MSM and the Slaughter of the Innocents

Mark Steyn comments here about the left wing Mainstream Media being so crass and cruel as to mock the death of Rick Santorum’s newborn child. He says how the left are all big on “empathy” in order to defend abortion, but they are quite willing to mock Sarah Palin’s child who has Downs’ Syndrome and the behavior of the Santorums after the death of their child. I wonder if anyone else noticed how sneering they were toward Sarah Palin’s daughter being a teenaged mom who kept her baby while at the same time they are full of  “empathy” for teenaged moms who choose to kill their baby.

Robert Royal also comments over at The Catholic Thing. It reminds me of another feast in the Christmas Season which did not get enough attention. Each year we celebrate the Slaughter of the Innocents on December 28. This feast, it seems to me, ought to be used more by the Pro Life Movement as a national day of prayer and reparation for the crimes against the unborn in our land. We’re a nation of little Herods–willing to slaughter the little ones who threaten our prosperity and power.

Later this month I’ll be in Washington for the March for Life, and will join thousands of others in the campaign against the slaughter of the innocents in our land. I’ll be blogging and tweeting from the MFL, and hope you’ll follow me there and I hope to meet many of you if I get the chance.

In the meantime, ponder how the liberal media would have reacted to the news in Judea around 4BC: Todd Unctuous would have written something like, “Have you heard some snotty nosed farm workers came in from the hills to Bethlehem the other night? Geesh, what were they smoking? They come shuffling down with stories about “angelic hosts of heaven” appearing to them. Not likely. Haven’t they ever heard of group hallucination? Then they turn up at a little shed where a homeless couple are camping out for the night. The unwed mother is being looked after by this old guy, and that’s kind of creepy in itself. What’s he after??? She gives birth (the anti aborts would say she ‘chose life’) and all I can see is that there is another squawking mouth to feed, and who’s going to pay for that I ask you? The taxpayer as usual…Not only that, not long after these three aristocrats show up looking for ‘the King of the Jews’. Quite sensibly they go to Herod’s palace.

We have to admit that Herod is not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, nobody’s perfect! At least he’s a strong ruler. He’s canny. He’s nobody’s fool. We can respect that in a ruler. He’s calm under fire. He has the backbone to make tough choices for the sake of peace. These three foreigners tell him a new king of the Jews has been born and Herod takes the tough, but sensible decision. There’s no room for two kings, so he weeds them out. You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, and if we can avoid a civil war or a rebellion a few years down the line–who’s complaining–anyhow, what about the famines we’ve been having? Those children were likely to grow up in poverty and misery. And the women? Why should those women be punished by having a child? They’ll look back on it in a few years and realize that Herod did them (and all of us) a favor.”

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  • Deacon Ed

    And the reason the media hates Tim Tebow so much has nothing to do with his bending a knee and pointing toward heaven. God knows that athletes have been doing this for some time now.No, it has to do with the fact that Tim's mother was advised to have an abortion after tests purportedly indicated a developmental anomaly when he was pre-born. Obviously she refused and the fact that he has gone on to become a star athlete who acknowledges God's sovereignty in all things, drives the libs up a wall. We all do know that abortion is their "sacrament" don't we?

  • Steve

    Father (or someone else reading this blog and nodding in agreement with Fr. L): Will you please supply a link or title/publication reference to one specific source from the "mainstream media" (not some sophomoric blogger operating out of mom and dad's basement) who has mocked Trig Palin, Sarah Palin's son?I have frequently read claims from the right about this occurring; however, I have never actually seen an instance of it. Anyone care to provide proof–a specific article or video–where the MSM has done this? I will stand down if someone can provide evidence of this supposed trend.

  • Estase

    I have an example of this Steve. The BBC had an on-air personality that endorsed a youtube video by a British comedian named Stanhope who had a vile, obscene rant in which he called Sarah Palin's vagina a "retard-launcher." It was discussed at length on the Biased BBC blog. The MSM definately thinks it was weird not to abort a Down's Syndrome baby.

  • Steve

    Estase, I did some googling to track down the bit you mentioned. You're right; it IS reprehensible. I'd never heard of the British comic who did the routine, nor the British host, Richard Bacon, who promoted it. As far as U.S. culture goes, am I wrong to perceive these guys as pretty obscure, not part of the American "mainstream media"?Anyone know any instances of Palin's son being mocked in the American mainstream media? Fr. L. has made this sound like a frequent occurrence in the MSM.

  • Anneg

    @ Steve, is Larry Flynt MSM enough for you?He said Palin was reprehensible for having a brain dead vegetable. LA Times says that her decision hurts women. Some guy from SF said the same but in language I won't repeat.Btw it took me 5 minutes to find these and I found 40 others, easily. It's not hard if you use google.I frequently fact check stuff that way and I'm old and never text.

  • Steve

    Anneg, I don't anyone who considers Larry Flynt part of the "mainstream media." The LA Times, yes, that's MSM. He's a pariah among liberals, moderates, and conservatives alike. Yes, he has a pornography empire–but that's hardly MSM. However, I'd like to see a reference to a particular article from the LA Times in which the journalist or editorial writer said that Palin's decision to bear her child who had Down Syndrome "hurts women" before I believe that such a thing appeared in print in the MSM. (And no, letters to the editor do not count. A newspaper that publishes an obnoxious viewpoint in a letter is not the same as the MSM speaking on its own behalf. Mainstream newspapers published atrocious letters that questioned John Kerry's patriotism and courage during his war service, but that didn't mean the newspaper itself was acting irresponsibly. Nuts abound on both sides, and some of them write letters to newspapers.)

  • Fr Longenecker

    I think Mark Steyn is referring to Jack Stuef's article on the DC based political blog Wonkette.A quick Google search reveals this recent furore as well as the TV show Family Guy mocking Trig Palin.

  • Steve

    Fr. L, thanks for the more specific reference to the Jack Steuf piece. I went in search of it and found that it has been taken down by Wonkette; in addition, the website has issued an apology and indicated that that the intent of the post was to mock Palin's crass use of her son as a political prop. But, based on what I read ABOUT that post, it does indeed seem to have been incredibly insensitive and unkind.For the record, I'll also agree that Alan Colmes' remark about the Santorums' baby (for which Colmes later apologized) was also out of bounds. Most progressive writers/broadcasters DO reject heartless, cruel statements such as the ones you've referenced. (I do wish, though, that conservative bloggers such as yourself would have condemned the racist garbage that some of the Tea Party demonstrators were spewing out during the health care/insurance debate a couple years ago — the images of Obama as a tribal mascot, as well as the Obama-as-Hitler rhetoric and signs. No, you're not part of the MSM; you're an independent blogger. But cold-hearted hate-spewing deserves to be called out, regardless of whether it comes from Alan Colmes or people who insist that President Obama is somewhere between Adolph Hitler and the Antichrist.) In any case, Colmes and this Jack Steuf guy were way over the line, definitely.