Stick ‘em Up!

Stick Em Up

Here’s what I’m trying to do on my radio show–More Christianity–show what More Christianity–the fullness of the Christian faith in the Catholic Church looks like. It seemed to me that apologetics phone in radio shows, while very worthy, are often repetitious. We need them, but we can use something else. So my format is very [Read More...]

Converted by Beauty – A True Story


Here is a true story from a convert to Catholicism. We’ll call him Tom. Names and places have been changed… Dear Fr Longenecker, When I came to Greenville my life was a mess. My marriage had just broken down. I wound up in your town. I was brought up in a country Pentecostal holiness church. [Read More...]

Comedy, Reality,Religion and Beer

Comedian Bo Burnham

There’s a thoughtful interview here with the young comedian Bo Burnham. He made his name through YouTube comedy routines and is now an international sensation. What I liked about the interview was his honesty and his realization that good comedy is based on Standing on Your Head. It’s subversive and if you’re going to be [Read More...]

The Mall or the Mass?


Maybe it’s the Amish in me, but one of the problems I have with being a priest in America is that, after living abroad for twenty five years, suburban America seems like one big theme park. When you go to the Mall the shops are all little fake themed experiences. When you dine out you [Read More...]

One Stop Catholic Drive Thru


The ancient idea of a parish community was that it was coterminous with the geographical parish. Village people lived around the village church and the community of families also comprised the community of faith. No more. At least not in America. Instead, with the suburban motorcar-driven society we church shop. Furthermore, there are plenty of [Read More...]

Three Popes and the Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz is a pretty smart book because the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion show three traits we need to be complete. If you only had a head, a heart and courage. It occurred to me on my walk this morning that the three popes illustrate what we need, the [Read More...]