Mother of God Story

An inspiring story to celebrate the Solemnity of the Mother of God. Go here. [Read more...]

Prophecies for our Time

As we enter the new year, and naturally look to the future, think again of the struggle that is going on all the time between the Church and the powers of darkness. This review of Benson’s The Lord of the World by my friend Fr. John McCloskey is a grim and sure reminder that we “wrestle [Read More...]

Church Militant

I’m a few days late commenting on the broom brawl in the Church of the Nativity. It seems this sort of tussle breaks out quite often this time of year. I’m not surprised. I mean, what would it be like if I had to share a church with the Baptists and Episcopalians? A good old [Read More...]

English Christmas

Sometimes on this blog I am, shall we say, somewhat critical of old Blighty, the UK, the sceptered isle, the last remaining truly regal monarchy, the damp land, the old country, that green and pleasant land. England. Allow me on this eve of Christmas Eve to say that England tops USA for Christmas. Hands down. [Read More...]

Magnificent or Magnificat?

Having returned to the United States after a twenty five year sojourn in what I call“the damp lands” of Her Majesty’s United Kingdom I have come to love and hate both countries more than ever. I will leave the UK for another day, but what I love about America is her upbeat, optimistic, ‘can-do’ mentality. [Read More...]

Somber News for Christmas

Fraser Nelson writes here about the increasing persecution of Christians in the Middle East. Read it and weep. In the power vacuum after the recent revolutions, Christians in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey are all being attacked by Muslim extremists. Nelson observes that the British government are doing virtually nothing to intervene. Is the [Read More...]