Why I’m Scared

I haven’t been blogging for a while, and I wonder why. One of the reasons is simple: I have had some personal and family issues to deal with. They have occupied my mind and my time. I’ve also been working hard to finish Slubgrip Instructs – the sequel to The Gargoyle Code . But today I realize that there is another reason. Maybe I should give up reading hysterical Facebook stuff, but the temperature is rising in the culture wars, and I’m scared.

This week we’ve seen homosexual protesters screaming and shouting abuse at a Catholic Mass. At this Mass, celebrated by Cardinal George, a homosexual protester used the Holy Eucharist as a political tool to holler out  his rage at the Catholic Church. You can read about it here. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi publicly ridicules Fr Frank Pavone, calling his open letter stupid, hysterical and dismisses it as irrelevant. Meanwhile in Texas a group of pro abortion citizens, seeing that a bill was about to pass limiting abortion, disrupt the legal, legislative process with screaming, anger and rage and thus keep the bill from passing. Read about it here. Then, this morning we learn that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and homosexual ‘marriage’ in California cannot be challenged by the people.

The reason I’m scared is that the powers of the mass media and the state are lining up with the powers of the Culture of Death. The homosexualists and those who back abortion and a huge proportion of the American population who support their views are joined by an even larger proportion of the American population who are indifferent and who perceive liberty as letting everybody do whatever they want.

The mass media ignore the pro-life position or they mock it and undermine people like me as angry fundamentalists clinging to religion and guns. The mass media are lined up with the powers of the state to promote the agenda of the Culture of Death in a way that will over ride all democratic processes to impose the Culture of Death on all citizens. With “executive orders” avalanching from the White House, with increased surveillance and increased domestic police powers, and fueled with this rage, I’m scared. It will not take much at all to tip over into a secular totalitarian state with an aggressive Culture of Death agenda.

The reason I’m scared is that behind all of this is an irrational, demonic rage. This rage simmers behind the political arguments. It simmers beneath the “peaceful protests”. Most of all it simmers beneath what I call “the kindly mask of liberalism.” This is the smiling face of “concerned” citizens who are “saddened” by anyone who takes a conservative position. Poke their favorite cause a bit and these are the folks who come back whining about how “judgmental and harsh” one is being. These are the ones who put on their sad face and manage to summon up a wan and wounded smile with and promise in a self righteous tone to “pray for you.” Let’s call it like it is. These people are passive-aggressive. They bully you with a phoney nice-ness, but underneath is a simmering rage.

I’m scared because I think that rage is not going to remain behind the mask of nice-ness for long. We’re seeing that demonic rage lurking beneath the surface beginning to emerge, and when it does take cover. That’s why I’m scared, and that’s why I am very careful what I write on this blog–because I have already had threats from homosexualists that they know where I live and they are out to get me. I have already witnessed the burning acid of irrational rage against the Catholic Church in com boxes and in emails to a priest friend who dared to criticize Obama. I’ve already witnessed the howling, screaming rage against the truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic Church and her saints.

What I’ve seen reminds me of the sub human creatures, taken over by a virulent disease in the film I Am Legend.  The once human beings live like zombies in a half life–hiding by day and coming out on the rampage at night ready to kill and devour anyone who is still uninfected by their horrible disease.

That’s why I’m scared.

The Anchoress lets rip over here with her usual detailed and clear sighted analysis.


  • Ryan

    The reference to “I am Legend” is fitting for sure, especially the scene where one of the zombie things sticks his head out of the shadows into the sun and just “takes the pain” of it with that virulent rage. It creates in me a feeling of fear crossed with deep heartache for them. Perhaps meditating more on our Lord’s passion and death is in order (when isn’t it ‘in order’ eh?). God bless Father.

  • Cc

    I too am scared. I have seen this rage up close. I’ve seen it from a distance. It is not from God! Even if my views are different on an issue, in our free country we are entitled to free speech, but that free speech has been overtaken by a tornadic , vengeful , vitriolic , frenzy that multiplies exponentially ! What do we do? Where have manners, civility, and respect gone?

    • Niemand

      It is not from God!

      So, angry people are more powerful than god? Are you sure you’re a believer?

      Even if my views are different on an issue, in our
      free country we are entitled to free speech, but that free speech has
      been overtaken by a tornadic , vengeful , vitriolic , frenzy that
      multiplies exponentially !

      You do realize that you’ve just implied that you don’t want free speech if you disagree with that speech don’t you? How do you feel about the people who hang out in front of clinics and scream at women going in and physically block them, without even trying to determine if they’re there for an abortion or a pap smear? Or is that “vengeful, vitriolic frenzy” ok because you support it?

      Where have manners, civility,
      and respect gone?

      Given that the “pro-life” side has been supporting murder for decades, I’d say it’s been long gone for some time.

      • Mike L

        …and here is the example (didn’t take long). Are you “saddened” by Cc’s comment? Will you “pray for” Cc?

        • Sue from Buffalo

          And Niemand has twisted the words of the poster to mean something else and has misrepresented the pro-life movement. Wow.

    • ortcutt

      Free speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of speech. If private citizens think that someone is a bigot because of things that someone says about gay people, that isn’t a violation of free speech. The marketplace of ideas is a rough and tumble world. It always has been, it always will be, and it always should be.

    • leogirl87

      I don’t think civility exists among the majority of people on the left, especially in the younger generations. Nobody can disagree or even take a neutral position without being personally attacked, name-called, etc. It becomes about the person and not the argument.

      • barbieahayes

        Dear Friends in Christ, all the truths you state provide succor for those of us who are pro-life. But there is a point that has not been made. There is a reason why the liberal arguments are perverse. Secular progressive arguments come from disordered minds. What we seldom ever talk about and what we seldom hear from our bishops is that those who are in manifest grave sin, those who take license with their free will are subject to divine punishment here on earth. The Bible tells us that God has ordained those who obstinately eschew His truth to be turned over to their disorder. He has given them their due. Liberalism is a condition by which those who deny the truth of God are turned over to a disabled mind because God removes His sanctifying grace from them and they become rudderless and evil and spout the lies of the one who is in direct opposition to the Word.
        This is not just a theory but it is a fact supported by the teachings of the Apostles in the Bible. St. Paul tells us that liberals are the enemies of God and His Church. Having departed from the Eternal Truth and rejecting the voice of Christ’s Church, they descend into ignorance and perversion because they eschewed what God made known to them so that they could freely practice those prohibitions which St. Paul speaks of in Romans 1. I have found all I need in the following Scriptures to support this tested truism: God’s word says they have been deceived (2 Cor 4:2), that their minds have become darkened by the suppression of the truth (Romans 1:18-32), the devil has blinded their minds so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel (1 Cor 4:4), and they have chosen to live in the futility of their own thinking (Eph 4:17). In summation liberals have not practiced the wisdom in Proverbs 3:5-7 which says, ”Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”
        Even though God placed in their hearts all that they would need to pursue Him, they chose to pursue the pleasures of the world, the flesh and the devil and God chose to dishonor them. Next time you are asked what is wrong with ”these people” who seem to have lost all common sense, all hold on reality, who do not argue in truth and good faith, but by all vile means try to choke you and the truth, you can say in all honesty that God chose to remove His graces from them and turn their minds over to the depravities they practice.

        Father, I will pray for you. There are many of us in the trenches and God is watching for our good works.

        • TryingtoBeOpen

          I’m not seeing an “liberal” people or non-religious people commenting, so I’m wondering if they’re all just being removed. I’m wondering if I am polite and respectful with my response if my comment will be permitted to stay.

          It’s interesting to me to read conservative people talk about irrational liberal people, because I see many places where liberals say these same kinds of things about conservative people. It does help me to see that both sides do this, because it helps me to empathize by realizing that both sides feel attacked and dehumanized by the other.

          Reading what barbieahayes wrote made me angry. Those weren’t nice things to say. But I have to wonder if she would say these kinds of things about a liberal person who was pro-life? (Which makes me think of a whole other issue altogether — the assumption that people are black & white and that we have all-or-nothing beliefs and values, but that’s a whole other issue.) I have met religious people of all stripes with all different perspectives, and I’ve met many conservatives that have a lot more depth than the stereotype of a conservative that liberals like to bash.

          I’m reading these comments, and this blog post, and I recognize that conservative religious people don’t like being stereotyped and don’t like being judged or ignored or treated like they’re not smart. Who likes that? Obviously it’s going to bring up some strong emotions… scared, angry, etc. But I wonder if you realize that when these emotions are expressed that they come off sometimes just as angry and scary as the liberal things you condemn?

          Are you able to recognize the things you say about others in yourself? Do you not see that both sides fuel the fire?

          I wonder, genuinely, if I were to say that I was not religious but that I am pro-life, would barbieahayes (or someone else) say such mean things? When I read things like “Next time you are asked what is wrong with ‘these people’ who seem to have lost all common sense…” I feel very angry. I feel dehumanized. I feel completely disrespected. I wonder if I’d have to be pro-choice for you to call me one of “those people,” or is being non-religious enough?

