Money and Sex

That headline got your attention didn’t it?

This week we have witnessed jubilation in pro life ranks about Komen’s decision to withdraw funding from Planned Parenthood. Then jubilation turned to lamentation when Komen seemed to reverse their decision. Now there is recrimination, bitter and angry words being dished out towards Planned Parenthood and the liberals in the media and politics who seem to have pressured Komen to reverse their decision.

Planned Parenthood and their supporters are being blamed for a ‘mafia like shakedown’ of Komen. The politicians behind Planned Parenthood are being blamed for pressuring Komen. The pro aborts are accused of lying and scheming and planning to close Komen down for good.

Much talk on both sides has been blathered about “saving women’s lives”, “women’s health”, “serving women and curing breast cancer.”

Fuhgeddaboudit. It’s about money and sex. Lots of money and lots of sex.

If it was about saving women’s lives, then we would all listen to the increasing voices reminding us that birth control pills cause breast cancer and we’d stop prescribing birth control pills. But if we stopped prescribing birth control pills we would not be able to have “free love” any more. Furthermore, the hugely profitable business of supplying birth control pills would take a hit.

So much talk about saving women’s lives, but if we wanted to save women’s lives and improve women’s health we would stop abortion because abortion hurts women physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But if we stopped abortion we would not have the solution to our “free love” when the contraception doesn’t work. Furthermore, abortion is big business. There are lots of people employed in the abortion industry. They’d lose their jobs and their incomes.

Has anyone also noticed how much money is involved in the “women’s health charities”? Millions of dollars flow in and around and through both Komen and Planned Parenthood. Charity is big business, and it’s hard work getting all those donations, all that government funding, and keeping the money flowing. Politicians have to be lobbied. Fat cats have to be schmoozed. Expensive publicity campaigns have to be undertaken. Expensive fund raising events have to be organized. There are plenty of jobs in the charitable industry, and plenty of people who want to build a safe barn for their cash cow.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of saving women’s lives and improving women’s health. But that is not the real priority for the worldlings. The first priority is to get as much sex and money as possible as soon as possible and to keep both as long as possible. Every technology and propaganda tool will be used to ‘correct’ any problems (like a pregnancy, an unwanted marriage or a sexually transmitted disease) that come from the indulgence in sex and hoarding of money. Every power, position and force will be used to preserve the flow of money and sex, and any person or movement that threatens either the money or the sex will be met with all the snarling fury of a cornered beast.

The “women’s health” racket is just that–a racket. I reckon the best way to improve women’s lives is to encourage the family. The woman’s life I want to improve the most is the life of my wife, my mother, my sister, my daughter and their friends. Not only do I want to improve their life materially, and look after their health and welfare with them, but I want them to improve their lives and health and welfare. The first way to encourage the family is to encourage men to take responsibility for their actions, and to work with the woman they love to build a solid family unit which gives the woman and her children the health, welfare, security and happiness they need.

The other way to improve women’s lives and women’s health is to encourage chastity–and by this I don’t mean to blame women for promiscuity. It takes two to tango. If men and women were committed to life long faithfulness in marriage and no sex outside marriage, then the health, welfare, self esteem and happiness of women would take a quantum leap forward.

But all of this would mean that we would all have to put up with having less money and less sex. We’d have to be monogamous and faithful and self disciplined. Men would have to respect and honor women for more than just sex. Women would have to learn to please men in other ways than just flopping down to give them sex. Both men and women would have to learn how to behave with self control, dignity and self respect. Marriage takes hard work. We would have to learn more about love and less about sex. We’d have to learn how to make sacrifices and live for someone other than ourselves.

If we did this, then both men and women would be happier and healthier– and in the long run they’d probably also have more money and a better sex life.

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  • truthfinder2

    Thanks for a saner perspective on all this. After all, Komen isn't the only entity raising funds for breast cancer research, just the most visible. — Rosemary

  • Peter Brown

    "…and in the long run they'd have more money and better sex."The research does show that the highest sexual satisfaction occurs between long-married couples. Now, that's statistical, which means it's not true for every couple, but it's still inconsistent with the narrative of self-indulgence that tempts us all.Peace,–Peter

  • Blipfillypicklepoo

    Wow! That was a good post. Thanks.

  • Old Bob

    Thank you, Father!Long-time (40+ years) married couples I know tell me that it just keeps getting better and better. They don't specify what "it" is, but I bet it means everything in their marriage.

  • dancingcrane

    Could the Komen/PP connection be deeper? The battle against breast cancer could include those who wish to eradicate it precisely to protect women who abort. At the same time, hiding that concern would help, by not scaring away women from abortion. Protecting the practice while eliminating a natural consequence, sounds like a win-win for the proabortion cause. I am a woman, and want breast cancer gone, too. I've just not seen this addressed anywhere, that PP could be covering up a real concern, in order to not scare away it's customer base. Komen did help with that cover up.

