Hitler’s America

Susan Robinson does late term abortions and then gives the corpse of the dead baby to the mother to hold. She takes baby footprints and gives the mother a “memory box”. She does this for late term abortions where there are fetal abnormalities. Read more about it here.

Robinson said she sometimes will say “non-denominational prayers” with the mother and the family following the abortion, an interviewer wondered about this seemingly “macabre” situation of loving a baby in one’s arms “that you just committed yourself to ending its life…”

“That’s not macabre!” said Robinson. “Yes, that’s the first part of the procedure. We sedate the patient and euthanize their fetus, their baby, with an injection. The fetus passes away, doesn’t feel anything.”

“We sedate the patient and euthanize their baby with an injection. The fetus passes away, doesn’t feel anything.”

This is nothing new. When I was an Anglican priest I was told of one of my colleagues–a hospital chaplain–who counseled a woman to abort her child because of suspected Downs’ Syndrome. He told her it was okay because Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me and forbid them not.”

Susan  Robinson with her “compassion” and “struggling with complex decisions”  reminds me of something else I saw online today…a new book called Hitler’s Furies which tells about the women who were involved in the holocaust. Some of the also combined the same chilling mothering, comforting actions with cold blooded killing. Note that the women doing Hitler’s bidding were also euthanizing the unfit, the mentally ill and the weak and sickly. Go here if you want to learn more about this horror, but be warned, the article on London’s Daily Mail website makes for grim reading–(and there are some scantily clad ladies in the sidebar ads)

Why should we be surprised at a woman conducting late term abortions? Millions of women have chosen to kill their unborn children through abortion, so it should come as no surprise to find that some will also be involved in conducting the abortions–even the grisly late term abortions. This is the situation in which we find our society–that women (who should be our  mothers and grandmothers) are the abortionists and killers. Just as in Hitler’s Germany–we should also expect that these people will be portrayed as heroes. They are “brave pioneers” who are “making difficult choices for the good of all.”

Just as Hitler’s propaganda machine portrayed Germans and German society as bright, happy, blonde, blue eyed and beautiful–so we should look again at our advertising and propaganda machine which portrays America as one vast Disneyland of blissful happiness, chuckling chubby children, face lifted ladies, handsome young men–all prosperous and healthy and happy beyond belief.

If I had the time I would write the book I’ve been contemplating for some time. It would be called Hitler Won and would show that most of the policies Hitler endorsed and put into action we continue in our own society today, but in a much more efficient and clinical manner. Not only did Hitler win, but we’re doing better than he did because our propaganda campaign is so much better. We wrap it all up in “compassion” and “clinical expertise” and “the American Dream” and sell it to the public.

I realize it is now a cliche to compare any bad politician or personality to Hitler, but this only blinds us to the fact that in our society we are following the same fanatical genocidal tactics. Eugenics might have a bad reputation in intellectual circles, but in practical terms we are busy weeding out the infirm, the unfit and the racially and economically inferior with vast amounts of government funding. Like the Nazi regime we also spend huge amounts on the military and march off to war with the most advanced weapons to impose our will on other countries. All we lack is a completely totalitarian regime with a state police force to oppress all opposition.

And I expect to see that too in my lifetime. Will the totalitarian regime come from the left or the right? It may come as the regime of a left wing ideologue, but it might also come as the regime of a right wing ideologue. In any case be assured that it will come wrapped up in an American flag with Mom, apple pie and Norman Rockwell paintings…

“Don’t be concerned about the soldiers in the streets. They’re simply defending our liberties! If you don’t do anything wrong you will have nothing to be worried about.”


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  • Sherry

    Terrifyingly strong words. I’d read that book.