          Do you look at me with so much disdain and judgement for my religious beliefs, or is it specifically about abortion? I am pro-life, but I am not religious. Does that make me no longer one of “those people?” Do you recognize that referring to human beings in this way is hurtful? Do you recognize that it fuels the fire? The hate?

          When liberals snap and do angry things that are “scary,” do you feel that the best answer is to dehumanize them and make them more angry? When conservatives snap and do things that are “scary,” is the best way to handle that for liberals to dehumanize them and make them more angry?

          I am not scared… I am sad. I am sad that I see humans are humans. No human likes being disregarded or judged or ignored, and sometimes humans (both conservatives and liberals) snap.

          Reading these comments has a weird juxtaposition of effects on me… in some ways it makes me empathize with conservatives and to see the sense, the emotion, and the values behind the hurtful words. It helps me to be less hateful and more understanding. But it also makes me angry, and frustrated, and sad. It makes it hard for me not to hate. I have to work so hard not to snap.

          I hope that I have written this comment well enough that it can be accurately read as an attempt to be both respectful and honest, with a desire to reach out.

  • mgcruss

    If I envied anything about the faithful was the comfort they must have by believing to know, be loved by and ultimately protected by the benevolent creator of the universe. When I read this from a man, who presumes to have this relationship with the ultimate truth/power, admit he is scared by ‘homosexualists’ (among other things) makes me all the more certain that religious faith is really just a facet of petty human tribalism.

    • Richard_L_Kent

      The proof of the pudding is this: in the coming days, who will build the camps and who will be sent to them? Who will dig the mass graves and who will fill them? Recent history provides us with an answer….

    • Dave

      Courage isn’t the lack of fear. Any human being feels fear in the face of being threatened or having their family threatened. If you think that being a Christian means that you won’t feel fear, then don’t become a Christian. Even Jesus sweated blood when He knew He was to be crucified.

      Being a Christian means that we have the ability to overcome fear because of the trust we have in God.

    • Brad

      You already are, but you will be very jealous, and poignantly so, of that faith, and those whom you mocked for having it, when you die and you meet Jesus of Nazareth, Who demands of you a reckoning. Don’t wait until then.

    • JefZeph

      I know of nothing in Catholic teaching that promises an eradication of fear. Are you confusing fear with cowardice?

      The presence of fear does less to demonstrate that religious faith is a “facet of petty human tribalism” than making that assertion demonstrates the musings of a petty human.

    • TheodoreSeeber

      Thus proving that the rage is real- well done!

    • Merengue

      Mgcruss, we are worried about our physical well being because of the asinine conclusions and presumptions from people such as you.

    • Recusant

      To fear is to be human.

      What is so strange for a man to admit his fear? Moses and the prophets knew fear, and admitted of their dread in their own writings. Christ himself feared the torture and death awaiting him in Gethsemane. The numerous Christian martyrs, both ancient and modern all were gripped with fear.

      Faith does not offer some mysterious anodyne effect upon the faithful. We suffer old pains, feel new pains, and fear pain in anticipation. Yes, God is still watching over us. Yes, heaven still awaits those who endure to the last.

      Even so, faith does provide us the courage to still go on, in spite of the calls of our flesh, the devil, and even the world.

    • mts1

      Wow, just wow. The Apostles, who lived with Jesus for three years, huddled in the Upper Room out of fear for their lives after the Crucifixion, and even after seeing the risen Christ, it wasn’t until the Holy Spirit was sent that they lost their fear and went to preach. Revelation 9:6 says that in the end times, people will be so overcome with fear that they wish to die, but death has gone away and they have no relief. General Patton said all men are afraid in battle; only the coward lets it overcome his duty. Even if a faithful Catholic is afraid of the coming tribulation, it doesn’t have to equal lack of faith. If I was diagnosed with cancer that required massive surgery, then chemotherapy and radiation to be cancer free, I’d still have a good deal of fear even if the prognosis was good. My problem will not be fear, but rage at the devils for killing our good thing. Like Michael Collins, my motto will be “I hate them for making hate necessary, and will do what I can to end it.”

    • James Hunt

      I take it, mgcruss, that you’re okay with making threats and disrupting liturgy and legislature as your personal views demand. As Thomas More once asked, where will you hide, mgcruss, when the trees (that is, laws) are all cut down and the Devil turns on you?

    • http://profiles.google.com/liamronan49 Liam Ronan

      You are deriving too narrow an interpretation of the word ‘scared’. Substitute ‘deeply troubled’ perhaps or ‘profoundly unsettled’ and you have (I believe) what Father is driving at.
      Personally, I am terrified at the direct affront given to Almighty God by these homosexualists and pro-abortionists and, mindful of Sodom and Gomorrah’s fate, tremble at what just punishment God may rightly dispense to such an unfaithful generation.

    • Kim D. in WI

      No, Mgcruss. Religious faith is, in fact, humankind’s best hope to transcend “petty human tribalism.” It’s the petty tribalism that gets in the way of our ability to fully become Human, in the image of the abovementioned benevolent Creator.
      It *is* possible “to know, be loved by, and ultimately protected by this dear benevolent creator of the universe.” And the “loved by” part is hardly reserved for the “faithful.” None of us is perfect, as you’ve noticed.
      Come and see! (www.masstimes.org)

    • Barbara Golder

      One can dread the coming storm and yet still know oneself to be loved and protected by God. Being Christian–having faith– does not mean being devoid of the usual emotional reactions of mankind.

    • Overheated

      His admission of fear makes ME all the more certain of the reality of evil in the world, particularly because of the Culture of Death here in America, as well as the reality of the threats he has received from the “homosexualists” (among other people, I’m sure). If not for his religious (Catholic) faith, he wouldn’t have the courage to do what he does, I assure you.

    • folieadeux

      I wouldn’t speak about how religious should behave if you don’t know anything about their religion, Jesus sweat was like blood the night he was betrayed, and many in the Church have been martyred so there is no doctrine of protection that God must prevent physical harm if you have faith or that Catholics would never be afraid of harm. So to conclude that specifically Catholicism is a ‘facet of petty human tribalism’ because a Catholic was afraid of people who behave violently towards them or the evil they do is just a non sequitur. Your silence about tribalism in the abortion and homosexual lobbies duly noted.

    • Jim

      Shameful it is to conclude the thought Mankind petty. Shameful more is the implicit boast that an ‘evolved’ Modernkind is become beyond tribalism; greater than Mankind.

      The voluntas of the petty demons is violence. The voluntas of the more beautiful demons is wile, guile, and dismission.

    • Ryan

      Mgcruss, your comment is exactly Fr.’s point. No argument, mis-stating his point, and false pity. Come, let us reason together.

    • Carolyn

      The faithful do have confidence and hope in our benevolent creator Who will have the last word and judgment on each human being, regardless of whether you believe it or not. I think that Fr. Dwight is just reading the “signs of the times” when “people will call evil good and good evil” and that his concern is for the loss of souls that are being devoured by evil, not his personal fear that God and Truth will not triumph. Christians to do not fear that which can kill the body, only that which can kill the soul. G.K. Chesterton said, “Christendom has had a series of revolutions and in each one of them Christianity has died many times and risen again; for it had a God who knew the way out of the grave.” (Everlasting Man). We may appear to be dead to the glee of the world, but, oh, do we know how to resurrect!

    • oregon catholic

      Have some understanding and compassion for us faithful. Many of us realize that blood martyrdom is becoming more and more a possibility again as the demons rage and we see what is happening in our government. While it may not cause us to abandon our hope and trust in God, please allow us to still be scared spitless by it.

      How about you join us instead of standing on the sidelines watching and critiquing. Yes, you will probably be scared too if you do. But the rewards are there too, like knowing all will be well no matter what. ‘Well’ in the spiritual sense doesn’t mean comfort and ease on this earth however – that comes after death for those who trust in God and do the Will of the Father in heaven.

    • Athanasius De Angelus

      Well we are scare, do you know why?

      The liberals will come into the classrooms and corrupt the youth with their filth. And AIDs and STDs will spread like wild fire. This is a deadly agenda and it’s not about “rights.” Beneath all of these “rights” is DEATH.

      Abortion, euthanasia, promotion of the homosexual lifestyle === POPULATION CONTROL. Beneath all of these “rights” is a sinister agenda – population control. Can no one see this? The materialists are master of the sinister agenda!

      And of course, if the homosexual people grow in numbers they can’t really reproduce. And isn’t that the goal of the materialist liberal leaders? Homosexual might adopt or they might not but the aging community will not have enough young people to support them and off you go grandma – Euthanasia Land for you!!! Bye, bye grandma. Oh and let’s not forget what Emperor Obama said: “Grandma might have to take a pain killer pill.”

      Ah, this atmosphere is truly diabolic!!!

