A Very Old Chair – The Early Papacy

The ‘Cathedra’ or Episcopal throne of the Bishop of Rome in Cathedral of St John Lateran

Go here for a longish article on the early papacy. Were the first popes “monarchs”? If so in what way? Did the papacy only start with Emperor Constantine? Was Leo the Great the first “real pope”. Read this article to correct Protestant misunderstandings and attacks on the papacy on today’s Feast of the Chair of Peter.

  • Mary

    Interesting article… one would wish it were a bit longer and more detailed, but I assume it is meant to be an over-view rather than a history. Is it not amusing that Constintine did not accept bapism till he was on his death bed? He saved it till last so his sins would be washed clean just before death…wiley old thing …hee hee hee.

  • Mary

    By the way, both links above lead to the exact same article. Was that intended or was there supposed to be two different links?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      same link. In case you didn’t get it the first time.

  • veritas

    Protestants don’t dare admit the reality of the Papacy as having been instituted by Our Blessed Lord Himself. To do so would stop them from each being their own pope.

    You are spot on Father. The whole savage divide between Protestantism and the Church is ultimately over this one issue – authority. Jesus passed His authority, on earth, to Peter and his successors. Scripture leaves no doubt of this. As you read the early Church Fathers this same theme is carried on in an unbroken thread.

    Protestants must deny this or their whole reason for existing collapses.
    Staring with Luther (or any one of the countless herectics in the 1500 years before him) each Protestant has been his own pope, has made up his own liturgy, morals, rules, marriage arrangements etc etc.

    And so it goes on, till now we have so many Protestant denominations that we have lost count.

    And each one has its own rules and views on contraception, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, euthanasia, gambling, drinking of alcohol, working on Sunday, which day is the to be kept as the Sabbath, which books are in Holy Scripture, how to worship, how to dress, when to bapatise, whether to baptise, and so on, and son on – ad infinitum.

    What a travesty! What an insult to the Lord who established His Church on the rock of Peter. What a triumph for Satan.

    But – “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

    Come, Lord Jesus.