Be Still and Know


Here’s a thought about the need for silence and time to listen to God from Romano Guardini: When we come into church from the outside our ears are filled with the racket of the city, the words of those who have accompanied us, the laboring and quarreling of our own thoughts, the disquiet of our [Read More...]

Kitty Schori Steps Down


This bit of news from the Episcopal Church today informs us that Katherine Jefferts Schori–the presiding bishop is not going to stand for re-election. I haven’t much to observe about Schori and the kerfuffle in this small, American Protestant denomination doesn’t hold much interest except that in her announcement Mrs. Schori outlined the way she [Read More...]

Internet Overload and Living Local

I’ve had a few days away from blogging and I can’t say I missed it. Here’s why: sometimes I simply get internet overload. I get frustrated with what I read and run out of things to say about it. Headlines scream out about all the bad stuff happening around the world. Hungry for hits, loggers [Read More...]

Do Not Put Your Trust in Princes

  My article this month for The Catholic Thing is a critique of those who think Vladimir Putin will be the savior of the papacy and of decent moral values. A few weeks ago I wrote a column entitled, “Prepare for the Rise of the Right,” in which I observed that in the face of [Read More...]

The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King

James III

My article for this week in The Imaginative Conservative tells the story of the man who gave up the throne of England for his Catholic faith. The Queen of England was on her deathbed without an heir. Exiled to France, the twenty- six-year-old prince was the rightful king. The English courtiers wrote to offer him [Read More...]

God the Father or Sugar Daddy?


Here is my latest post for ZENIT: Is it God the Father or Sugar Daddy in the sky? Atheists sometimes blame Christians for believing in a Heavenly Father who is great big sugar daddy in the sky who will take us to heaven when we die. Our God, they say, is like Colonel Sanders—always beaming [Read More...]