  • mmatthew

    I’ve understood this for decades right after someone pointed out to me that the ‘new’ U.S. Army helmets were a variation of the NAZI ones. Also, the big lie of the female being the weaker sex – NONSENSE! The female is always deadlier than the male. I could go on but I will end with this: The NAZI’s have been described as crazed lunatics but in point of fact Hitler and all the rest were quite rational and logical based on the “worldview” they embraced. 1)The Eastern worldview – Communism – failed utterly. 2)The Western worldview – Capitalism – is now failing miserably before our eyes. 3)The Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox) has been abandoned as oppressive in the west and is barely holding on in the east. That leaves only one modern worldview to step into the vacuum – Nazism – in various new forms. A new paganism integrating aspects of all 3 of the above and the new Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals will be anyone and everyone who does not embrace THIS new Nazism – the New World Order or whatever term it is given. It is coming.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I’ve been thinking the same thing for a long time. In fact, when I hear certain kinds of news or arguments, I am apt to sing a bitter little ditty of my own creation: “Adolf Hitler’s body lies a’moldering in the grave,/ But his soul goes marching on!” Here is one instance you may not have thought of, and which, as the debate thread shows, is widespread in our culture:http://fpb.livejournal.com/380876.html

    Incidentally, on one fairly obvious reason why lies about the Church are told and believed: http://fpb.livejournal.com/565171.html

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    ChurchMilitantTV seems to be similar, except exactly the opposite direction.
    It seems to me they both have a common – and dangerous – mindset at their root: to immanentise the eschaton.

  • AnneG

    A memory box! That’s disgusting. When I had to euthanize my favorite dog they gave me a memory box of her foot prints. I won’t go into some of the things i have seen, but I do not doubt this for an instant. Please God, let us come back from this valley of evil.

  • http://www.interactive-earth.com/hope Dave Zelenka

    While the reality of what you’re saying Fr. L is very true indeed, it is more important that we not get “terrified.” Then we are under the control of the evil one. I know that’s not what you’re saying, but there’s a tendency for most of us, through our sin, to want to dwell on the terrible and ugly. I know I rubberneck at the headlines just as much as any of us. Instead, we must cast our ‘eye’ always on our Lord Jesus amid the horror.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    yeah, you should write that book.

  • Charles Mac Kay

    I’ll buy two books and don’t bother to wrap them up! I also feel we definately lost the so called Cold War

  • http://ashesfromburntroses.blogspot.com/ Manny

    When i read your title, the first thing that came to mind is it’s usually hyperbole to compare anything to Hitler, so this better be good. This is absolutely sick. The Hitler comparison is apt. One can imagine many repulsive things in life, but I would never have imagined this to be possible. Good Lord, why? We are a long way from Norman Rockwell’s America. It will never come back, at least not in my lifetime.

  • jenny

    A true story about abortion and “suicidal penance” …..

    My parents decided together to have an abortion ( if it takes two to make a child, then it takes two to kill a child). My father told me that he never confessed his sin of abortion – he considered that he just made love, and nothing else; his child was not in his body; more than that, the priest never asked him if he had an abortion. Therefore my father considered himself clean, even if, as I said, both my parents decided to abort a child.

    On the other side, my mom was asked by the priest if she had any abortion; that was the rule of that time, 30 years ago, for the priest to ask any women upfront if they had any abortion. My mom said “yes”.

    Then the priest asked her if she agrees to accept to die in the most painful way, as penance for her sin. What was my mom supposed to say – could she had said “no” ? She said “yes”. My mom was brave enough to tell me about the ” suicidal penance” she accepted. She asked herself how to “create” this most painful way to die? Or what happens if she dies of old age, with no pain? This means that she doesn’t do her penance ?
    The name of that priest is A. V. He gave my mom as penance, the command to die in the most painful way. ………
    How does anyone do this kind of penance ? Is this a “suicidal penance” ?
    For the same sin of abortion, mom and dad got different penance.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Just curious as to why you ‘had to’ euthanase your dog. Was it suffering? (It’s OK, I’m not picking on you, but using it as an example)

    The trouble is, this is the mentality of the non-believer because the human person is ‘nothing more than’ (e.g., an advanced ape). They believe they ‘have to do it’ too, as much as you did.

    As a Catholic, for me the problem is not one of ‘morals’ or disgust – distinctively Enlightenment values – but one of metaphysics. (Disgust and manners now becoming an area of serious academic research as the foundation of morality, as if it is simply a matter of taste.)

