Authoritarian Anglicans

Here is the great irony: the people who dismantled traditional Christianity by the democratic process are now dismantling the democratic process.  In other words the tyranny of the ballot box is being replaced by just plain tyranny.

This article analyzes what is happening with the ruling ranks of the Episcopal Church of the USA. The presiding bishop–Kate Schori–sues breakaway churches and dioceses. She refuses to say how much the legal action costs. She presents her own budget to the church ending years of the budget being drafted, amended and controlled by the laity. She and her cronies have pushed through a radical re working of how the Episcopal church is governed–moving from an elected governing body of three houses to a unicameral body in which Schori’s administrative team will design and govern the agenda.

In other words, from those who criticize the Catholic Church for being overly clericalized and authoritarian–from those who trumpet that they are doing the will of the people and that majority rules–we get the most authoritarian and draconian kind of governance.

The article exposes the plummeting numbers in the Episcopal church, the downwardly spiraling finances while observing that the folks are re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic by approving funeral rites for dogs and cats, wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples, apologizing to Native Americans for evangelizing them and opening the way for transgendered people to be ordained.

Just sayin’

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  • Theophile

    Hi Dwight,
    Notice the similarities “yes we can” in American politics?

  • Contra

    “funeral rites for dogs and cats… apologizing to Native Americans for evangelizing them” I would normally ask if you’re serious but nothing surprises me anymore.
    This is what happens when you leave the Barque of Peter and try to find your own way.

  • François-Robert Laliberté Fournier

    This church is fallaing into pieces since they began to ordain feminists who want power. Now with Mrs Schori, in 10 years from now, The Episcopal Chruch will be destroyed completly., for good. It is an apostate Church. I wish that true christians will fly away for good from this abomination.

  • veritas

    François-Robert Laliberté Fournier,

    You have summed it up completely. I left the Anglican Church years ago and what a blessed relief!
    No one who truly accepts the authority of Almighty God can remain in that abominable mess. They are managing to trash every single doctrine and moral teaching.

    I would say to those in that sinking ship – if you love Scripture, if you love the authority of God as transmitted through His Church, if you love marriage, family, the unborn, the elderly, purity, the Sacraments etc etc – then GET OUT of the Anglican Church before it’s too late for your immortal soul!

  • Harold Stassen

    I’m surprised there weren’t already blessings for cats and dogs and pet funerals; every Episcopal/Anglican blog has entire sections on pets and their names and their doings and on and on and on.

  • Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski

    The WSJ might publish an article, but it doesn’t mean it is true. Here is some light on the article under question:

  • Rosemary

    I left in 2003. I was sad about those friends who stayed, but many of them also left not too long after that. I have not looked back, and I am so, so happy to be Catholic!

  • matthias

    I saw a picture once of Schori in a red vestment -and immediately likened her to a preistess of Baal. Now she is doing to her church what Baal worshippers did to Ancient israel.

  • Richard

    The authoritarian manipulation of the national assembly/convention that is transpiring in ECUSA is paralleled in the ELCA where the Lutherans have done the same thing. The agenda, and the outcome, has already been decided before the voting members even arrive. A skunk by any other name stinks as badly!

  • AnneG

    Fr D, besides all that, that picture males me nauseous!

  • veritas

    I don’t want any Anglicans reading what I said to think I have nothing but contempt for the Anglican Church.

    I have total contempt for what it has become, and I also really believe that its problems began 500 years ago when it broke with Rome.

    However, like the Holy Father, I also believe that the Church of England has something to offer in what used to be its beautiful worship – “Everything done decently and in order.” The Anglo Catholics used to celebrate mass in the most reverent way I have ever seen.

    That is why I really pray that the Anglican Ordinariate will succeed. The Holy Father has made this incredible gesture to Anglicans as a way of them returning home to the Catholic Church while keeping a beautiful liturgy that is familiar to them.

    I also strongly believe that the Anglican Ordinariate liturgy will greatly enrich the whole Church and show Catholics how the Mass can be celebrated in a language that they understand (yet not banal!) and with total reverence to the Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Sacrament. I would also suggest that if anyone wants to get a truly Catholic view of what marriage really is all about they might take the time to read the Solemnization of Matrimony from the original Book of Common Prayer – I don’t know exactly how much of it will be in the Anglican Ordinariate Prayer Book, but it is remarkable. Cranmer somehow managed to get some things very right. I suspect he was rather “mixed up” – half Catholic and half Protestant. As I have said before , his Prayer of Humble Access to be said before Holy Communion, is remarkable and not found in any other liturgy.

