Permanent Preventative Care?

We’re reminded that the White House wants to ensure that all women receive the necessary “preventative care”. Why not give the unborn children the “Preventative Care” they need to preserve their lives? What on earth does “Preventative Care” mean? Why it means contraceptives of course, and once that’s accepted and everyone yawns and says its okay after all, the term “preventative care” will include abortions.

The only thing both forms of “health service” prevent is human life.

What is so creepy about all this is that the pro abortion people put out the word that this was simply about “choice”. Women should have the opportunity to choose to end their pregnancy with abortion. Now, not only do they have the choice, but I have to pay for their choice. Not much choice for me I guess.

After we all come to pay for abortion what other “preventative care” will be mandated? I know. The tests have shown that the child in the womb has Downs Syndrome, or mental retardation or maybe just a cleft lip. Let’s provide “Preventative Care” and terminate his life so he won’t have so much suffering. It’s happening in the UK and Europe already.

What about the poor woman who is pregnant and the child will be born into poverty? Let’s provide “Preventative care” so the kid won’t have to live a life of poverty. For that matter let’s provide “Preventative Care” to all the poor people in Africa so they won’t have to endure poverty either.

See that old lady in the nursing home? She doesn’t have any money left. She has Alzheimer’s. She doesn’t have any friends or family. We could prevent her suffering the ravages of her disease, and a lonely and terrible decline. “Preventative Care” will be provided. In fact, the government mandated insurance plans will make you pay for it.

Do you object to being forced to pay for death by the ironically and creepily named “Department of Health and Human Services”? Do you stand up against this tyranny? We need to prevent you causing more damage in our perfectly created society. So you will be removed to a “Treatment Center” to receive “Preventative Care”.

Geesh! The imagination boggles! Anything at all that might be deemed unpleasant could be regarded as something to be prevented. You don’t like the growing power of the state? You want to lead a protest movement?

Perhaps you need to be prevented from causing such unrest. Permanently.

Some protestor disappears? A pro life charity is hounded out of existence?

No problem. They simply received “Permanent Preventative Care” courtesy of the Department of Health and Human services.

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  • doughboy

    it's beyond disturbing. it's a call to (spiritual) arms the likes of which we have never seen. i do so hope the electorate wakes up to this, particularly the supposedly CATHOLIC electorate that put willfully-misguided obama into office.

  • timo d. m.

    You seem to think there's a direct correlation between birth control and abortion. In fact, it's an inverse correlation. More access to birth control equals FEWER abortions. President Obama is trying to REDUCE abortions.

  • John

    timo d.m., can you provide some stats or sources to substantiate that claim?

  • Ruby and Cesar Lona

    @timo.d.m. – Your arguement that contraception reduces abortion is mistaken. Can you cite some reference or provide some facts? The exact opposite of what you stated is true. Contraception has created the illusion that you can enter into a sexual relationship without consequenses. Exactly what the liberal left would have you believe. A 2010 study conducted by the CDC shows "the average probability of an unintended pregnancy in 12 months of contraceptive use in the United States is 12%, unchanged from 1995." Planned Parenthood concedes that "Being continuously abstinent is the only way to be absolutely sure that you won't have an unintended pregnancy…" and estimates that " 2-9% of pill users will get pregnant in any given year and 15-24% of condom users will still wind up with an unplanned pregnancy." Please provide me with facts that support your claim. For more facts check this website Let Love Lead. God Bless

  • gothmog

    …and in a few years we'll hear the announcement of a solution to world hunger – "Soylent Green"…

  • in awe

    gothmog: we already have Soylent White… tofu!!! And to the contraceptive proponents: the pill prevents the fertilized embryo from implanting in the uterus wall, thus killing the child within.

  • Nathan

    Orwellian. Playing with language is the first step to tyranny.

  • Bear Paw

    Father, your speculations on future 'preventative care' are extremist at best. Frankly, I'm sick to death of the Catholic Churches obsession with abortion to the exclusion of almost everything else. And yet the death penalty is deemed acceptable in some cases. Pure hypocrisy. The Church has no right to impose IRS will and dogmas on the whole country. I'm beginning to see why so many Catholics leave the church in disgust.

  • kkollwitz

    Being killed before you are born at the behest of your mom must be the ultimate existential problem. I don't regard the Church's attention to this multi-million fold catastrophe to be obsessive in the least.

  • gothmog

    @ in awe. I was trying to be ironic by referring to Charlton Heston at the end of that film; screaming "Soylent Green is people!" Because then our bodies might be "useful" after death… And the "sheeple" would be too de-sensitised to care.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Bear Paw, all of the things I suggest in the post are already happening, with the exception of the final step.The Catholic Church doesn't focus on abortion to the exclusion of everything else. We've been outspoken on proper care and provision for immigrants. We've been outspoken on child protection policies. We've been outspoken on the need for international policies for the poor. We've been outspoken on the need to stamp out human trafficking and exposing the de population myth and on the suppression of religious freedom in other countries and we've been against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Get with it and learn what is really happening.

  • Cheryl

    @ Joe d'Hip, I think the genius of the administration has been finally to provoke the US bishops, who want nothing more than to sell out to the left, to discover whether they have a spine.We will discover whether, in their core, they are men of Christ or men of the Left. We can already guess that men like political commentator Mark Shields, who is very upset about this right this minute, will ultimately decide that support for the Left is worth the price of tearing the Church limb from limb. Whether the bishops follow or not…Now is also a good time to wonder whether certain Catholic bloggers who have been foolishly talking about supporting only fringe candidates (seeing the political right as the moral equivalent of the left) will re-evaluate. What does the Right deliver to us Catholics? Well, nothing, I guess. Except that they don't wake up every morning and ask themselves, "What would Henry VIII do?"

  • Nixon is Lord

    Sounds good to me! Why should I feed what someone else breeds? A poor woman wants to bring kid #5 into the world, from her third "Baby Daddy"? And I have to pay for it? Why?