    • Kaye

      Think about this again. We can believe we are known, loved and ultimately protected and still be afraid in some way. Christ himself was afraid in the garden, but he kept on going. That is our template here.

    • Nordog6561

      You mistakenly conclude that being a Catholic means never suffering or never having fear.

      The 3 theological virtues are Faith, Hope, and Love, not Fearlessness, Presumption, and Invincibility.

      If I take you at your word, your rejection of religious faith is based in part on the fact that men are still human after they become priests.

      In truth I suspect your comments were little more than a set up for your snarky insult about petty tribes.

    • Dennis

      None of us, including Father, claim to be perfectly holy. It is our imperfectness that leads to this fear. There are examples of saints, though, that did not have this fear because of their holiness.

      The conclusion you arrived at without actually considering what those who are religious have to say about it makes me all the more certain that atheism derives from an unintelligent and toddler-like “don’t tell me what to do” selfishness.

      See how easy that was to come to a conclusion without actually having to probe any deeper?

    • Quid

      If you understood anything about faith perhaps you would envy the faithful. As it is, please don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

    • Tom

      Nice try. He is not afraid of homosexuals, but as he puts it, he is scared about the “demonic rage”, the abuse of power in our government, and the growing crisis in the cultural divide.

      I am not so smug to think that people who have confidence in an all-powerful God do not still experience the human emotion of fear, especially when the things feared are truly fearful.

      After all, Christ himself sweat blood before his Passion.

    • Vtm

      If you were sharing your views publicly like Father, and also were a Catholic priest, perhaps you would have reason to be scared too. I wrote one letter to the editor a few years ago in a metropolitan city and received threatening letters at home that were not even related to what I wrote – my letter was impartial talking about marriage in general. Today, catholic priests are being publicly attacked and humiliated. If you read the post carefully, you will notice that Fr.is not scared just for himself, but is deeply concerned about the moral path we are taking as a nation. The rage and vitriol even on blogs like this has escalated to such an extent that people are no longer willing to talk and discuss in a rational manner. In other words, we are behaving like zombies. Under those circumstances it is easier to hide under a shadow like “mgcruss” where no one knows you, while anyone has access to Frs. Name and address!

  • Cole M

    Your reference to I Am Legend is more appropriate than you know. In the conclusion of the book the movie is based on, [SPOILER ALERT] the human protagonist dies, realizing he will be a legend to the zombie people who will live on and become the “normal” human population.

    • hotboogers

      Yes. I find the novel more poignantly terrifying than that b******ized movie version. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • Dadof8

    Fr. Dwight, I can certainly relate to everything in this posting and I also share your feelings that our culture war seems to be reaching a boiling point. The only thing that brings me peace is reading scripture: Matthew 10:34, John 14:26-31, Isaiah 41:10. Father, please know that I am praying for you and for your sister.

  • John

    Thank you.

  • Julie Culshaw

    Yesterday I met with a Pentecostal pastor about this fall’s 40 Days for Life vigil here in our city. I told him that we have met with opposition when we pray publicly, but that we are not confrontational. The very issue brings out the opposition. His simple reply to me was Vision attracts attacks.
    He then said any time you present God’s truth to the world, you can expect Satan to show up. Keep it up, Father Dwight. God bless you.

  • Gordis85

    It is a sad day but one that we knew, against hope, was coming. Perhaps, those of us who love Christ and his Church will stand firm against the tide while we see many fall away in order to avoid the discomfort and suffering that is to come…that includes family members, friends, colleagues.

    Since many of us desire an “anything goes” lifestyle or one that clearly says,”I can’t be bothered” well, the Lord in His wisdom will allow this and turn many of us over to “our passions” much like he allowed the Israelites to worship the golden calf. They paid a heavy price because of their infidelity and dear ear to His call…we will too.

    In the meantime, we must pray and be ready and prepare to stand against the onslaught. I am no fear monger but this was a long time coming and it looks like we are almost there. Lord Jesus have mercy on us all!

  • Lynda

    It’s already a totalitarian state, with the Rule of Law based on objective moral truths, binned.

  • joe

    Many times Jesus tells us in the Gospels to not be afraid, and yet many of us are over this. I propose we keep our eyes on Pope Francis, who I believe is the Pope of Our Lady of Fatima, and the man shown in the third secret of 1917.

    This will all backfire into a terrible battle. Pro-abortion folks thought it was over in 1973, but this bloody murder is hardly settled law, as it is not settled in our hearts.

    Only heaven can sanctify a marriage, not a court or state, and these foolish judges were bring down God’s judgement on this secular, godless American culture.

    The Mother of our Lord won’t save our lives, but she will save our souls if we stand our ground.

  • Binks, Webelf

    Well said– hear him! Hear him! Thank you for putting into words what so many folks are feeling about the evil avalanche that is 2013. Jesus is Lord– but he promised his faithful sons & daughters persecution, rejection, torture, death– with occasional moments of blessing, refreshment, and comfort along the way.

    Our former societal peace was complacent, soul-deadening, using our freedom for a cloak of wickedness, not as bondservants of God [ 1 Peter 2:16 ]. This is open war– at least things are out in the open.. the hidden cancer has been diagnosed.. as in the Book of Revelation, evil must out to be overthrown, that people may see it for what it is, and make their choices. If this is the time that the West collapses under her own contradictions, then like people on a sinking ship, we have some suffering to do, and some people to save, and some news to announce.

  • Woody

    Once again, I ask: Can you accept Satan? Can you tolerate him? Can you show him mercy? If evil does exist, and I believe it does, do you tolerate it? Do you show it mercy? Can you be rational with the irrational?

  • http://jessicahof.wordpress.com/ JessicaHof

    Our Lord warned it would be so, Father, and a winnowing is coming. We are all right to be frightened, but we have to trust in Him. You do a great job, Father, and many of us pray for you.

  • Rosemary A.

    I understand where you’re coming from, Father. I’ve been battling similar fears, especially in the last couple of years. We as a nation have been largely protected from the fury of the Evil One; at least, as far as any serious persecution for our faith goes. Now, I’m afraid, we are going to experience what our persecuted, tortured, and imprisoned brothers and sisters in other countries have been subjected to. The dark clouds continue to gather on the horizon. Who would not be afraid? But as I’ve often heard it said, bravery is not the lack of fear, but the good that one does IN SPITE OF the fear. May all the holy martyrs pray for us, and may Our Lord grant us strength, wisdom, and courage in this hour! ~ Rosemary in Ohio

  • Dave

    This is the most insightful commentary I’ve read in forever.

  • Britny Fowler

    You and your family are in my prayers Father. These are dangerous times, I too am scared. Though I can say, deleting my facebook helped with that a lot, it’s a suggestion I may make to you. Also, whenever I’m scared I say this prayer a friend taught me. “Through the shield of the Immaculate Conception and in the Name of Jesus and by His Precious Blood, I command you, Satan, to depart.”

    I wish I had been in that church and noticed that person taking the man communion after the Cardinal refused him… I would’ve stood up and blocked that person and ordered them to turn straight around and march to the Cardinal with Jesus, and I would have escorted him myself. (I don’t think it would be pretty, NO messing with my Beloved!!!) I don’t know what the Cardinal would have done (take the Host and consume it?) but NO ONE has the right to bring someone who has been refused communion Our Lord. If someone contends that Canon 915 doesn’t apply to them they can have a polite discussion with the person who refused them communion after Mass, what they did was sacrilege.

    I believe Nancy Pelosi’s comment was stupid and hysterical. A dear Carmelite friend told me that Demonic manifestations are only made publicly noticeable when Satan knows he’s lost. That he is content to quietly lead us down the road to hell and doesn’t want to be noticeable because then we’d take action against him. He said that demonic manifestations are actually a sign to an exorcist that Satan is being cast out. (those words are from a Carmelite brother who took the name Benedict because he saw the similarity between our time and St. Benedict’s and knows we need more saints like Benedict today) Unfortunately too many people do not believe in the Devil or the Diabolic… and too many of those people priests. The two problems according to C.S Lewis: thinking too much of the Devil, and not thinking of him at all.

    I would like to hope that if it became a federal offense for being Catholic, that I would be found guilty, but I’m scared I wouldn’t be. Too many catholics would be found innocent… but could you imagine the powerhouse of prayer a prison would become if it was full of Catholics arrested for being Catholic!?

    Also, prayers would be appreciated if you could spare them. I am the only Catholic in my family, a recent convert, and my family are all very liberal and anti-Catholic. I am waiting to be kicked out over my views on just about everything in this article. They are also angry at my discernment of religious life. I know, like St. Benedict did, that I can’t become a saint in this world where I am, I need to go apart as a powerhouse of prayer, despite that my prayers are weak, and often I fall asleep through them. I know that today this world needs a beacon of prayer and hope and life and love and beauty. That’s why I am discerning a vocation as a cloistered nun, either Benedictine or Carmelite, though Carmel has always been my first love. Please, pray for me Father.

