Is Proselytism Solemn Nonsense?


Pope Francis has been criticized in some quarters because he has said, “Proselytism is solemn nonsense.” He has also told Evangelical Christians and an atheist interviewer that he “doesn’t want to convert them.” In a meeting last week in Caserto he explained to his priests that their job was not “proselytizing” and he quoted Pope [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins Gets Guts

Damian Thompson has a brilliant piece at The Spectator here in which he points out that noted atheist Richard Dawkins is now attacking feminists and Muslims. Well at least Dawkins has the guts to attack Muslims. Most atheistic secularists have this inexplicably love affair with Islam–calling people out on “Islamaphobia” while overlooking or indulging in [Read More...]

America: Spoiled Rotten


This week’s article for the Imaginative Conservative reflects on the spoiling of America. We are so used to being treated like royalty that we get uppity and stroppy when we can’t have our own way. Americans have been subtly conditioned to see themselves not primarily as patriots or serious citizens, but as customers, and if [Read More...]

Francis and the Evangelicals

  Here is my latest article for Aleteia which is a further reflection on Pope Francis’ friendship with Charismatic Evangelicals. His reach to this extreme group brought to mind this quote from C.S.Lewis who said, when he was asked about church re-union: “It seems to me that the ‘extreme’ elements in every Church are nearest [Read More...]

Fr Longenecker’s Conversion Story

I’m really supposed to be on vacation and not blogging, but knowing how the blog is a hungry beast, I thought I would point out to readers that there is a good bit of archived material to be read using the tab “Archived Articles” at the top of the blog home page. These are articles [Read More...]

Pope Francis and the Evangelicals

Pope Francis in fellowship with Evangelical Pastor James Robinson

Sandro Magister reports here on Pope Francis’ outreach to Evangelical Christians. Francis clearly understands that there are real points of contact with Evangelical Christians and Catholics and what interests me in his ecumenical outreach is how he builds relationships with individuals who are not necessarily “big players” in the Protestant world. He has diplomatic meetings [Read More...]