    As so many of us allow Evangelicals to define the terms of the discussion by getting us to play bible chess with them when we’re not biblicists, so in this field, we allow the materialist zoologists to define the terms of the discussion and get us to play their moralistic game. We then we wonder why we get nowhere, but it is because moralism is a product of their worldview, not ours, like biblicism is the worldview of Evangelicals, and not that of Catholics…

  • Keith

    Excellent article, Father. Chilling and excellent.

  • jenny

    …memory box… scary…

  • spudnik

    Who needs a regime when voters get to choose between two parties that do a brilliant job of pretending that there are differences between them?

  • Howard

    As everyone knows, late in WW2 key members of the German military tried to assassinate Hitler. They hoped that if they only got rid of him, Germany would escape the looming desolation. To the extent that they hoped to negotiate terms, they were naive; but at least they would have had the freedom to consider an unconditional surrender before the final catastrophe. There was far too much blood on German hands, though; they were not allowed an easy end to the war. “Because you plundered many nations, the remaining peoples shall plunder you; Because of the shedding of human blood, and violence done to the land, to the city and to all who live in it…. Ah! you who give your neighbors the cup of your wrath to drink, and make them drunk, until their nakedness is seen! You are filled with shame instead of glory; drink, you too, and stagger! The cup from the LORD’s right hand shall come around to you, and utter shame shall cover your glory.” (Habakkuk 2:8,15-16)

    I am convinced that at some point, I’m not sure when, we have likewise crossed an event horizon, and catastrophe can no longer be avoided. If it is inevitable that we hit bottom, the real question is, what then? Will Americans who have grown use to power and wealth stick together when we are again poor and weak?

    There are 3 reasons to obey a government: (1) its bribes, (2) its threats, and (3) as St. Paul said, conscience as well as fear. The government has worked steadily to undermine the framework that makes St. Paul’s position plausible; I doubt that Christian theology has enough hold on the public to get this government through a crisis. This leaves bribes and threats. We’ve had bribes for decades now, but the government will lose its ability to bribe long before it loses its ability to threaten.

  • PJMan

    The paradigm which enervates ChurchMilitantTV is diametrically opposite to a focus on the eventual Second Coming. ChurchMilitantTV seeks, rather, to serve as an examination of conscience to the broader Church in hopes of energizing the faithful and debilitating the fence-sitters, traitors and paycheck collectors currently stifling the New Evangelism. Its role, then, is much more focused on “winning” the next battle, not Armageddon. Hence, appropriately, its domain name…..

  • coca

    That is so bad.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    The paradox in all of this is that the people who think they’re the zenith of humanitarianism and philanthropy are usually the most reductionistic of persons underneath, and those who lift persons to their full dignity and richness, are the very ones considered intolerant and murderous. But then, Satan frequently appears at his worst as an angel of light.

    It struck me in the shower just now that it seems as if Pope Francis’ game plan might actually be to position us distinctively, and very publicly, so we can no longer be lumped in together with Islam and other fundamentalists, and that the tired rhetoric of the vociferous atheists simply ends up sounding ludicrous, ill-informed, and utter prejudice, in light of such a public promulgation of what we’re really about.

    He’s confident the boat hasn’t got a hole in it and isn’t sinking, so he can be free with the media. Why don’t we have that confidence? but instead behave like the disciples in the boat during the storm or, more aptly, like Chicken Little.

    He hasn’t said anything that contradicts the Deposit of Faith as far as I can see. People are just choosing to stay ignorant, but mostly misinterpret him for their own convenience. He’s giving us a wonderful opportunity, as captain of the ship, to prove that the Church is – and always has been – a place of love for the repentant sinner. It’s an Ark. It’s a Lifeboat. It’s not a battleship.

    The collective consciousness of those inside and outside the Church is often a default one of some brooding, draconian institution owing to man’s penchant for Adam’s Gnosticism, but as Chris Stephanick has put it when he talks about Relativism: law without love is cruelty, love without law, is abandonment. As with most things Catholic, Dualistic Gnosticism has no place, and law and love have to be held together, whilst many in the Church since Benedict resigned, are determined to polarise it, some calling themselves the loyal opposition, so we now seem to have two loyal oppositions. Post Vatican II ‘love’ and now a Post Benedictine ‘law’ crowd. Loisy and Feeney.

    History rhyming, as Mark Twain observed.