Jesus’ Ancestors: Murderers, Cheats, Prostitutes, Refugees, Adulterers…

Rahab the Harlot

Today is the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and at mass this morning I inflicted upon the faithful the long genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel. ¬†It’s here if you want to read it. I did so for a good reason. The genealogy is a very ¬†unusual document. Firstly, it is [Read More...]

Truett Cathy: What If We All Stayed Home On Sunday?

Truett Cathy

Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A has died. Like Colonel Sanders he was a true Southern Christian gentleman. I was somewhat disappointed, however, that Truett Cathy didn’t wear a white linen suit, a ribbon tie and carry an ivory topped cane. He famously decided to keep his restaurants closed on Sundays to give his employees [Read More...]

How Do We Know It’s the True Church?

peterand the keys

Here is an archived article from Catholic Answers. The article examines the different aspects of the church and why Catholicism is the fullness of the Christian faith. I already had read and pretty much accepted the Scriptural support for the Petrine ministry in the Church. I also had come to understand and value the four-fold [Read More...]

Fr DL on Path to Rome

Here is a vintage Path to Rome episode. Marcus had me on the show when I was still living in England and on a trip Stateside. I’m younger, leaner, clean shaven, not ordained a priest yet and I have an awful English accent.       [Read more...]

Church of Nice or Church of Nasty?


Some Catholics talk disparagingly of the “Church of Nice” They are referring to the modernist church where indifferentism, complacency and tolerance replace the truly Christian virtues. They object not to niceness, but to a church that is nothing but nice. I’m with them. I can’t stand watered down religion. Modernist Christianity has eviscerated the gospel, [Read More...]

FaithWorks! – 33

Here is the link to this week’s FaithWorks! free weekly newsletter. Use the sign up button in the right sidebar if you would like to receive it by email each week.   [Read more...]