Is Santorum Christian?

Terry Mattingly opines here about the Mainstream Media saying that “Catholic Santorum has enjoyed a surge among Christian voters…” Errr. I thought Catholics were not only Christian, but the first Christians. Nevermind. It reminds me of a fundamentalist gal I once knew who said, “I really would like to be a nun. If only nuns [Read More...]

Mother of God Story

An inspiring story to celebrate the Solemnity of the Mother of God. Go here. [Read more...]

Prophecies for our Time

As we enter the new year, and naturally look to the future, think again of the struggle that is going on all the time between the Church and the powers of darkness. This review of Benson’s The Lord of the World by my friend Fr. John McCloskey is a grim and sure reminder that we “wrestle [Read More...]

Receiving Anglicanism

Altarpiece at the new church of Our Lady of Walsingham, Houston, TX Very soon the Anglican Ordinariate for the United States will be formally announced. As we prepare to receive our Anglican brothers and sisters in this historic step towards church unity, what will the Anglicans be receiving from their step of faith into full [Read More...]

Old Monk on New Virtue

What you thought were your virtues are probably just good manners. Don’t be surprised if Christ breaks them to re-make them. [Read more...]

New Year New Hope

[Read more...]