The Father of Lies

Whenever language is being manipulated, suspect the Father of Lies. I heard an interesting slant on the HHS Mandate debate on the radio this morning. The commentator noted that left wing journalist and former Clinton White House aide, George Stephanapoulos, in one of the primary debates raised the question of whether states had the right to ban contraception. Romney took the question and was flabbergasted. “No one is suggesting that anyone bans contraception! What’s the point of this question?”

The point of the question is this: The Left realize they’ve lost the debate on abortion. Therefore they are moving the goalposts and deliberately making the debate about contraception. No one could possibly be against contraception right? I mean, everybody uses contraception. However, more and more people are finding abortion to be unpleasant, and are turning away from it in disgust. Although they pretend to ignore it, they see that the March for Life and the pro life cause is young, is growing and becoming impossible to ignore.

So, hey presto, we don’t talk about “abortion” any more, but we talk about “preventative health services”–which mark my words–will not only include drugs that cause abortions, but eventually surgical abortions as well.  These “preventative women’s health services” will all be lumped together and billed as “contraceptives” and nobody can possibly be against contraceptives–right?

So the woman’s choice will be for “contraceptives”. Of course, one of the contraceptive measures will be the availability of “procedures” or “medication” that “terminates pregnancy” or “removes the products of conception” or why not use other terms like “uterus evacuation” or just “D and C” or other convenient abbreviations like “FMRP” (Fetal Material Removal Procedure)

The irony is that the Catholic Church has always linked contraceptives and abortion. Now the enemies of life are doing the same thing. For them the narrative is no longer, “Contraceptives make fewer abortions necessary.” (The shared assumption being that abortions are wrong) Instead the narrative is “Abortion is a form of contraceptive, and it’s not really wrong at all.” So in one sense we’ve won the debate. They agree with us. Abortion and contraception are linked. The chilling thing is that, just as they don’t think contraception is wrong, so they also now admit that they don’t think abortion is wrong either.

They even admit that abortion is killing an unborn human being, but they don’t have a problem with that. Think of the way the death camps happened. First the Jews had to register. Then they had to wear a star. Then their businesses were boycotted. Then they had to pay higher taxes. Then they were taken to the ghetto. Then they were sent to ‘work centers’. Then they were made to work as slaves. Then they were sent to ‘re-location centers’ and ‘transit camps’. Then they were shot and gassed.

This is exactly the way the Father of Lies always works. He introduces a lesser evil–something that no one in their right mind would have a problem with, then he gradually erodes the defenses until we’re accepting something that we never thought we would allow. All along the way he changes the language, shifts the debate, avoids the light of truth, and squirms with ever ingenious squirmings to deceive.

Do not be fooled by Satan’s lies. They are always more subtle than you imagine. What has now happened is that for the last fifty years our race has accepted the lie of contraception, and many Christians have accepted the lie–while still trying to hold out against abortion.

Now it may be too late.

Now, if you are opposed to abortion you will be painted as being opposed to contraception, and either you cave and say, “Well, I guess it all is a matter of personal choice after all” or you hold out against both and accept the persecution that will follow. If you try to make the distinction and allow for contraception, but not abortion, if you are a Catholic, the enemy will quite rightly call you a hypocrite because you are not faithful to your own church’s teaching and they will dismiss anything you say.

Do you want to know how to spot the lies of the devil? Always look for the person–any person–who is working very hard to avoid suffering. Watch out for the person who is trying to make their world a little paradise where all suffering can be got rid of and everyone will live happily ever after. They are pursuing a lie to start with, and they will lie and distort reality for themselves and others in order to create their artificial Eden.

Catholics, on the other hand, should see the truth, understand the truth, speak the truth and live the truth–even though it brings them hardship, persecution, peril and sword.

In other words, watch out for the sheep. They may be wolves underneath.

Instead, follow the Shepherd. He will never lie to you.

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  • shadowlands

    Father D,I've never been that good at living and understanding, this world. But it strikes me, as things draw to their conclusion, in Our Lord's timetable, old nick is going to wind up the aggro. Remember, no-one knows the day or hour, of the end. That includes himself down below, so he's always anticipating and getting his subordinates to work overtime, especially on priests. It's much, much easier surrendering your breathing in and breathing out, to Our Lady. Yes, she might have you burned at a stake or executed with a boulder on top of you, but the joy and peace, given from heaven (not this world, therefore this world and it's rulers cannot remove it) makes it worth it. Truth. Salvation. Mad, undescribable joy. God bless Fr D. Can't wait to meet you, in heaven. By the grace of God. I'll make you a cup of tea and we'll chat and chat and chat.

  • kkollwitz

    Given that contraception undergirds abortion, this is an opportunity to make that connection more explicit in any discussion of contraception.

  • Nighthawk

    The Democratic National Convention will take place the week of Sept. 3, why don't we organize a MASSIVE protest the entire week of their convention?

