Quick Cool God Proof

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Brandon Vogt has posted this neat video which explains the cosmological proof for God’s existence. Remember his very excellent website Strange Notions has lots of resources, info, papers and arguments against atheism. You can also visit William Lane Craig’s excellent site Reasonable Faith Visit and learn!

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  • Britny Fowler

    So basically a modern restating of Aquinas!! Excellently done. Beats me trying to sum up Aquinas for my friends especially since for some reason they have issues with the language Aquinas used and they can’t believe that a 13th century friar figured this out and wrote it already and it’s still “relevant”.

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    I love it! Fantastic. :)

  • Pofarmer

    When he says God is uncaused, he completely destroys his own argument, which premise is everything has a cause.

  • Leilita Foxie Monica

    …actually, as professor William Carrol from Oxford told us in a lecture about creation and cosmology, belief in creation doesn’t necessarily mean a belief in temporal beginning. Not only everything which began to exist needs a cause, everything which exists needs a cause for its existance. A cause for: why is it here and now. A cause of existence is needed for the material things like trees and stars but also immaterial like thoughts, human inventions, laws of physics etc. So the debate about whether the universe began or not is actually not a debate about creation. A created universe could, if God wanted it so, be eternal, always dependent on its creator for its existence and for being what it is. Creation is an ongoing thing: In Him we live, move and are. Through Him came all that came and without Him nothing would come into being (I am paraphrasing the New Testament since I have learnt those verses in a different language than English).
    Another thing is that we Catholics believe the universe is temporal but one could still believe in the doctrine of creation even without this.

  • Leilita Foxie Monica

    Well, God “differs differently”. His existence and ours are two different notions.