  • Maggie Sullivan

    This is a GREAT chance for Christians to stand up for Christ and marriage – a great opportunity to become a Saint.
    Of course the cowardly Bishops will cave in as they always do but that can’t stop any person of love and faith from defending the truth.

  • 1ray1

    Agree, we Catholics and evangelical protestants should be scared. The liberalism you refer to Father is even present in our Church. We must finally speak out, without fear, about what we believe. It is time to take a STAND on these issues and cast the evil ones from our midst(those who claim our faith but act against it). We must act and live as Catholics, that doesn’t mean being afraid to call evil –EVIL. Milquetoast leaders in our faith are trying to straddle the fence. I’m for NO straddling and even if we become a distinct minority for our beliefs, I want to be with those who believe and live out what our Church teaches.

  • Nathan

    Be not afraid. Get holy. “The devil fears a soul united to God as he fears God Himself” – St. John of the Cross. Many of these people are seriously demonized or in the grips of habitual mortal sin. In other words, they need the Gospel. They need Jesus. They are in bondage and only the Truth can set them free. You may be the only person who brings Jesus to them, so dig into the Gospels, learn how to live the Beatitudes, and be prepared to love your enemies. The prize for doing so is an eternal kingdom. It’s an exciting time to be a Christian!!!

  • Nicholas

    Father, it pains me a lot when people like that make such threats. not because of their agenda, but because of their hypocrisy… People like that grieve me for two reasons: first because they preach error, and second because they fail to live even according to that error. I will be praying for you, and for all brave catholic leaders, especially the Bishops and Cardinals.

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    In the end, Fr. Dwight, we all need to remember who’s really in control. Offer your fear to God.

  • Brad

    The other night I used google image search to look at the Miracle of Lanciano. How beautiful!

    One of the images in the grid of images looked unlike the others. Instead of the Bloody Host being an upright disk (held upright in the monstrance), this image was lying flat. I though, that’s strange, so I clicked it to see. It was in actuality a petri dish. But it was dark with deeply maroon congealed blood. I though, oh, this must be some manipulation of the Lanciano Host by an investigator. No. It was just a petri dish filled with tiny, tiny, arms, with hands attached, tiny, tiny, and general minced gore. I knew there were faces in it, plural, but I closed the window in sadness. It was just the routine effluent of an abortion shredding vacuum after only a few uses. The machine that chugs on endlessly. The little arms and hands were smaller than, say, a frog leg. Tiny, tiny. Will o the wisp.

    “The World.” Our “Great Nation.”


  • Guest

    I don’t know anything about demonic rage, but I do know that the Church in America is headed for rougher waters. The Church must shift its understanding of the nation-state, and detach itself in every way from the federal government. Get back to basics, and cease these deals with Caesar. Accept a smaller, persecuted Church, and rid us of the Pelosis and Bidens of the world. I’m exhausted seeing my faith entangled with the socialism and militarism of a clearly insane US government.

  • Name

    I saw this rage as far back as 1988, when I began pro-life activism as a teenager. It has become more and more widespread and widely accepted, and is manifested in many ways, including the ones you mention. Scary is an understatement. We don’t even need the barbarians to invade and destroy us – we are doing it to ourselves. Prayer and fasting seems to be more necessary than ever, but we also need a strategy in all arenas of public life: entertainment, politics, education would be among the first priorities.

  • se

    What is interesting is that the Muslim faith teaches complete intolerance of homosexuals, yet Christians are targeted as the intolerant ones. All those promoting gay marriage will be in for a shocker when the Muslims take over this country. And the good angels will weep over the ignorance of mankind.

  • Geoffrey Miller

    With all due respect, Fr. Longenecker, if you’re worried about a group of angry people harassing you, you probably shouldn’t compare them to virus-addled zombies. I dunno, but somehow, talking about gay rights advocates like that doesn’t sit right with me. It doesn’t seem like a constructive way to promote peace or dialogue or…anything, really.

    • http://arkanabar.blogspot.com/ Arkanabar

      Did you miss the point where they send him emails stating they know where he lives, and are out to get him? He hasn’t mentioned specifics, but I suspect these include death threats against him and his family, as other pro-life voices have received.

  • Merrymom

    I know how you feel Father. I’m scared and very sad. To think that I have helped to bring three innocent children into this wretched world! Maybe they will make the difference one day. I have to look at it that way or else I will begin to lose hope.

    The bottom line is that this society must fall and begin again. Just as Rome fell so must we. I’m going to pray on it and I will instill good Catholic values in my children and truly hope for the best. That’s about all that I can do for now.

    That being said, I will offer up some prayers for you and your family situation. Hang in there.

  • RB2

    Fr. Z, sure would like a 1 page version of this to print out and pass out.
    Perhaps you could slightly edit it.

  • http://sacredlibrary.wordpress.com/ Deborah

    As the viciousness of these people gets more bold and violent, the more scared (or rather sickened) I get too. Now more than ever it is time to take refuge in the Lord, worshiping within the Mass, much prayer for deliverance and protection from evil, and by God’s grace, the strength to stand firm in our faith. Resting in His presence in a Church or Chapel and praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy daily will help to bring peace and save souls. May God help me to do this! I was in the same kind of darkness for years and God poured out His grace to save me, so I KNOW His mercy and desire for the salvation of all. Pray for our enemies.

  • dplunkt

    The problem is that “I am Legend is fiction”, to me what we are seeing looks more like the increasing strength of the Nazis in the early 30′s

  • 1ray1

    Not so different from things current administration says. Probably believed just as the German people believed Hitler. These same citizens don’t believe it is a serious sin to abort our babies. They don’t take the time or put forth the effort to develop their consciences, so why should we think they could discern lies from our government on any matter.

  • Sentinel

    Father, you are spot on. As a child of the Rebellious Sixties, I believed I could get whatever I wanted and owed no one anything. Where were the parents and lawful authorities to discipline us for the juvenile tantrums which continue to this day? Seemingly just “youthful exuberance” in it’s inception it began to show it’s demonic claws in the resistance to Humanae Vitae and acceptance of Roe v Wade. This gradual opening of the gates of hell, supplanting every Christian ideal and virtue in society with it’s antithesis, may well bring us all to the wall.

  • historyb

    The persecution is coming for all Christians that stand for truth.

  • alwr

    Unfortunately, this fomenting rage is coming from both sides of the political spectrum equally. It is not constructive to point to one side only. Think of the Tea Party rallies with people waving semi-automatic weapons for the cameras and carrying signs about assassinating leaders or Sarah Palin’s cross hairs graphics…We need to speak in love and reason rather than pointing fingers. We need to stop framing every political debate as good vs. evil because, frankly, most of them do not rise to that level. We need to contribute to a calming of the rhetoric by graciously acknowledging that sometimes the “other side” is right. It is on all of us to make things better.

    • Sue from Buffalo

      What? Tea Party rallies with people waving weapons? Since when? Carrying signs about assassinating leaders? Since when?

      Sarah Palin’s cross hairs graphics? So taken out of context.. This was not graphics for guns. Be honest, will ya?
      Sue from Buffalo

  • echarles1

    For you a favorite line from Shakespeare: “Coraggio, bully-monster,

  • Mary

    Oh Father. I read your post and think of Blessed John Paul’s first words “Be not afraid.” You will be in my prayers. I share your worries and are sometimes dragged down by them. I pray the “Come Holy Spirit” prayer often and try to remember “Jesus, I trust in you.” I’ll also meditate on the glorious mysteries, which I sometimes think of as the “God’s got us covered” mysteries. All remind me that God is in control. The end of this story is known. God’s Will will prevail!

  • linlan

    in america we are approaching the new age of martyrs….no wonder Our Lady of Medjugorje has been appearing for so long…yet few listen.

  • Kelly Hansen

    I just finished leaving a comment for a friend remarking how I never imagined that we as a nation would be so completely divided in such a short period of time. And then I saw a link to your post. I’m scared, too. I cannot help but wonder when we will no longer to practice our faith freely. Or maybe that time is now. Into the closet, dear Christian brothers and sisters.

  • David Sharples

    Father L., You’re right on target with this piece. I think though that the largest group of people, are neither infected nor can see what we see. When they see us calm and hated, they will come to realize this for the hell it is. Hold on, it’s going to get rough.
    23 Psalm.

  • Recusant

    No cross, no crown Father. Therefore, homework for this evening includes the epistle of St. Ignatius of Antioch to the Romans. Let us all pray for such courage – we will need it.

