Introverts of the World Unite!

Well that would be a paradox now wouldn’t it because that’s just what we introverts don’t do. We stay at home. Fellow introvert Elizabeth Scalia has this great post outlining five myths about introverts.

When I was doing my Myers-Briggs test in England they listed the different types which were most predominant in each country. The United States–believe it or not–was an ESFP country. I tested as an INTJ. No wonder I wanted to flee to England and hunker down and read books.

England, you see, was an INTJ country. I had found my true home! While I was there I started a business training company called Ordinary Hero. We helped managers with change using the plot line of the Hero’s Quest and showing movie clips and stuff. It was fun.

Then a friend suggested I introduce personality profiling. I became quite knowledgable about the Enneagram. Yes, I know, I know, shock, new age horror!! However, I didn’t do wacky nun stuff with the Enneagram like using it to teach spirituality or getting people to channel their angelic spirit, but it was very informative simply as a personality profile tool to assist with business relationships and understanding others. I called the system Character Roles and the very cool thing about it is that the nine personality types can be matched up with the nine members of Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring.

Cue Twilight Zone music…

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