Are the German Bishops Too Anglican?

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx

  My latest article for National Catholic Register draws uncomfortable parallels between the comfy church-state relationship in England and that of the Catholic Church in Germany. I’ll admit straight up that I am not an expert on the Catholic Church in Germany. I know Cardinal Walter Kasper and a good number of the German bishops are [Read More...]

Armadeddon Outta Here…

The Rapture

My essay for Imaginative Conservative this week called “Apocalypse Now and Then” focuses on the human weakness for Doomsday Scenarios I grew up in a fundamentalist church.” I explained, “where we heard terrible prophecies about the Great Tribulation and the end times. An impish evangelist named Jack Van Impe would visit our church and scare [Read More...]

I’ll Fly Away Oh Glory…


For Ascensiontide, today’s post is an excerpt from my book The Quest for the Creed. We say “What goes up must come down,” but if that which is goes up must come down, then according to the divine cosmic principles (which stand all expectations on their head) then what comes down must go up. That is [Read More...]

Me and B.B. King

I was a vicar on the Isle of Wight in England when I was asked to do a series of inspirational radio spots for local radio. So I decided to play clips from famous pop songs about love and then apply them to God’s love for us. One of the clips was B.B.King’s track Guess Who. I [Read More...]

Chasing Chastity

Climbing Mount Chastity

A little quote from Pope St John Paul II has changed my perspective and my life. I don’t know where or when he said it but he said, “Chastity is the work of a lifetime.” I’ve pondered much on that saying and the more I do, and the more I hear confessions (where sexual sin [Read More...]

Pope Francis and the Prophecies of Fatima

francis fatima

My article at Aleteia this week continues my meditations on the messages of Fatima, but focusses on the role Pope Francis plays in these events. The Pope’s planned visit to Fatima and his celebration this week continues his interest and involvement with Fatima. His pontificate was consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, [Read More...]