  • EFPyn

    “Be not afraid”. – Blessed John Paul II


    John 16:33

  • omega0509

    I take solace in the knowledge the Church has always survived and grown
    stronger under persecution. What is left of Western culture is dying, a
    culture that had the Church woven into its very core, and a new age is
    coming marked by the totalitarianism of the masses, the dictatorship of
    relativism. Catholic churches will be pressed to offer the sacrament of
    Holy Matrimony to same sex couples. As a result, the Church will be
    forced to abandon the practice of joining civil “marriage” to the
    sacrament. But that won’t be enough for the new masters. Next we will be
    called bigots (this has started already), accused of hate speech, and
    political subversion. This will allow the Church’s tax exempt status to
    be questioned, and all Church property seized. Finally, the Church will
    be labeled a hate group, and eventually outlawed, and persecuted. I am
    considering a vocation to the priesthood, and I figure I have a 50/50
    chance of dying in prison. Through all this though, we must remember the
    promises of Christ. Christ is the one, true, and only King, and he
    promised Peter, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church.
    Also, Psalm 91! Take courage Father, I will pray for you!

  • JB

    I could not agree more. I felt the exact same way today. You can almost smell the terrifying rage behind all of this.

  • merkn

    You need to stop crying about being afraid. Start thinking about what you are going to do. Instead of blogging, how about “prayer and fasting”.

  • Name

    Things seem to be reaching a boiling point: when the legal votes of 7 million ppl can be thrown out, things are very dire.

  • HopefullyAFutureSaint

    “Where’s your sense of adventure, Padre?!? I’m not scared!! Living in an age of martyrdom and persecution is something that the Saints prayed and hoped for! We’re blessed to be alive right now! God could have destined us to live in the 1920s, or the 1880s, but no! He loves enough to have us live in a time of persecution!! To the lion’s den, my friends! Heaven awaits!!”

    And that’s what I would be saying, if I wasn’t scared as well…

    The USA, and the western world in general, is slipping back into paganism, and sadly, most people in this world are completely unprepared for that kind of horror show. We today have forgotten what paganism really was. We’ve been separated from it for hundreds of years.

  • Brian Niemeier

    The I Am Legend image and reference are especially timely since Richard Matheson died this week.

  • http://profiles.google.com/liamronan49 Liam Ronan

    I live in Ireland. We are in the midst of a struggle at present to prevent the approval of legislation proposed by our Catholic Taoiseach Enda Kenny which would open the floodgates for the introduction of direct abortion shortly. This same Catholic Taoiseach Kenny proposes to bring about the legalization of homosexual marriage next year, i.e. 2014. The media is rapturous over both proposals. Mary, Queen of Ireland, spare us. Grant us some unmistakeable sign of God’s displeasure over the imminent desolation of the Irish nation.

    The reader may be familiar with one of our Irish poets, W.B. Yeats. I produce his prescient work of his written nearly a century ago:

    William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.
    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

    • Al Bergstrazer

      Thanks for sharing a bit of Yeats, he is one of my favorites.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    As you suggest, the force behind what’s taking place is unquestionably demonic. We’ve had a ‘Humphrey Blytherington’ view of evil for far too long.

    (“Hey Chaps, Remember Old Stinkers? Always used to be found in the orchard scrumping apples, or kissing girls behind the bikesheds. All harmless fun, no? Well, he’s now doing 15 years for GBH! Gosh! Bit steep that! Obviously caught the Judge on a bad day, what? It was probably just some prank that went wrong, eh fellahs? What’s the world coming to, putting loveable old rogues like him in the clink?”)

    I left British Evangelicalism in the 1980s when ‘non-denominational’ Christianity hit these shores from the USofA. As a result, ‘Jesus’ was an expression of the ego, and so started turning into its Arch-Nemesis – Liberalism – at an alarming rate (Now expressed as ‘Emergentism’).

    However, it seems now, that many Catholics are merely reacting, so imagine themselves self-styled Philosophical Ninjas who derive more pleasure in logic-chopping their opponents into tiny pieces than converting them with Charity. Seems they’re not so interested in preaching a Christ crucified as having a crucifixion.

    Many of the articles I happen upon in the blogsphere are a bit like the Dervish in the Indiana Jones film where he whirls, and twirls magnificently, but then Indy-the-Atheist just draws his revolver, and shoots him. He doesn’t care about truth. instead, he’s simply on a Dawinesque quest to guarantee the survival of his worldview, which relies on the power of the arguer, rather than any argument, to survive. Atheists rarely listen. Neither can they be bothered to do the legwork required to provide a cogent response rather than an off-the-shelf one from one of their gurus.

    In fact, during questions after a lecture, Bernard Lonergan, SJ, is quoted as saying: “Sir. You have the realism of the dog. You can’t chew it, and you can’t screw it, so you piss on it.”

    So, it seems to me there are two responses, and both are inadequate. One being Subjectivism Alone, the other, Objectivism Alone.

    So, when are Christians going to start talking about ‘Raw’ Jesus again? Not the Jesus of the Theologian, Philosopher, or Bible Scholar, but the real one, present in our midst that we, especially as Catholics, ought to know and want others to meet through our introduction?

  • Elizabeth

    I think the signs are all there that we are going down into another dark age, how long it will last and whether there will be a new dawn of civilization or The End of the World is unknown. We can only do what Jesus asked us to do, and trust in Him.

  • JFX Pals

    You are my brother. We share the same priesthood of Jesus Christ. We share the same love for the His Bride. Do not be afraid, the Emmanuel is always here. Let’s pray for each other. Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.

  • HistoryBuff83

    Think of it this way. You are now looking Satan right in the eyes and he’s looking
    back, right to the depths of your soul. Evil itself is riding high and is on a roll.
    This is what it feels like when it is truly “for all the marbles!”

    Remember what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah? How do you think the
    prophets felt, watching the morals of the cities deteriorate, and having no
    ability to change the destiny?

    You are being measured right now, by the Great Carpenter, to see if you
    measure up. Your days may not be many; make the days you do have count!

    They say history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes pretty good.
    Refresh your history of the (a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Revolution”>Russian Revolution
    and you will see what I mean. The Russian Revolution, which happened 96 years, is a template for what is happening here, today.

  • Jane

    I was afraid to say how scared I am. Justice Kennedy in his opinion today said that members of Congress with dissenting opinions are “enemies of humanity, enemies of the State, enemies of decency, and that they are fuelled by bigotry.”
    This coming from a Justice, one can imagine what normal folks are thinking. I am very scared for our nation and for my grandchildren.

  • Slave2God

    May this clip inspire you.


  • Kim D. in WI

    Father! Be not afraid! Remember from 1 Thessalonians 5: “Rejoice always, pray constantly, in all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus,” and so many others from St. Paul…well, pretty much the whole story of the Church!

    Easy for me to say, of course, as a nobody Catholic mom hiding out at home with my kids and nobody making any death threats against me, so far. But I believe we are blessed to live in the end times. Viva Christo Rey, and all that!

    Some more from St. Paul’s beautiful letter to the Philippians, Ch. 4: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let all men know your forbearance. The Lord is at hand. Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

    God bless you, Father Dwight!

  • Guest

    It is scary Father, but when this insanity and madness has reached it’s peak, there shall come forth a trumpet blast in the East and One with a crown on His head shall rip through time and space with countless bands of angels and saints and shall slay His enemies with the brightness of His glorious coming. That is ALL that keeps me going. Blessings.

  • Ken

    Well buck up soldier! We know who wins in the end. Those who would mock us don’t realize how those same demons salivate over their flesh and mock them in turn. You have until the moment of your death to repent or find out just how long eternal suffering really is compared to your brief existence as a mortal. If I am wrong and you are right then I’ll have lost nothing in the blackness of no afterlife, but if I am right (and I am certain that I am), you will have lost everything. Choose wisely.

  • Cody

    Peace be with you.

  • Chesire11

    First let me point out that the mindless rage is far worse than you describe, because it is not limited to liberals, but finds an equally cozy home in conservative politics. But this is hardly unexpected. Politics is ultimately about the things of this world, and is therefore beholden to infernal powers. Oppose liberal causes and incur liberal wrath, but gore a conservative cause and you will find yourself on the receiving end of some very nasty threats as well. Ultimately, the Church is neither liberal, nor conservative, it is Catholic, and that is something else altogether. As a consequence, whenever we are true to the faith, we can expect the ire of both left and right.

    This does not frighten me, however, it fills me with hope. The Church has never done as well when it is respectable and assimilated as when it is ostracized and persecuted. When we are comfortable, we are being seduced, we become weak, arrogant and self-serving. When we are despised for His sake, we are reminded who we are called to be, and what we are expected to do, and we rise to the occasion. Heroes are not born of safety, but are forged in the furnace.

  • Timothius722

    Brothers and Sisters…do not fear…Our Blessed Mother is close…as is Michael the Archangel. The persecution will grow…so let us pray for courage and faith. These people who display inhuman demonic rage…these people are trapped in darkness…let us show them the light of Christ whether it be in silent prayer or in acts of charity. We are called to be martyrs for our faith whether in the physical or the spiritual. We are not the first to suffer from the rage of the evil one…our hope is in the Lord. Pope John Paul II words echo in my heart “Fear Not”. God is in control and if we are to die in this persecution then… let Gods will be done. During this tribulation we offer our sufferings in union with Christ our Lord, AMEN!

