Todd Unctuous is Too Right!

Whenever I write the Todd Unctuous column I try to make it my friendly Main stream media reporter as outrageously stupid and over the top as I possible can.

Nevertheless, invariably a reader makes an outraged comment, and inevitably, Todd’s weird views seem to come up in the real news.

Earlier in the week Todd talked here about his meeting with a “Muslim Inman” named Ali Baba who had just conducted an Episcopalian christening.

Then I read in today’s news about an Episcopalian church that really is cozying up–not only to Muslims–but to radical Muslims. You can read about it here. One can’t forget, of course, the woman piskie priest who practiced Islam at the same time as being an Episcopal clergy person.  The story is five years old, and I think she was kicked out, but it’s memorable…

Just when you thought you couldn’t think of any more insane outrage from the Episcopal Church they do it for you…

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