Is Doctrine Divisive?

From time to time one hears from the progressives that “doctrine is divisive”. We’re to have “a pastoral approach” and not speak about doctrine and discipline in the church. This is a lie, and not even a very smart one, and yet it is amazing how many people fall for it. Rather than doctrine and discipline being divisive they are actually unifying, and you can see how they are unifying with a simple analogy. What is doctrine and discipline anyway?… Read more

St John Fisher: A Lone Voice

Why was St John Fisher–the holy Bishop of Rochester– the only English bishop to stand up to Henry VIII? It is easy, with hindsight, to dismiss the other English bishops as cowards and compromisers. However it is not so easy. Consider the circumstances. First of all, they were in a completely new situation. Europe had been Catholic forever. The idea that a national monarch could and would break permanently with the Pope was simply unthinkable. The situation as it finally… Read more

On Doctrine, Diamonds and Fluffernutters

A Fluffernutter Catholic is one who combines sweet fluffy sentimentality with a certain nutty-ness in their opinions…. Read more

Faith, Grace and Good Works

An email came in the other day which showed some confusion about the role of grace, faith and good works in our salvation. The Catholic was worried because a friend said salvation was by grace alone. I think he confused this with the Protestant heresy that salvation is by faith alone. Then the Protestants protest that Catholics think salvation is by good works alone. The puzzle can be solved when you remove the word “alone” from the discussion. That little… Read more

Some Straight Talk on Sex

This is the radical view of sexuality that is taught by the Catholic Church. Read more

Growling the Gospel

What if we were to actually breathe as much hell fire into the world and growl out the gospel like we meant it? Read more

On Priests, Cars and Cigars

My post about a priest and a sports car raised more comments over at Facebook than almost anything I have written in the past. The opinions were about 50-50. Many saying, “Go ahead Father. The people who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care.” Others were more cautious, saying that even if the sports car was less expensive than the sedate sedan I presently drive I should not get the sports car because it casts the wrong… Read more

Challenging Faux Poverty

Should a priest drive a sports car? Read more

Anglicans and Catholics Meet at Waffle House

The Catholic News Agency reports here that the ARCIC (Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission) met in Germany to discuss ecclesiology. This is code for “let’s get together and talk about the dwindling number of things on which we agree.” Once again our heroes have come up with an “agreed statement”. Unfortunately the article doesn’t have much detail about the statement itself but there is a link to another document which explains their modus operandi. Here’s a snippet: …It examines common theological… Read more

12 Things Kathy Griffin Might Have Considered Before Her Anti-Trump Stunt

Anybody who reads this blog knows I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but the “beheading” stunt of Kathy Griffin was not only outrageous and offensive, but it was simply overwhelmingly stupid and crass. Read more