  • Lynda

    Yes, it is scary. The Enlightenment is manifesting its moral failure. This has been simmering for centuries and our ancestors suffered in its various modes of power and so shall we. At the same time there are other religious powers out there which are of the same philosophical root as this militant individualism. Its power is of the same heresy but situated in another mode.
    I’m sorry for being cryptic but I don’t want to go to far from Fr Dwight’s article.
    The only answer is to realise that now being Catholic is a radical position. The arguments aren’t over there is still work to do – the realism of Aristotle has not been negated just ignored.
    But essentially what can we do? For me I am learning learning learning everything necessary to never be able to be influenced away from truth. I was in my life and never want to go there again. It is up to me to learn the truth. Secondly to pray…spend time in meditation and contemplation with Jesus. I think each one of us has to be so well armed and so well known by and to Jesus that like St Ignatius of Antioch we can say from our very centre – “I will not deny my Lord who has done me no harm” in fact He will be the centre of our life.
    What will be hard will be the sense of isolation and disorientation.
    Prepare for this by contemplating the Saints. I for one contemplate St Margaret Clitherow. How this woman converted to and lived as a Catholic in Protestant York for 12 years, hiding priests and loving the Lord, I will never know. But I beg for her intercession for all necessary Graces.
    One huge help has been the conversion of my husband who is my dearest friend in faith. Together we can hold out against the loss of friends, family who judge and dismiss and unrewarding liturgy. One even gets persecuted in the Church and we are not particularly traditional (with a small ‘T’) but love beauty in the Mass.
    We have to live our faith. Pope Francis is helping us pastorally with his awareness of where we need to be at. We will all be okay.

  • http://www.BraveCatholic.com/ Brave Catholic

    Good thing we win in the end but it appears it is going to get really ugly before that happens. How long do you think they will hang us on the cross?

  • CLuke30

    I share your fears, Father.

  • Lorenzo

    and your political opponents, whom you say are the vortex of the catholic defined ‘culture of death,’ full of demonic rage… should they not be concerned at your political dominance?

  • Lee Johnson

    I have seen it up close, too. Not good. But be not afraid. Pax Christi.


    Don’t worry; once Congress passes amnesty, like the bishops want, all the ex-illegals will turn this thing around, since they’re such devout Catholics, right?

  • PZMedic

    Fr. Dwight. I can certainly attest to the rage you speak of. But we as Catholic Christians cannot be silent. If we look upon our family history as catholics we see Apostles and saints who spoke the truth regardless of the circumstances. Can we do any less?

  • Deacon Jimmy

    I read somewhere that fear heightens the senses and sharpens the intellect.As a former volunteer firefighter, I have experienced fear firsthand and your sense of smell and hearing and sight seemingly increase as you go through a burning building searching for people. This is only once you get past the ‘fight or flight’ decision. Once the decision to fight is made, your head becomes clear and sharp, I can’t describe it fully. it is with renewed purpose that I pick up my Liturgy of the Hours today, “Come, let us sing to the Lord and shout with joy to the Rock who saves us!” May God be with us as we approach the battlefield!

  • Elizabeth517

    Seen on Facebook this week: an extra-creepy new liberal meme, with a Dalek superimposed on the ubiquitous red equals-sign: “Exterminate the Hate.” Kind of perfectly expresses the implacable wall of anger behind all the tolerance.

  • jeff

    goodness, well keep telling the truth father!

  • Guest

    Be not afraid! We have Christ!

  • Deacon Steve

    Be not afraid, we have Christ!

  • johnnysc

    The Church has seen persecution before. Jesus even has told us so we should not be surprised. Continue to speak the Truth. For those that have the Divine Intimacy meditations…today’s meditation is #228…read it.

  • Theresa Jackson

    Oh for goodness sake. Get a grip. Take a break, take care of your family and breathe. Our biggest threat is not evil, it is always there. Our biggest threat is ourselves. Exhaustion. Thinking that we have to do it all. The only thing we can do to combat evil is to love and care for those entrusted to us.
    I have no energy to fight the world. Perhaps I am one of those you sneer at for their inaction. But I will tell you that te frontline troops are exhausted. Death seems a kindly fate. Life in the trenches is brutal. Our children die, we are worked to death. But the only weapon is love. If all we have the energy for is to cook a good meal, that we have fired a blow at evil. That is our basic warfare now. Simple love. You need a break. You have no business sowing seeds of fear and further demoralizing exhausted troops.

    • Sue from Buffalo

      That’s your example of love in action?
      You’re missing the point, Theresa.

  • Kevin

    Fr. Dwight, I have seen this coming on for some time also. I don’t
    doubt for a minute that this demonic fringe would get rid of of us if
    they could. But I also see three causes for hope.

    1) Most of those people are inspired by a narrow and unprincipled self-interest and would lack the courage to perpetrate aggression in person.

    2) Rumors abound that candidates for top positions in the military must
    express willingness to turn troops against American civilians if so
    ordered, but the troops would never obey such an order. The powers that
    be probably realize that attempting to give such orders would
    precipitate civil war which I don’t believe they want.

    3) The cultural trajectory is headed to a very dark place indeed, but
    history is full of discontinuities. Events can precipitate a shift in
    consciousness, political and/or economic upheaval or even war at home or
    abroad. Unknowns are hard to control or establish narratives around.
    And we know that behind the seeming randomness of history is God.

  • Jose Tomas

    Yep, God is in Old Testament mood and wants martyrs, and not only in Islamic countries. Cardinal George is right about his dying in bed etc. This is chastisement for our cowardice and lukewarmness in the West.

    The Went is going in, the Imperium Americanum is going down in
    VI-Century-Roman-Empire-Colapse fashion big time, and it seems this will
    happen before our very eyes.

    What consoles me is that God is in command. Always. If this is what He wants, so be it.

    Let’s not forget that the subtle theological distinction between what God “wants” and “permits” is completely foreign to the OT language. In the OT, if Israel is massacred by its enemies, it is not because God “permitted”, it is said that God wanted it. “God hardened the heart of Pharaoh” etc.

    The enemies of God think they are winning. Not so.

    This is what God wants. It is HIS plan. Let’s remember His words to King Hezekiah / Sennacherib (through Isaiah – 2 Kings 19:20–28) – (spoiler alert: here is the core of it: “Have you not heard that I determined it long ago? I planned from days of old what now I bring to pass,”):

    “Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent to Hezekiah, saying, “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: Your prayer to me about Sennacherib king of Assyria I have heard. This is the word that the Lord has spoken concerning him:
    “She despises you, she scorns you—
    the virgin daughter of Zion;
    she wags her head behind you—
    the daughter of Jerusalem. “Whom have you mocked and reviled?
    Against whom have you raised your voice
    and haughtily lifted your eyes?
    Against the Holy One of Israel! By your messengers you have mocked the Lord,
    and you have said, ‘With my many chariots
    I have gone up the heights of the mountains,
    to the far recesses of Lebanon;
    I felled its tallest cedars,
    its choicest cypresses;
    I entered its farthest retreat,
    its densest forest. I dug wells
    and drank foreign waters,
    and I dried up with the sole of my foot
    all the streams of Egypt.’ “Have you not heard
    that I determined it long ago?
    I planned from days of old
    what now I bring to pass,
    that you should turn fortified cities
    into heaps of ruins, while their inhabitants, shorn of strength,
    are dismayed and confounded,
    and have become like plants of the field,
    and like tender grass,
    like grass on the housetops;
    blighted before it is grown? “But I know your sitting down
    and your going out and coming in,
    and your raging against me. Because you have raged against me
    and your arrogance has come into my ears,
    I will put my hook in your nose
    and my bit in your mouth,
    and I will turn you back on the way
    by which you came.”

    If God wants us martyred, he owes to Himself to send us the necessary graces. So, let us fortify our faith.

  • Kat Carney

    I am scared, not for my soul, because I know these persecutions will purify it, but I am scared for the souls of those I love. My children and their children to come. I fear that they will not know, will not be allowed to know the true love of God through His Church. Even now, as I catechize the 7th grade, I see them slipping into the relativistic thought of “it’s not fair” for this or that person to be denied “happiness” and “love.” So, I too, am afraid, and comfort myself with the thought the Gates of Hell will NOT prevail. My God have mercy on us all.

  • http://rau.3littlefoxes.com/ LindaF

    Last night, I was wakeful for a long time. I have to say, I feel pessimistic for the first time ever about the outcome of the culture wars.

    I am fully prepared to lose my job, my income, and my freedom for my church. I fear that too few Catholics will join me.

  • Angela Maria

    In the words of my 10 year old daugher, “DON’T PANIC, JESUS HASN’T LEFT US…”

  • tehsilentone

    everything’s demons with you isn’t

    also that abortion bill was stopped by a nonsensical technicality and tried to pass after the allotted time had ended. The system allows for filibuster. Something the republicans are quite fond of.

