Pope Francis and Persecution


My article at Aleteia this week focusses on Pope Francis’ increasing awareness of persecution against Christians worldwide. After speaking out about the Armenian genocide over the weekend Francis also used the opportunity to remember other historic anti-Christian onslaughts and to condemn the rising tide of persecution against Christians in the world today. “Concealing or denying [Read More...]

What I Learn From Hearing First Confessions


It is the time of year for First Holy Communion and therefore the time for me to hear the first confessions of children. It is therefore also the time for me to renew my own wonder and love of this simple and powerful sacrament. I sometimes hear people say, “Well, they’re only in second grade. [Read More...]

Standing on My Head in the Top 70


Standing on My Head is number 68 in the top 300 religion blogs! Go here Thanks to all my faithful readers. I’ll keep on blogging if you’ll keep on reading. I got started nine years ago simply because I wanted to publish stuff somewhere that would probably not get published anywhere else. Before long I [Read More...]

Hillary’s Truth Problem

Hilary Pilate

What I find amazing is that Hillary Clinton is able to acknowledge openly that she has not only used her personal server for State Department business (thus circumventing all record keeping) but that in the face of requests for the emails necessary for Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation she admits that she deleted them. Doesn’t anybody [Read More...]

Of the Resurrection of the Body, Cannibals, Crocodiles and Corpses


Every Sunday we say we believe in “the resurrection of the body” But what does that mean? Here’s an excerpt from my book The Quest for the Creed which ponders the question. Any school child that thinks about the resurrection of the body soon starts asking delightfully gruesome questions. After all, if they’ve ever seen a [Read More...]

English Papers Are Best for US Election News

The American papers are propaganda outlets. You won’t get hard hitting, investigative reporting from American news outlets. They’re all biased one way or the other, and not only biased, but terribly inaccurate and prejudiced in what they choose to report. Queen Hillary visiting Iowa to press the flesh? Turns out the “ordinary Americans” were Democratic party [Read More...]