Be Nice to Your Waitress

Fellow bloggers Elizabeth Scalia and Mark Shea believed the recent “no tip racist comment on the receipt” frauds.

In case you haven’t picked up the story, unscrupulous waiting staff allegedly mark up one of their receipts with a nasty comment from a customer along with there being no tip. They then publicize the story. The whole thing goes viral and suckers who feel sorry for them start sending them money. One waitress who said she was called a n*****r raked in over $10,000.00 in sympathy money. The latest one who claimed to be stiffed for being lesbian or transgendered or something raked in over $3,000.00

The story of them getting found out is here. Elizabeth reports on the whole thing here and says they are open to such fraudsters if they leave a cash tip instead of putting it on their credit card.

Because my mother was a waitress who worked for mainly for tips, when my husband and I dine out we will very often strike a line through the “tips” portion of the bill, and leave our gratuity in cash. We do this for a couple of reasons — because often food-servers need the cash to pay the babysitter when they get home; because keeping track of what tips should show up on a paycheck is difficult; because why not let people access their tips immediately?

Mark Shea was also taken in and scolded Christians for doing such nasty things when, it turned out, they didn’t. He’s eaten humble pie for being such a hot head. I have taken the Dark Lord on one side and given him some fatherly advice, suitable penance and said I will never eat in Ivar’s in Seattle with him again if he insists on leaving gospel tracts instead of tips…

As for me, I don’t believe anything on the internet anymore. Everybody’s lying about something…

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