Little Red Riding Hood in Rotherham


Little Red Riding Hood

Fairy tales are timeless because they are true.

They tell tales of horror, betrayal, violence, rape and human depravity because children of all ages need to confront such horrors.

They are timeless because they unlock the hidden truths in everyday life. They apply because they expose every day idiocies and human failures, foibles and foolishness.

Let’s take Little Red Riding Hood. We have the sweet innocent girl traipsing through the deep dark forest with a basket of goodies for Grandma. Mother has told her strictly not to stray off the path.

See what a do-gooder Red Riding Hood is? See what a kind, sweet, tender hearted and innocent young girl she is? Isn’t she good? Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she naive?

As she goes the Big Bad Wolf is stalking her. Finally they have a conversation. She reveals that she is going to Grandma’s house and even tells the wolf where Grandma lives. The wolf tempts her to go off the path and pick some flowers for Grandma. Meantime he runs off, breaks into Grandma’s house and eats her right up.

Red Riding Hood appears at Grandma’s with the basket of goodies and nice flowers. Wolf is disguised now as Grandma. You know the story,

“What a deep voice you have Grandma!”

“All the better to greet you with my dear!”

“What big eyes you have!”

“All the better to see you with my dear!”

“What big hands you have!”

“All the better to hug you with my dear!”

At which point the wolf jumps out of bed, grabs Red Riding Hood and eats her right up.

The original version of the story ends there. No hunter to rescue Red Riding Hood and Grandma.

Now check out how this applies to Rotherham, England (and many other towns in the UK and Europe where political correctness is the only orthodoxy)

The naive, goody goody social workers are Little Red Riding Hood. Mother Church told them not to depart from the path of Christian truth, justice and mercy as they made their way through the dark wood of this world. But they stopped believing in truth so they also stopped believing in justice so all they were left with was mercy.

The problem is, mercy without truth and justice is no more than weak sentimentality. That was the only basket of goodies the politically correct social workers and police had to offer as they attempted to minister to poor bed ridden Grandma–who represents the victims they fall over themselves to give stuff to.

All along, the wolf has been stalking them. (Go here for more writings about the wolves of ISIS) Like all wolves, he is a predator, but he is sneaky and subtle. He gets Red Riding Hood at her soft spot: kindness to Grandma. He tempts her to leave the path of truth, justice and mercy to go gather yet more goodies for Grandma–yet more sweetness and light and happiness in the form of flowers. But to do this Red Riding Hood leaves the path, goes down a byway and dawdles.

While she’s busy running a diversity training course for people who have common sense, the wolf slips in and devours Grandma. Continue Reading