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    It is amazing that what you describe is almost identical to Saul Aliinsky's rules for radicals. As a lawyer, I have often made arguments based upon the premise that "words have meaning" and so we must carefully parse statutes and cases to determine their application such that justice is maintained and preserved.What I find now is more and more subtle shifts in language. Take, for example, the noun "right." What is a right? It was, looking at the Bill of Rights, permission to act in a manner, e.g., peaceful assembly, or be granted something, e.g., a speedy trial. However, this was not without limitation – the right to act was not unfettered (so you can't yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater, and the entitlement came without cost to a third party.Now, things have shifted. Rights are unfettered – so long as they benefit the Left. Freedom of speech? Why, the city should provide space and services to the Occupy movement, lest their 1st Amendment rights be trampled! Freedom of religion? Ah, sorry – that is trumped by a personal right to birth control and abortion, because, after all, the churches are "institutions", much like corporations, and the individual should always triumph over that.Andrew Breitbart said that we need to embrace the era of the citizen journalist, because the traditional channels are not to be trusted. So, too, I think we have to become citizen theologians and/or philosophers, and educate ourselves since the Left wish to co-opt our traditional channels as well, such lauding Sr. Carol Keehan of The Catholic Health Association as being a "hero for choice", which may cause less catechized members of the Churvh to think everything is okay, see, a nun is on board. Thank you, Father, for doing it with your writing here.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Yes. Have you noticed that 'Freedom of Religion' has been changed to 'Freedom of Worship'?

  • Liam Ronan

    In my heart of hearts I feel the separation of the sheep and the goats has begun. It makes me wonder if I am being a tad paranoid. I recall reading in Monsignor Hugh Benson's "Lord of the World" that with the advent of the Antichrist even the sunlight seemed to dim over time. Let us all pray for the courage and strength necessary to endure that which not only is to come, may may indeed already be upon us. Come Lord Jesus!

  • JD Curtis

    ..left wing journalist and former Clinton White House aide, George Stephanapoulos, in one of the primary debates raised the question of whether states had the right to ban contraception. Romney took the question and was flabbergasted. "No one is suggesting that anyone bans contraception! What's the point of this question?"The point of the question is this: The Left realize they've lost the debate on abortion. Therefore they are moving the goalposts and deliberately making the debate about contraceptionPre-CISE-ly!!I have a degree in political science and a fairly active blog. And yet this flew completely over my head. Thank you for providing this analysis Father D.

  • ckozub

    I'm not sure I can agree with your self-proclaimed "paranoia". While the times we are encountering are indeed bleek, it may only seem as if they have never been worse because we are the ones encountering them. Would the faithful living through the constant threat of all-out global nuclear war not feel the same? Or those who lived through the rise of fascism in Europe, or those who had to endure socialism in the Soviet Union and all the evils that endured during that period? Or, to go way back, those Christian faithful who had to endure the very real threat of the Moorish invasion around 1100 AD that made it as far as Venice and threatened the extinction of the Church?Now, having asked those questions I do think that perhaps this new evil is even more dangerous than those mentioned above. It is a quiet evil and a clandestine evil. It seems to more than a few to actually be good, which makes it all the more dangerous. Retaining faith that it can be conquered is certainly difficult, but we certainly must. We must continue to pray and fight. We must participate in society, but always straddling that line of the heavenly kingdom and the world in which we must live.Personally, I think we, as a race, will make it out of this. Whether or not our country will be the same or not is another question altogether.

  • Gail Finke

    Liam: Those days have come for many people in the past. It doesn't have to be the end of the world for people to be tested. Mexico. France. Spain. Not that long ago, people were imprisoned or killed for their faith — not in the Third World, but in the West. Don't think it can't happen here, or that the Apocalypse has come if it does. It has happened many times and the Church has always triumphed. But that doesn't mean that many many people have not suffered.The "morning after pill" is the way they are going to get abortion covered. You don't have a problem with that, they'll say, and it's the same thing. And they're right, it is. For a long time rape victims were given these medications, and no one minded. Even the most rigorous prolife people would do the sort of moral calculation that ends with giving medicine that brings on a menstrual period to a weeping woman who has just been raped. Hardly any one in the world would refuse. I would do it. But then came the temptations… Why not for anyone who has sex while she is drunk or impaired? Why not for anyone who has sex with a condom that breaks? Why not for anyone who has sex when she gets carried away with passion? And why should you have to have a prescription? Why not just go buy it over the counter? And then, why not sell it in your university vending machine? You can't tell who buys it, or how many times they take it, or whether they buy it to give to an underaged girl who is the victim of rape or incest. Compassion for the desperate becomes, in a horrific way, the gateway to the opposite of compassion. Another tactic from the Father of Lies.

  • donn4bill

    dyiner discomfitedI never thought the United States would persecute its citizens, but it is beginning under the Obama administration.

  • Missy68

    We watched "A Man for All Seasons" the movie about St. Thomas More, the other night. The whole time I couldn't help but think how history is being repeated.