Is the Pope Pooped?

Remembering that the Holy Father is 77 years old and is functioning with only one lung, Edward Pentin raises health concerns about Pope Francis here.

Some close to the Pope have said they notice he has difficulty breathing, and during the 14 months of his papacy has gained a significant amount of weight, perhaps as much as 20 pounds.

“It’s a very serious condition,” Dr. Peter Hibberd told Newsmax in discussing the Pope’s single lung.

“If you are 20 years old and have one lung, you wouldn’t notice it because all humans have a large reserve capacity in their lungs,” said Hibberd, a 30-year hospital and emergency medicine specialist who writes for

Hibberd noted that as they age, people “lose lung function,” which in turn makes the extra or “reserve” capacity of the lung more critical in keeping the blood well oxygenated while allowing the body to exchange gases.

“His repeated fatigue reports and weight gain suggest he may be slipping into a form of chronic heart failure common among victims of significant lung disorders such as COPD,” Hibberd suggested

Is the pope already running out of steam? His energy and zeal have been astounding, but we must remember his age and physical condition. What worries me is that if Pope Francis suddenly collapses and dies the stupid conspiracy rumor mill will immediately kick in and we will have a whole new round of accusations about how the pope was bumped off by those sinister conservatives.

Ah well. I suppose it is all within the realm of possibility and really goes with the continued drama that is the papacy.

Read Pentin’s full report here.