  • Peter Brown

    dancingcrane:It's certainly possible. PP has been documented covering up statutory rape and denying known facts about fetal development.But even a plausible theory isn't evidence that it really happened, which is what I'd want to see.Peace,–Peter

  • Alice Seidel

    It really is such a shame how the arguments always come down to "women's health", when they know, that we know they know (don't I sound just like Edith Bunker?), that it's all and only about abortion?Reproductive health? Sounds so nice, doesn't it? Shows you what we're dealing with.

  • Tom T

    The good that came from all this, if there is any, would be that now all pro-life people know that Komencontributes to abortion in an indirect way. The only Democrate I ever voted for was a self proclaimed pro-life supporter and a Catholic and when the Senator voted to fund Planned Parenthood, I wrote him and told him what I thought of his vote. He wrote me back and told me how much good PP does for womans health. So I sent an underground video shot at a Planned Parenthood clinc showing them giving underage, illegal immigrant female prostitutes how to get free government paid abortions and help for venereal diseases. Never heard back. But I did notify The Newmann Society when I found out he was invited to give a commencement speech at Catholic college and they followed up with a story. Pax.

  • JD Curtis

    Good post.#1. I'm not paying a dime for any of this.#2. There are some that actually might

  • The Informer

    Sorry father, but if women weren't showing skin and putting it out there, men would be far less motivated to looking, ultimately leading to sex. Women flaunt it and show it off… respond.It doesn't work as much the other way.So, yeah, i blame attractive loose women (including the lector tonight at Mass wearing lycra pants, shirt only to her naval, and apparently some kind of underpants which wouldn't show through the skin tight fit) for promiscuity and lustful thoughts.

  • Howard

    People may think I'm nuts, but I think this was planned, perhaps diabolically. '"Healthcare is at the top of the list of things we have to worry about," Bloomberg said on MSNBC Friday afternoon. "I don't think politics should enter into it."'That's an odd thing to be said by someone who supported Obama's health care reform, which was purely power politics, but this is the kind of thing we will be hearing — especially in response to the bishops' refusal to fund contraception, sterilization, and abortion. You see, Obama's bill was not politics, and the mayor of NYC sticking his oar in about the donations of one non-profit corporation to another is also not politics. It's only politics when Catholic bishops defend the rights of Catholics to live by the unchanging Teachings of the Church. That is not just "politics", it is "partisan", "extreme", and "outside the mainstream", not to mention "out of touch" and "outdated".

  • Jacob

    @The Informer:It is messy to deal with women who do not dress modestly. That said, it is easy to follow the path of logic you've given to say about a woman who was raped, "she had it coming." I hope there's more qualification in your mind than you let on.Practice bouncing your eyes first. Whenever you hit something "hot" within your field of view, do not allow yourself to consume the visual. Look away! I speak from experience–it is possible to get those thoughts under control. Eventually you get to the point where you don't need to look away, where the visuals lose their power over you.Do women need to change the way they dress? Some do, yes. The media, movies, etc are really not helpful either. Do guys need to make a change too? Undoubtedly, resoundingly yes! The fault is not just with women here! Asserting that would be asserting that we lose our free will…

  • The Informer

    Sorry Jacob, but you make many assumptions here, unfounded, and your tired non-sequitur "she had it coming", seems to indicate a lack of real thought. Thanks too for your "advice" about guarding my eyes. Keep it. Apparently you've never been on a college campus where the women in the majority, dress to impress….each other? There is simply no way a young man could avoid seeing one after another of feminine attributes unless he were forced to stare directly at his own feet. You may be unaware, but men are motivated visually (notice video games are primarily marketed to males). So impure thoughts require a motivation from the start, hence the problem.

  • Jacob

    @The Informer:All I've got is that I'm a college-age male who had that problem and mostly do not now, and I got there by bouncing my eyes. Perhaps this strategy wouldn't work for you, but it is worth a try. Also, I'm not saying don't notice, I'm saying don't dwell. I don't know…YMMV. I'll pray that things are easier for you.


    Informer …and Jacob…I don't think women should be on the alter or serve as lectors etc if they are not properly dressed. Regarding how women dress – look at advertising and Hollywood. How a woman dresses is an expression, it does not mean she is to be taken. The Holy Spirit dwells in us – OUR bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit – regardless what we wear if we wear anything at all.

  • Joseph A’Hearn LC

    I totally agree that this is not just politics. It's about money and sex. It's about morality. It's about our culture war. The devil is definitely involved in all this. He wants to drag people down with him, without letting them realize it. We have to pray, but we can't stop there. We have to act. We have to change our culture. We need to be apostles.