How the Lutherans Will Destroy Religion

Here is my latest article for Aleteia–in which I show the real reasoning behind the ordination of homosexual clergy–and why it will eventually destroy religion altogether…

  • DeaconJohnMBresnahan

    Excellent article. When I read about the moral collapse of so many mainstream Protestant churches, I don’t know whether to cry or cheer. For history shows that what is happening to Protestant churches is the typical way heresies eventually implode and self-destruct as genuine Christian entities. Which, from one point of view, is cause for a not-so-humble Reformation “wars” victory lap by Catholics. On the other hand it is far harder for Catholics to defend Christian morality and culture without Protestant allies (as the march of so called gay “marriage” shows.) And then there is the immense tragedy of so many Catholic souls falling victim to the moral lies and deceit that have ensnared so many mainstream Protestant churches and their members. That is certainly cause for weeping.

  • Steve

    It’s a decent article, but were the ultra-inflammatory titles really necessary? “How Lutherans Will Destroy Religion”? The “Demise of Religion”? Come on, let your points stand on their own without the charged rhetoric. It just distracts from the actual points being made.

  • Augustine

    Hello? Lutherans destroyed religion 500 years ago!

  • RevH

    Hi Father,
    As a Lutheran pastor in Australia,I do take exception to the title the “Lutherans” i.e. all Lutherans are the same. We here are confessional Lutherans and believe in the inerrant Word of God. We believe homosexuality is a sin and we fight against the relativism of our culture. We affirm a male only pastorate as well as the apostolicity and perspicuity of Scripture. We speak the Word of God into the world, not the world into Sacred Scripture. I could just as easily point the finger at prominent Catholics who are relativists as well and support gay clergy and marriage.

  • mephis

    Interesting article! I think your points are sound, though I agree with Steve that they could stand on their own without the crazy titles.

    Here where I live there’s still hope for (some) lutherans, since they’re splitting two ways. The liberal side is pretty much what you describe, but there are traditional lutherans too who have very much in common with us catholics (and certainly are closer to us than to the liberal lutherans). The same seems to be happening with anglicans, at least so I’ve understood. Let’s pray for these people, liberal and traditional, that they keep respecting and seeking truth.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    It’s an excellent piece.
    “If culture trumps divine revelation, your religion is no longer a religion.”
    Great quote – except it gives Islam a very strong foothold as the strongest religion.
    I suggest, “If culture trumps divine revelation, your Christianity is no longer Christian.”

  • David Thompson

    The reason religion sucks is because of the hate rhetoric it spews. Religion, especially Christianity and Islam (opposite sides of the same coin) are a cancer on society. We can only hope that it is destroyed, which will prove it never had any basis in reality to begin with. It’s just Bronze and Iron Age mythology by puerile men, in an ignorant area foreign ruled empires.

    • frdlongenecker

      Geesh, why are you spewing such hate rhetoric towards religion?

      • David Thompson

        Because of the type of hatred people like you use. It’s amazing, when a religious person is spewing their interpretation of the bible at some minority group, it’s just god’s will. But when when a secularist points out the contradictions and hypocrisy it’s militant hatred. Some of us feel compelled to at least point out the hypocrisy.

        • Brother Juniper

          I think Father just pointed out your hypocrisy using hate rhetoric yourself.

  • Michael

    Did the Catholic Church allow open homosexuals or those with SSA to enter the seminaries in the 60s and 70s?

  • Al Bergstrazer

    I would say that the title of this thread is rather incongurent with subtance of your article, in that Liberal Lutherans and Episcopalians have given up on any pretense of following the word of God as the rule and norm for their faith. I’m not sure if your point is that the Lutherans and Episcopalians either no longer have a true religion or they never had it in the first place. It seems you are implying both. Further I wonder if you could elaborate on the importance of Apostolic succession which you site makes Catholicism the one true faith, and yet the Episcopal church in American is in the line of Apostolic succession as well. Not that I’m defending the Episcopal Church, far from it, but succession does not appear to be a guarantee of purity, if so the Anglican church, of which you are well familiar would be far different than it is now. Finally it should be said that there are several Lutheran bodies that oppose gay marriage, and the oridnation of homosexuals as well as women’s ordination; the Lutheran Church Missori Synod, which is the second largest Lutheran body in the U.S. The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, which is third largest, as well as others such as the Confessional Lutheran Church (CLC) and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Also around the world there are Lutheran bodies which also vehmently oppose homosexual ordination and womens ordination and in some cases have suffered for it. That being said what the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) is doing is nothing less that Apostasy, deliberate, premeditated damnable Apostasy, on that we would agree.

    • savvy

      Luther did not pray to the gods of the north. These things have implications for Christology. People are not thinking.

  • aramis_erak

    Rev. Fr., one small issue – not all schisms have turned to departing the faith; the schism of the Byzantines, of the Nestorians, and of the Miaphysites all have, at least in part, healed to the point that Rome recognizes the sacraments (including ordination, confession, and eucharist) valid and licit, and portions of same said schisms have returned to union as the Eastern Catholic Churches. While all schism is bad, not all schism eventually leads to Heresy nor forever away from Rome.

    Otherwise, wonderful article.