  • William Meyer

    It seems that almost all liberal desires lead to death. They appear to favor lemmings in their approach to life. The irony is, however, that those most vocal seem never to plunge over the cliff, but only to urge it upon others. I’m sure a special place is reserved for them in Hell.

    Lest anyone jump to the wrong conclusion, I hate no one, but I do hate what some people do. We’ve suffered decades of this madness, both outside and in the Church. Long past time to weed it out.

    I pray all priests and bishops will (if necessary rediscover their spines) and undertake to ensure that classes are available to all Catholics of any age, which teach the true doctrines of the Church, and that all dissident literature will be banished from parish libraries, and especially from RCIA classes.

  • Cyclemom

    Me too! I had to tell my daughter no more Disney Show downloads on Netflix. One of her favorite shows, Good Luck Charlie, will have a lesbian couple for the 2014 season. What CAN we do? Can we get mad or will we look like the “other side” of the protests. :(

    • TheLoneDissenter

      LoL. You’re an absolute tøøl. I feel sorry for your daughter.

  • Guest

    I take solace in the knowledge the Church has always survived and grown
    stronger under persecution. What is left of Western culture is dying, a
    culture that had the Church woven into its very core, and a new age is
    coming marked by the totalitarianism of the masses, the dictatorship of
    relativism. Catholic churches will be pressed to offer the sacrament of
    Holy Matrimony to same sex couples. As a result, the Church will be
    forced to abandon the practice of joining civil “marriage” to the
    sacrament. But that won’t be enough for the new masters. Next we will be
    called bigots (this has started already), accused of hate speech, and
    political subversion. This will allow the Church’s tax exempt status to
    be questioned, and all Church property seized. Finally, the Church will
    be labeled a hate group, and eventually outlawed, and persecuted. I am
    considering a vocation to the priesthood, and I figure I have a 50/50
    chance of dying in prison. Through all this though, we must remember the
    promises of Christ. Christ is the one, true, and only King, and he
    promised Peter, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church.
    Also, Psalm 91! Take courage Father, I will pray for you!

  • omega0509

    I take solace in the knowledge the Church has always survived and grown
    stronger under persecution. What is left of Western culture is dying, a
    culture that had the Church woven into its very core, and a new age is
    coming marked by the totalitarianism of the masses, the dictatorship of
    relativism. Catholic churches will be pressed to offer the sacrament of
    Holy Matrimony to same sex couples. As a result, the Church will be
    forced to abandon the practice of joining civil “marriage” to the
    sacrament. But that won’t be enough for the new masters. Next we will be
    called bigots (this has started already), accused of hate speech, and
    political subversion. This will allow the Church’s tax exempt status to
    be questioned, and all Church property seized. Finally, the Church will
    be labeled a hate group, and eventually outlawed, and persecuted. I am
    considering a vocation to the priesthood, and I figure I have a 50/50
    chance of dying in prison. Through all this though, we must remember the
    promises of Christ. Christ is the one, true, and only King, and he
    promised Peter, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church.
    Also, Psalm 91! Take courage Father, I will pray for you!

    • Nesbyth

      Gosh, this is gloomy, but you may well be right in your reasoning. Quite a thought that the Church may be seen no longer as a Charity with Tax-exempt status and her assets seized etc.
      And her priests imprisoned and ……
      However for the Sacrament of Matrimony a couple has to have a six month series of lessons (in the UK) and this Sacrament is bestowed by each of the couple on the other on the understanding that one is a man and the other is a woman. The priest does not bestow the Sacrament.
      This Sacrament would be totally invalidated in the eyes of GOD if there weren’t a pair, one male, one female.
      Perhaps the gays don’t care that it would be an impossibility and a travesty…

    • SteveD

      About 25 years ago an aged and holy priest told a friend of mine that he (the friend) might well end up in prison one day for his traditional Catholic beliefs. I really couldn’t then see the circumstances in which this might happen. I now hear that Canadian politicians are insisting that homo-’marriage’ is to be lauded in all classrooms with one saying that the Church will just have to change its teaching. Unfortunately there appears to be substantial support within the Church for these measures. However we have Our Lady’s guarantee at Fatima that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

  • tucsongeek

    Don’t be scared, Father. We are supposed to live in hope. No matter how dark it gets or bleak it looks, we win in the end. The unraveling of our culture is inevitable. It is foretold in the Bible. We must fight the good fight knowing that our numbers will be whittled away to a small remnant before the end comes.

    “Then many will fall away, and they will betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And this good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world, as a testimony to all the nations; and then the end will come.” Matt 24:10-14

    I would suggest reading Michael O’Brien’s Children of the Last Days series. These books paint a view of our future that is already coming true. They are beautifully written, frightening in their prescience, yet full of hope in the power of God to ultimately save us.

  • oregon catholic

    “But in an emotional show of solidarity, Brenna C. Cronin, who had already received her communion as part of the church choir, went back up and took another communion wafer (called a Host) and brought it to Murray herself”…..”I was denied communion by the Cardinal,” Murray said after. “I turned to Christ, I walked back open handed, and showed the community that I was denied communion, and Christ, in his mercy, sent me a priest [Cronin] to give me communion.”

    That is from the link to the Cardinal George AGLO Mass protest. It is clear that the entire episode was staged so Murray could later call Cronin a female priest. Profaning the Holy Eucharist in this way – making it a tool for his protest and for his own agrandizement strikes me as something extremely evil. It is almost impossible for me to believe I would ever live to see people who call themselves Catholic behave in such a boldly blasphemous manner at Mass. They have made their agenda into an idol ahead of God.

  • Mia

    Fr. Dwight, Have you seen the lewd images of scantily clad women in the banner across the top of your website today? I’m a Catholic woman and I’m offended. Women are not “sex objects.” The men in my family are offended that these images are posted to drag one down to lust. Was your website hacked?

    • Lydia

      It’s probably an ad, which Fr. has no control over.

  • Susan D.

    @mgcruss: Fear in the face of evil is natural and appropriate. Even Jesus sweated blood on the night before his Crucifixion. What we pray for is endurance, courage, and above all God’s love, to enable us to do God’s will in the presence of evil.
    Nothing tribal about it; Christianity transcends tribalism.

  • Bill G.
  • Subvet

    Yep, we’re all in for it now. May God’s will be done and may He have mercy on us all.

  • John Lamont

    Your description of the situation is accurate, but I do not think that “I’m scared’ is really a correct response to it from a priest, or from a man.

    • Sue from Buffalo

      Why not? He has a family, too. You wouldn’t be scared if your family was getting threatened?

  • Macgawd

    Why should you be scared? Have you no faith in Christ’s promises? Persecution for the Truth is precisely what we should expect from a society that believes in nothing but materialistic evils, and we should embrace it: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” I for one look forward to the increased persecution of the Church; Christianity flourished under the brutal repression of the Roman Empire, and I suspect that the coming persecution will only have the effect of increasing orthodoxy, not reducing it.

  • Lynn Loring

    We need to encourage one another…you put into words my feelings and experience. We must remember we are still in the proclaimed year of FAITH…We must remember that we have had great great popes for a long time now and take courage we have another one…the battle is raging…and much is not going to “come out’ except prayer and fasting” and dare I say…the blood of martyrs…right now we have much white martyrdom…will be blood before it is over. I also take courage due to the approved devotion and faith of “Our Lady of America”..God will not be mocked…look up “Our Lady of America” and be encouraged…even if we have to be like Moses and NOT see the promise land, here…on earth

  • Catharine

    Father, there is really nothing new under the sun here. Here in the USA, we have been living in what the Blessed Virgin Mary (at Fatima) called the “false peace,” living on a level of unprecedented material prosperity and a corresponding level of unprecedented spiritual and moral bankruptcy which is leading to its inevitable consequences. Here in the USA, the history of the Catholic Church appears to have been that while there are many truly faithful & devout believers, most of the laity and especially the clergy are desperate to assimilate into the dominant culture, which has never been Catholic-friendly, nay, has never been truly Christian. Unfortunately, all too many of our Catholic leadership has proven not to be shepherds, but “sheeple.”
    From both personal experience and careful reading of Catholic history in the USA, I believe we really went “off the rails” in 1967 with the Land O’ Lakes statement, which claimed that “to perform its teaching and research functions adequately, the Catholic university must have a true autonomy and academic freedom in the face of authority of whatever kind, lay or clerical, external to the academic community itself.” (The Catholic Universiity of Today,” America, Aug. 12, 1967, pp. 154-156.) This is not a declaration of freedom of conscience, this is a declaration of heresy and a “Declaration of Independence” from the entire Catholic church! Anything goes!
    Then, in 1968, when Pope Paul VI released Humanum Vitae, declaring artificial contraception to be gravely sinful, over 600 American theologians signed a statement objecting. Many Catholic priests sided with the “dissenters.” The Vatican as far as I know did nothing to require any of them to retract their dissenting views. The Catholic bishops here in the USA have been disappointingly low-key, 50 shades of beige, not to mention unwilling to stand up to their own flocks, on the issue. Sheeple again!
    Since American Catholics have had to deal with the unchanging reality of staggering dissent, change, diversity, not to mention open proclamation of heresy starting at the very highest levels of the Church they had been brought up to believe contained the fullness of truth, the same over all the world, and through all of history, it is only to be expected that the laity would eventually claim for themselves that self-same “right” to determine ultimate truth and dogma. Everything that is going on today started in the sexual revolution of the 1960′s, if not earlier. And matters are rapidly progressing towards their inevitable conclusion: the USA is going to come to an end, probably sooner rather than later, in chaos, anarchy and bloodshed.
    We should not be getting bent out of shape that this world, and all in it, is passing away. We have not yet been called upon to resist to the point of shedding blood, cf. St. Paul, and we should consider ourselves very blessed and fortunate indeed if we are called upon to testify to the truth, to suffer for it, and/or even to die for it. Catharine

