Demonic Infection and Victory Over Sin


Is there a demonic element to seemingly ordinary human problems? Sometimes. While full blown demonic possession is rare, it is much more common for souls to be troubled by what might be called “demonic infection”. In counseling people spiritually I have come to believe that there is a state of demonic influence in our lives which [Read More...]

Meriam Ibrahim and the Obamas

Here is a strange situation. Michelle Obama and her husband have championed the rights of the poor, taken the side of African Americans and profess to be Christians, but on the case of Meriam Ibrahim they have been silent. What gives? My article for Aleteia on Meriam as an icon of Christian suffering is here. [Read More...]

Joseph Pearce on the Muslim Threat


Englishman Joseph Pearce writes here about the threat of militant Islam in Europe. There is a demographic catastrophe happening in Europe which nobody wants to talk about,” he continued, “that we daren’t bring up because we are so cagey about not offending people racially. And rightly we should be. But there is a cultural thing [Read More...]

Thundering Through With St James


Here is my latest article for Catholic Exchange. It’s unlocks an interesting detail about St James and the dating of the New Testament. Bible scholars piece together details of evidence to build up a full picture of the New Testament authorship and dates. Their work is like that of a detective—picking up a hint here and [Read More...]

I’m Outta Here


My vacation happens to coincide with a Patheos update so while the techies are doing their thing for the next few days I’m outta here. I’ll be in the mountains enjoying the scenery and relaxing on the porch. I’ll not be blogging or moderating comments. See you on Saturday. [Read more...]

Coming Up: An Ecumenism of Blood


Pope Francis has appointed Enzo Bianchi the prior of the new ecumenical monastic community of Bose in Italy to join the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity. For those who are unfamiliar, the community of Bose is one of the new ecclesial movements in the church. Like the community at Taize, it is composed of both [Read More...]