Pope Francis Lectures the Europeans


Today’s article for Aleteia sees Pope Francis’ recent speeches to the European Parliament and Council of Europe in the light of his interest in end times. Most of all, Pope Francis engaged the Europeans with the underlying spiritual malaise of the developed world. Noting the cynical and weary attitude of Europeans, said there is a “great [Read More...]

Movie Popes

Sir John Gielgud as Pius XII

  My article for Aleteia this week catalogues the various portrayals of popes on film–from Jeremy Irons’ Alexander VI to Alec Guiness’ Innocent III Struck by the underlying drama of the papacy (and being somewhat of a movie buff), I began to explore the portrayal of popes on film. Some of the world’s finest actors [Read More...]

The General Thanksgiving


I do sometimes miss the Church of England and the Book of Common Prayer. For Thanksgiving Day here is Cranmer’s “General Thanksgiving” Have a great day! ALMIGHTY God, Father of all mercies, we thine unworthy servants do give thee most humble and hearty thanks for all thy goodness and loving-kindness to us and to all men;  We [Read More...]

Thanksgiving and Puddleglum


One of the simplest bits of evidence for the existence of God is the human instinct to give thanks. What is this strange impulse in the human heart to thank someone? We stop and pause on  the mountaintop and view the expansive sky  and we are swept with wonder and want to give thanks. We [Read More...]

The Fires of Ferguson and the Dynamic of Blame

The Fires of Ferguson

The violence erupting in Ferguson, Missouri is not really about racial tension or socio economic inequality. It’s not about class struggle or police brutality or social injustice. It’s a symptom of a much deeper poison which I call the Dynamic of Blame. Rooted within every human heart is the stain of original sin. Now, when [Read More...]

The Pros and Cons of a Married Priesthood – 2

Greek Catholic Priest and Wife

My problem in researching the married priesthood is that whenever I find a good argument against, I immediately come up with an equally good argument in favor. Here’s an example: “The married priest will not be able to devote himself exclusively to his vocation as a priest. He will either be so busy as a [Read More...]