They Call it Gendercide

The murder of unborn baby girls in Britain is in the news this week, and this female columnist is shocked and horrified. Yet, in the middle of the article she clings stubbornly to the Clinton creed about abortion wanting it to be “safe, legal and rare.”

The simple fact is that although abortion might be legal it is not rare nor is it safe, for even if it does not harm the woman physically it harms here psychologically, and it is certainly not ‘safe’ for the child be yanked from its mother’s womb.

The article in the Telegraph reveals how much the pro aborts are running scared. The writer sees where abortion on demand has led. She is shocked by the proliferation of abortion and is dismayed that it is used a form of contraception.

It would be nice to think that the gradual revelation of the facts of abortion and the abuses of abortion will convert more and more people to the pro life side, and I believe this is happening, but we must also recognize that an increasing number of pro aborts will admit that abortion is killing, and will simply say, “So what?”

This is the real end game of the abortion debate: that ordinary human beings will kill the innocent with no qualms. They will do so as a matter of convenience or more often because they are paid to do so.

In our own country we actually have a president who not only voted for infanticide, but argued aggressively for it when he was an Illinois lawmaker. He has neither publicly owned up to this shocking scandal nor sought to distance himself from his decision. Every  policy and appointment he has made has, in some way, supported his “a baby is a punishment” mindset.

Then we must face the fact that we elected him, and we will probably do so again.

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  • Anneg

    Well said, Fr. The only thing I disagree with is that surgical and probably chemical abortions damage women emotionally but also physically. They cause serious reproductive difficulties in a substantial number of users and will probably be shown to increase neoplasms as well.We are making progress. Thanks for the encouragement to pray for an end to abortion.

  • veritas

    Unfortunately my country, Australia, has spawned that grub of a man, Professor Peter Singer, who repeatedly argued that human babies are worth less than animals and parents should be able to kill them up to several moths AFTER BIRTH!At the moment he is arguing that this should apply if the child is physically or mentally handicapped. But I would assume that he would later extend it to include the child being "unwanted" or "a drain on the finances" etc.When the Nazis did this the world was horrified – now they make the man a Professor and actually seriously listen to what he says.

  • ElizabethK

    I agree, with the whole thing, and especially the final statement. If there is any silver lining here, it is that the true end game is being revealed, and those who want to cover their ears and remain in the "safe, legal, rare" camp will find it increasingly hard to do so. There is, indeed, a culture of death, and the upside here is that it's shape is becoming more visible to more people. (I had to grimly laugh, BTW, when the columnist tries to escape the logical consequences of abortion on demand by pointing to immigrants as the source of the problem.)

  • Matthew M

    Will Obama get re-elected? I hope not but looking at the idiots the Republicans are offering, if he is re-elected it swill be because the Republicans can't find anyone who even looks presidential let alone acts it!DRAFT SARAH PALIN!

  • Sue

    I have a radical theory that most people don't want to consider. Is God allowing abortions because the Church no longer believes in actively converting non-believers? I mention the following excerpt attributed to Father Ratzinger in 1968:"What concerns us is no longer how 'the others' will be saved. Certainly we know, by our faith in divine mercy, that they can be saved. How this happens, we leave to God."(Joseph Ratzinger, "Necessita della missione della Chiesa nel mondo," in La Fine della Chiesa come Societa Perfetta, Verona: Mondatori, 1968, pp 69-70).

  • JFM

    Obama is pro-abort because he has seen first-hand the huge number of babies born to poor, young unwed mothers. As long as pre-marital sex is common, abortion will be as well. I have a fired whose three teenage nieces have all had abortions. It's just "what happens." You are not going to see people forcing their young daughter to have babies — but yo are witnessing the whole system encouraging these same girls to have regular sex. I imagine in the wake of the sexual revolution, the number women who have had abortions is far higher than is ever reported. Thus the famale population at large will grow too to think of it as just "what happens." The Church needs to be as loud about pre-marital sex, since the link is direct.

  • kkollwitz

    "…to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it…"

  • StevieD

    I don't know why anyone is surprised at these facts. Of course members of certain communities who favour boys abort baby girls where abortion is effectively available on demand. How could anyone not know that this was happening?

  • Joni

    The depth of mankind's depravity will never cease to amaze me…

  • Anil Wang

    I think it's even more insidious than "ordinary human beings will kill the innocent with no qualms". It's being able to redefine who is and is not a human being, so you're "not killing anyone" and it's no longer a moral question any more than smashing a computer is a moral question.It might even be an immoral question. Wesley J. Smith pointed out in his book "A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy", that animal rights is a natural outgrowth of this thought and make it positively immoral to save an infant's if it may result in the death of an adult pig since "an adult pig is more of a person than an infant".—"Evil Be Thou My Good" – Milton, Paradise Lost,

  • Bear Paw

    Father, I believe abortion has been legal in this country since 1973 – what does this have to do with President Obama? I'm sick of the way you use your blog to promote your personal political opinions. Enough already!!!

  • Fr Longenecker

    Bear Paw, it is not a political statement to point out that a man has voted to allow newborn babies to die. Nor does an action being made legal make it moral.I am just as opposed to the President (any president) waging war that has not been declared. These are not political decisions, but moral.