Give me the Lady in Blue instead.

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