Converted by Les Mis

from the combox…Patrick Coffin said that Les Miserables was a ‘three hour ad for the Catholic faith.”

I agree about the “greatest three-hour ad for the Catholic faith”. I was going through an agnostic/wanting to re-consider Christianity phase, and seeing Les Mis cinched it for me. I started attending Mass the Sunday after, and have been for the past month since. What I love is how Valjean manages to remember how much grace he has been given, always, and can only sing his praises and love of God for his salvation and love. I would love to emulate that.


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  • Paul Rodden

    Here’s an interesting piece on the theme:

    “…There is so much in this story that each of us ought to recognize. As Christians, we are islands of “grace” in a sea of “works”. Christianity is the one worldview that is not merit-based. All other religions provide a set of rules that must be followed if an adherent wants to be saved or have value in the context of his or her faith. …”
    They just can’t let it lie… :)

    - At least they didn’t list Catholics, for a change…

  • Kristin

    Father, you do me great honor. :) Pray for me.