St Nicholas Slapping Arius

An Ancient Icon - A Modern Dilemna


  • Thomas R

    Maybe it’s my odd sense of things but they both look fairly calm and non-hostile in that. I’m kind of leery of violence, except in defense, but if it just means a gentle “slap slap, now feel bad” I could see it. I heard of a teacher who used to tap his students with the chalk-erasers. They were soft so did no pain, but you looked stupid with chalk in your hair. Seemed clever, but I’m not sure it’d be allowed now.

    • Howard

      That calm look is a part of the style of icons. These were not meant to be like a photograph.

  • Michael

    Thomas, based on what Fr. DL has posted, I think ‘ole St. Nick more or less decked the guy.

    • John Patterson

      …and got defrocked from it…

      …and reinstated by Christ and the Mother of God…

  • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

    Father, I find it curious from what I know of the story St. Nick punched Arius quite violently.

  • veritas

    I am not advocating violence, but I do think that we have become far too tolerant of rampant heresy. We allow priests and religious to spout absolute rubbish to our congregations and to our children and we sit back and let it happen.

    I have, as a teacher in Catholic schools, heard tecahers and school principals make public denials of the faith, ridicule any orthodox bshops, and make grossly offensive teaching re moral issues without anybody making a comment.

    I have sat in a congregation where a priest has made what he thought were funny remarks about our new Archbishop because he was supposedly very conservative, and the c ongregation just laughed.

    So perhaps I have a bit of sympathy for the idea of confronting a heretic and letting him know that you don’t like the faith being undermined. A few St Nicholases would sure stir things up!

  • Mike Baker

    Marc Barnes over on (a fellow Patheos blogger now) wrote an article about this and relating it to just how far should Catholics go to stand up to heresy. He had a picture of St. Nicholas slapping/punching Arius with the caption “BOOM! You just got Kris Kringled, son!” I haven’t been able to think of the notion of “Santa Claus” the same way since.

  • Quanah

    Yeah, St. Nicholas is so much cooler than the fat elf in a red suit.

  • Eleni

    The demon of heresy is powerful and destroys people. God Bless St Nicholas. May all heretics fall to their knees and worship the Holy Trinity!!! May St Nicholas be an example of how we should all defend our True and Only True Orthodox faith the same yesterday, today and forever!!!