  • Theophile

    Hi Matthias,
    The 111 words of rebuke given by Jesus to Thyatira, paralleling the 111 votes for fornication this week, makes this Jezebel of Revelation 2:20, also a good match there. Would you say the Episcopal church should be referred to as Thyatira’s modern parallel?
    I fear there are two “church hierarchies/doctrines” laid out in the NT. One in Matthew 23(specifically) among Christs other words, and the “other” dictated by Paul. When we look for the reason there are so many divisions/denominations in the church, and how many divisions among denominations arise……Just how many differing doctrines are built on “something Paul said”? When you consider Christ’s rebuke of “eating things offered to idols” to Pergamos & Thyatira, as the “doctrine of Balaam”, and read Corinthians 8 thru that lens, then this “liberty in Christ to eat meat, regardless of it’s being offered to idols, Um.. as long as no one see’s you or would be offended by it”, starts to look allot like this doctrine.
    The mixing of cold rituals from Babylon with the hot, on fire for Christ word of God, is most apparent in the 3:16 sign’s at Tim T”s football games, have they not considered Revelation has a 3:16 also?
    If I point out God’s 1st rebuke to man was; “hearkening to the voice of your wife”, and Abraham became the 1st polygamist “hearkening to this voice”, Ahab, and Solomon hearkened to their peoples destruction…I am immediately singled out as a narrow minded misogynist, but hasn’t Satan’s MO of attack been through women starting at garden? …since the 19th in 1919 America’s Adams have been forced to hearken also, could the 19th of Genesis & Judges speak to this democratic lifestyle? When I was a child, one day before my dad left to work, he mentioned it was vote day, after he left I asked my mom: “how She is voting”, She answered: “I am going to cancel your fathers vote”……this is confusion…

  • Christian

    Gaaah! My eyes!

  • savvy


    I know the theology, but these people hide behind political language, calling their opponents anti-woman, bla bla. The key is to ask them how this is relevant to theology of the priesthood.

  • VirginiaJim

    Father Longenecker, the title of your blog (and many of the comments) does a great disservice to the thousands of faithful Anglicans who have left the Episcopal Church after decades of struggle against apostasy, losing churches and great amounts of money, by not making a distinction between “The Episcopal Church” and American Anglicans. The American Anglicans have worked to profess and live out the historic Christian faith, despite the cost. The “LGBT” forces that have successfully highjacked the Episcopal Church are now working with the current Administration to highjack Catholic hospitals, social services, and schools. Hope that your readers will realize that the Episcopal Church was the practice round for what is coming to the nation. We need to pray, support each other, and actively engage in the public forum. See the Catholic add at

  • veritas

    Those “thousands of faithful Anglicans” who have left the Episcopal Church will have achieved nothing if they simply set up yet more man made denominations. Unless they return to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord on the rock of Peter then they are part of the problem not part of the solution.
    I have had personal experience with a couple of those breakaway groups and their arrogant power hungry bishops and internal squabbles are a frightening prelude to yet another round of Protestant history. They can’t agree with each other. There are now a multitude of separated Anglicans. So Fr Longenecker’s comments most certainly apply to them as well.

  • The Egyptian

    Vicar, Oh Vicar, how about an explanation here, we really need some of your wisdom on the subject, maybe Daphne can help?

    I’m sure he can pour oil on the waters so to speak

  • Robert

    In the end, will it be the Roman Catholic Church who safeguards the rich heritage of the Anglican Church?

  • Kevin

    No surprise here. These people only believe in tolerance and democracy insofar as people toe the ideological line.

  • veritas

    The Egyptian,
    Please! You are not seriously ASKING the flying one to comment? I was waiting for him to jump in on this one – but so far ….
    It is sort of like waiting for the shoe to drop.

  • flyingvic

    Really? What could I possibly have to say about the Episcopal Church in America?

  • Al Bergstrazer

    The mess that is the Episcopal Church in America can be traced back to that adulterous devil Bishop Pike, who also had a habit of doing as he pleased because his trump card was the knowlege that the rest of the leadership in the church were just as depraved as he was. Father I would respectfully disagree Bishop Schori is an authoritarian, rather I think she is an elitist to the core. Perhaps this is splitting hairs, but hear me out; yes Rome is an authoritarian church, meaning it looks to the Canon, Tradition, and Scripture et. al. as the reason for what it does and who it is, elitists on the other hand do what they do simply because they believe themselves right. The only authority for Biship Schori is herself, her opinion, her agenda, her vision of the way things ought to be. For example, to state publicly that she would prefer a group of Muslims purchase a church before a separatist group of Anglicans shows a blindness that can only be born of a complete disregard for all that is holy and all to whom a priest should answer. One wonders if it has ever occured to the Bishop that she has become what she presumably should despise the most?

  • Kevin

    That’s a good point Al. You don’t see Schori commending the obvious truth of her positions to anyone’s heart and mind; just resorting to strong arm tactics.

  • Christian

    Christianity’s enemies may regard the ECUSA as what Churchill would call its “soft underbelly.”

  • The Egyptian

    The Rev’d Humphrey Blytherington, Vicar of St Hilda’s, Little Snoring with All Saints, Great Snoring

    the REAL Vicar, the one that makes sense