Weird Things Happen

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Go ahead and try it out. If you enjoyed my story about witnessing the incorruptible body of St Bernadette, why not think the miraculous through a bit further, and just what it might all mean.

So do you find the incorruptible bodies of saints to be interesting? What about Marian apparitions and miracles of the sun spinning? Miraculous relics and inexplicable answers to prayer? Connect over to this article of mine from my ever increasing ‘archived articles’ section. It’s called “Weird Things Happen”–and it takes you to the Twilight Zone and makes you think twice about the true nature of reality.


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  • Gail Finke

    What a fantastic column! Thanks for writing it and thanks for reposting it. That is EXACTLY true. As a former secularist, I am very wary of anything miraculous. BUT… I am also delighted in the weird and wacky Catholic church that is full of things like saint heads in jeweled reliquaries and bleeding hosts. And I especially like that I am not required to believe in pretty much any of them. That makes them so much easier to believe in. What is so delightful is exactly what you said — that weird things happen. The Catholic Church (and probably the Orthodox churches, although I don’t know) is like the Ripley’s Believe it or Not of churches. Thank goodness!