When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

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Supporting the Folks at Memories Pizza

A Go Fund Me account has been set up here to support the O’Connor family –the owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. It already stands at over $200K. Why is this kind of gesture important? Not because thousands of people are saying, “Yeh. We hate gays. We are in favor of discrimination!” No. Those [Read More...]

My Interview With Roma Downey


I have to admit, I don’t watch TV and I was living in England when Touched by an Angel was a hit, so I didn’t really know who Roma Downey was. I’ve since been told that she’s a pretty famous TV star and with her husband Mark Burnett a big Hollywood power broker. So I was pleased [Read More...]

What’s Wrong With Pizza Pie America?


Ironic that a Mom and Pop pizza parlor on Main Street USA becomes the center of a media firestorm over religious freedom. The Christian owners of Memories Pizza have been drawn into the firefight because of their sincerely held beliefs. They’ve had death threats and had to close down. Who would have thought it: in [Read More...]

Twelve Ways Liberals Lie


Take a moment sometime and read the progressive press and study their lies. Here are twelve techniques they use. See if you can spot them. 1. They Play the Victim - The devil always plays the victim. Poor devil and his angels. They were cast out of heaven. Boo hoo. It was all a misunderstanding don’t you know? How [Read More...]

Countering the Anti-Indiana Lunacy


What troubles me most about the hysteria surrounding the recent religious freedom legislation in Indiana is the amount of ignorance about the issue. Are Americans really so stupid? Are they so easily swayed by a bit of propaganda and shouting? I’m afraid so, and the visceral, emotional reaction to events is not simply a symptom [Read More...]