  • Robbie J

    Thank you, Fr. Dwight. Another good read, as usual. Really scary, this time. Btw, I have not seen “I am Legend” neither do I ‘do’ Facebook. Never have. (Does that qualify me as some sort of sub-human species?). Too many modern (ie. Hollywood) movies are just too politically correct and, upon further scrutiny, have an underlying agenda. Usually to promote ‘progressive’ ideals and ideas.This is how they ‘convert’ our younger, more impressionable generation. That’s scary stuff, too.

  • Anthony

    We have nothing to fear,not even death itself. Jesus is the life and the resurrection. Our true home is in heaven. Etc.

  • Edward Carlin

    Father, I was in the Texas Senate chamber the other night wearing my blue shirt with about only 20 other pro-lifers. Let me tell you, I know a bit more what Jesus must have felt like when the crowd was screaming for Barabbas; I know a little of what hell sounds like after that night.

    Miraculously, none of us pro-lifers were harassed (that I saw), but it was truly chilling during the times when the crowd in the galleries quieted and we could hear the hundreds of other pro-abortionists egged on by Cecile Richards herself out in the hallways and rotunda.

    I think that it’s high time we reinstitute the traditional recitation of the St. Michael prayer at the end of mass. Brace yourselves, winter is coming… But then, so is Christ, so do not be afraid!

    • Beth

      Bishop Thomas John Paprocki reinstituted the St. Michael prayer after every mass in his diocese, Springfield, IL, three years ago. He is a great leader in our church.

      • stevendmo

        Actually, Bishop Paprocki needs our prayers in fighting his own bigotry. He gave a Christmas eve homily two years ago in which he endorsed profiling of Muslims, even those who “continue to move in peacefully and legally.” Yes, that’s right — if you’re Muslim and peaceful, you still deserve to be profiled and stigmatized by your fellow Americans…so says Bishop Paprocki. Bishop Paprocki has yet to apologize for the scandal he caused in encouraging the assembled faithful to embrace his bigotry. That’s not the kind of “leader” the Church needs. –stevendmo

  • disqus_NAVsMmJ24g

    I agree with all you said. You can see the storm coming but feel powerless to stop it. It really is terrifying. There is no where to go to escape the coming persecutions. Surveillance is everywhere. I keep trying to remember that God is everywhere too, and he has triumphed. It is the details that are scary. Like one of our priests said awhile back. “It is not death that scares me, it’s the getting there.” Same here. God has a plan, we have to trust it and not be afraid to suffer. God help us all.

  • Ib

    Have a deep breath. It’s okay to be afraid at first. But then recall Luke 1:13, 1:30, 2:10, and how often Blessed John Paul II repeated this in his travels. Recall what he and the Church in Poland faced prior to the fall of Communism, and realize that we face much less. And although we may be faced “with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens,” it’s not only you facing off (Eph 6:10-24). It’s you as a representative of the God who created these people, even if they are filled with hate against him. It may be hard to believe, but they too have been created with “hearts restless, until they rest in” their Creator (St. Augustine, Confessions, Lib 1,1-2,2.5,5). God’s grace converts even the hardest of hearts when there’s an opening. Just ask St. Paul. It’s also helpful to recall 2 Kings 6:13-17 as well.

    So if it were really entirely up to you to conquer the world in all its sinfulness, there would be no hope and your fear would be well-founded. But the good news is that it’s not up to you, except as a representative of He who has already conquered the world (John 16:33): “I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”

    May God continue to bless your life and your work!

  • Angela

    Please don’t be scared or discouraged remember the haters on the internet are only a tiny minority of a small group of the people of the world.

    • Nesbyth

      But the internet has huge power so that global movements can be whipped up almost overnight. This is a new phenomenon and a dangerous one.
      There is a shocking amount of rudeness and hatred spewed out on so many websites, mainly because the perpetrators are anonymous or under a pseudonym and cannot be checked or traced or identified to justify their bile.
      I am often shocked at the non-existence of any intelligent debate in many blogs/comments where only hatred/rudeness seems to rule the roost.
      So a “tiny minority” can wield an extraordinary power and start a revolution if they want.
      I predict they will. Sadly

  • Matthew Merchant

    Matthew 16:18
    Christ and His Church have already won. The game is over and Satan and his forces are sore losers.

  • Maccabeus

    Be not afraid! “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Mt. 28:20)

  • Ed

    I would like to hazard a prediction here. Some of you may recall that homosexuality was once classified as a mental illness by the American Psychological Association.This view was tossed out sometime back, apparently under pressure from various groups, both within and outside the APA.

    It is not unreasonable – rather likely, in my opinion – that future efforts will be made to have Christianity and perhaps all religion classified as a mental illness, since each religion’s credo could be considered as unverifiable, and by a minor stretch of of imagination, as delusional. The present “tolerance” granted to religious individuals and organizations will continue for awhile, but then that charade will be cast aside and the elites in their ineffable “pragmatism” will have all religious expression outlawed as delusional.

    This I think is the long-term aim of the homosexualist bullies and their allies.
    They wish to turn things 180 degrees, away from homosexuality as a mental illness to religious expression as delusional, and hence, worthy of being called a mental illness.

    One other thing that seems little noticed or commented upon : There have been many vitriolic verbal attacks on Catholicism and other Christian organizations. However, for some time now, I have had the feeling that, although the elites have attacked organizations, their real target has been the person of Jesus Christ himself, although the elites haven’t had the courage to state that openly.

    There is a ferocious cauldron of anti-religious feeling which is waiting to bubble over and drench this society in its fearsome brew.

  • Judge_Bartley

    Justice Kennedy Pimps the Culture of Death

    For many years, Justice Kennedy, a putative Catholic
    appointed by President Reagan when the Senate sunk Justice Bork’s nomination,
    has been pimping for the Culture of Death whether it be “gay marriage” or
    infanticide. From my four volume treatise, The
    Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed (http://douglassbartley.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/the-kiss-of-judice-the-constitution-betrayed-table-of-contents-for-volumes-1-4-2/), here are some excerpts from his opinions starting with his opinion legalizing

    For the rest of the article, please see http://douglassbartley.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/justice-kennedy-pimps-the-culture-of-death/

  • Jim Mackintosh

    What a tragedy this is becoming. So the written first amendment pertaining to the free exercise of religion will now be taken away? Unless of course, its using peyote in the south west. Polygamy is heading to the courts,,,,,want to wager how that will end? But if a catholic priest follows the teachings of his faith, or a congregant believes them as well we are to be “shamed like smokers …..” The A/G’s plan for gun holders and it seems the way people of faith are to be treated. It seems some of us worship God, others worship Government, and now it seems we speak two languages….at least as far as TOLERANCE and RESPECT are defined. Former President Jimmy Carter even compared Catholics to the Taliban and the Media said Nothing. The time to stand up for or fight for our faith is coming…I just pray we are worthy to defend it.

  • mmatthew

    Grab the guns boys it’s time for war! Think it’s not coming to that? Guess again.

  • Al Bergstrazer

    On the day I got married, a friend and fellow pastor walked up to me, shook my hand and said ‘God be merciful to you, and guard your soul.’ He saw I was a bit confused by such a blessing on my wedding day and explained ‘now you have a family, and what that means for you is this, if he cannot get to you directly, he will try to get to you through your family.’ My friend had spend many years as a missionary and had seen real evil up close and personal. And since I’ve been married I’ve found his warning to be true. The devil does go after God’s servants by attacking their families mercilessly. It is one thing for us as individuals to suffer the slings and arrows of a world gone mad, and it is quite another to see our loved ones suffer for our convictions. I am not a Catholic, but I do see, and understand that Catholicism and Catholics have become the whipping post for the left, it is more than disgraceful, it is evil.

  • CK

    Mother Church is choking on the vomit of her stewards.

  • LongIslandMichael

    Father I am with you on this. Frightening times. Our only consolation is in Our Lord and His Church and even our Church at times is being undermined by some evil from within its own ranks. I take great hope that in the end no matter what happens in this life Our Lord is with us.