Comix as Propaganda

The news today is that DC Comics’ Green Lantern superhero is being ‘re-booted’ as a homosexual. This follows last year’s Archie comic featuring a homosexual union.

Using the comics as propaganda is nothing new. In fact, there are very few of the funnies that are funny anymore–they’re all uploaded with some sort of left wing, feminist, homosex propaganda sermon.

It’s easy to stomp and huff and puff and blow the house down, but what good does it do?

I, for one, am so weary of the relentless homosex propaganda onslaught–the passive/aggressive techniques they use (one minute whimpering about being victims and the next minute crashing rocks through church windows or making death threats) the lies, the bullying, the manipulation, blackmail and buying votes.

Battling against it is like battling the Balrog.

Maybe we should simply stand up against it with mockery. The problem is, if we paint them as limp wristed pansies mincing about in tight pants and have a good old guffaw they’d revel in it. They like camping it up, and they love an audience.

Maybe it’s best to just ignore the whole thing and stick with Superman and Batman.

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  • Mark in Spokane

    Wrong Green Lantern in your photo. That’s Hal Jordan of Earth-1, and he is remaining heterosexual. It is Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of Earth-2, who has been re-imaged as a homosexual. Difficult to keep the DC Comics characters in line because of DC’s multiverse cosmology. It was a pain when I was 12, and is now even more of a pain at 42!

  • Patrick

    A well-built guy who runs around in a leotard and tights is a homosexual? I’m really shocked by that.

    All comic characters except for Dagwood Bumstead are homosexuals. Batman: c’mon – a good-looking billionaire, well-educated, never married, impeccably good taste…? And Superman: hides his “true identity”, pays no attention to super cute Lois Lane…These men are gay.

  • Christian

    “Batman: c’mon – a good-looking billionaire, well-educated, never married, impeccably good taste…?”
    He’s just dedicated to a calling- a Fighting Nazirite.

  • lethargic

    “Batman: c’mon – a good-looking billionaire, well-educated, never married, impeccably good taste…?”
    Mmmmm … dude … it’s not about the sex … it’s about the danger to any significant other in the life of a superhero. Look at what they did to Daredevil’s girlfriend in the movie, and she was capable of kicking a whole lotta backside before they overwhelmed her. Any significant other becomes a target for the bad guys as a way to get to the superhero. It’s an artifact of the special calling, as Christian said.

  • Patrick

    Haha: it looks like he’s just jealous that the extremely flamboyant, interesting-suited Joker is comfortable with himself. If Batman ain’t gay, he’s at least a dour old Calvinist who’s against the world not because he loves God, but because he hates man.

  • Doug

    LOL!, Christian. Good one!

  • Daniel

    “Battling against it is like battling the Balrog.”
    Gandalf (to the Balrog): “You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. You shall not pass!”
    The Balrog, being cast down, does pull Gandalf after it, but is defeated in the end.
    So we got that going for us. :)

  • Paul Rodden

    What’s taking place in the West makes the decades of praying the Rosary for the conversion of Russia sound rather empty and hypocritical now.

  • veritas

    Paul’s comment is rather depressing – but very true. We were so focussed on the evil of the USSR (and that evil was quite real) that we sometimes failed to see the incredible evil growning like a mutant fungus in the West. That evil is trying to swallow up marriage, the family, the Church and anything that represents decency.
    Here in my country we have our first atheist Prime Minister. The state I live in has just passed a law in its Upper House to push for the legalisation of same sex “marriage” (they can’t leagalise it themseleves because marriage in Australia comes under Federal Law). This same state, goverened by a so-called conservative government, has just made it legal for two men to adopt a young boy.

    So we in the West really need to realise that the enemy is well and truly “within the gates”.

  • Rich Fader

    It might not work…but it never hurts to try.

    “And next the men of the Second Armoured Division regale us with their famous close order swanning about.”


    “Oooh get her! Whoops!
    “I’ve got your number ducky.
    “You couldn’t afford me, dear…two, three…
    “I’d scratch your eyes out.
    “Don’t come the brigadier bit with us, dear,
    “We all know where you’ve been, you military fairy!
    “Whoops, don’t look now girls,
    “The major’s just minced in
    “With that dolly colour sergeant…
    “two, three, ooh-ho!”

  • Christian

    Armoured. Not Armored. Got it.

  • joe

    Cardinal Schonborn, of course, would put him on the parish council. Just sayin…’. The problem is no society, it is the church.

  • Richard M

    Seems somehow . . . appropriate for a superhero based on Nietzschean philosophy.

  • Al Bergstrazer

    I’d agree with not dignifying this tripe with a counter punch, because it seems that like most passive agressives the homosexual left wants attention more than anything else, and what draws the most attention is doing something simply because it’s wrong, and then making a big stink about how they’re being oppressed when anyone points out that what they’re doing is wrong.

  • Howard

    It’s more like battling the Borg.

  • Gail Finke

    Ha ha! Maybe lots of comic book characters are Calvinists, now that you mention it….

  • Gail Finke

    That’s why the whole Marvel movie phenomenon is odd. The movies are very traditional, as far as comic book morality goes — the Spiderman trilogy, for instance, is very much about Christian morality. (In the first movie Peter Parker becomes the American Protestant “guardian of the world he must withdraw from in order to protect it,” in the second he has to rejoin the world after all, and in the third he has to learn to mature by saying he’s sorry.) Comic books themselves, on the other hand, are moral morasses. They are full of “adult” content, existential angst, and all sorts of amorality. If you go to the comic book store looking for the kind of stories you find in the Marvel movies (and some of the DC movies) you will not find them.

  • James M. Lawson

    Somebody doesn’t know Calvinists very well. [:)